Indulging in Carnal Desire

Chapter 203 [Big Shot’s Story 37] Possessed

Despite only bringing a small group of people up the mountain, Yan Zhan’s group was still composed of the cream of the crop. When they reached the pagoda, they instantly wiped the Japanese samurais guarding outside clean.

They then quietly went to the underground palace, becoming the oriole that lied in wait for the mantis that stalked the cicada, and once the fight between Du Shourong and Suzuki had concluded, they revealed themselves unhurriedly.

“Ya-Yan Zhan!”

Du Shourong knew that something was amiss when he spotted Chu Jiao and the man next to her. However, at this moment, several guns were already aimed at them from behind, so he didn’t dare to make the slightest hint of a reckless move.

“Boss Du has made this Governor gain a whole new level of respect for him.” Yan Zhan stepped forward and greeted him coldly.


“Hmph, Governor Yan came all the way from Zhi Li, taking this Lord Du completely by surprise.” At this moment, Du Shourong no longer put on his compliant little boss appearance and displayed a sinister smile, “Looks like Governor Yan is also interested in this hidden treasure I see?”

“That’s right,” Chu Jiao answered, “After all, we have the key to it.”

Apart from the two gray-robed guards who were still guarding Du Shourong, almost all of the people inside were Yan Zhan’s. Chu Jiao was bold, walking forward and circling an arm around her man’s neck, “Bend down.”

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Du Shourong was rendered speechless by the little girl’s words, his head was pressed down again by a gun. As of now, he could only helplessly watch Chu Jiao take the fake dragon seal from the mouth of the mechanism and insert the real dragon seal in.


“Dom Da Dom Da!”

The sound of the triggered machine reverberated in the underground palace as the stone gate in front of them gradually opened up. Everyone’s attention was focused on the momentous scene happening before them, all except for the gray-cloaked guard standing behind Du Shourong.

Taking advantage of the split moment when everyone was distracted, she quickly pulled out a dagger from her waist and skillfully pierced Du Shourong’s chest.

Du Shourong didn’t even have enough time to scream from the pain, merely turning his head in disbelief and staring at his own guard… No… His daughter, Du Xiruo.

That’s right. Du Xiruo had been disguising herself as a guard, protecting her adoptive father Du Shourong ever since they started climbing up Mt. Wutai. The reason for her cover-up was all for this moment.

From Zhi Li, all the way back to Jin Zhong with Zhang Chong, she was asked to obediently stay in the Zhang family mansion as his fifth mistress, but how could Du Xiruo be willing to do that? Taking advantage of Zhang Chong being preoccupied with the problems in his army, she snuck out of her residence, begged her adoptive father, and followed him all the way here.

Du Shourong’s obsession with the hidden treasure not only became his own demon but also Du Xiruo’s.

For the sake of the hidden treasure and restoring imperial power, her adoptive father trained her from an early age and was able to give her to an old man without batting an eye. So, why should she suffer these sins? The treasure originally had no owner. Moreover, she was the one who had gotten her hands on the dragon seal in the first place, so why shouldn’t it be hers?

It should have been hers.

Du Xiruo thought about this as her eyes slowly shifted to Chu Jiao, who was standing not too far away.

It should have been hers.

The life of a wealthy young miss… A powerful fiancé…


If her adoptive father hadn’t lost it back then… All of these good things should have gone to her.

With this in mind, she coldly pushed the collapsed Du Shourong to Yan Zhan, and dodged, leaping straight towards Chu Jiao’s back to press the sharp blade against her delicate neck.

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