Indulging in Carnal Desire

Chapter 202 [Big Shot’s Story 36] Dogfight

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“Abbot Hui Ming, we are truly the guardians of the seal since back then, so please give way!”

Inside the mist-shrouded Zhenhai Temple, two groups were locked in a confrontation in front of a pagoda.

“Amitabha Buddha! Benefactor Du, your obsession is too heavy,” the old white-bearded monk sitting in front of the pagoda had half-closed eyes, shaking his head in dismay. “Our Zhenhai Temple has never carried any treasure to begin with. You’ve simply come to the wrong place.”

“Why are you still going circles with this bald donkey, just kill a hundred of their followers and get it over with.”


The man holding the gun looked malevolent.

“Lord Suzuki, please remain calm,” Du Shourong quickly signaled to the monk beside him, “Master Hui Hai, kindly persuade the abbot!”

Du Shourong knew that Zhenhai Temple was an important place for the royal family, and unless he was forced to, he didn’t want to destroy this place without good reason.

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“Xb xu tse…”

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“This is crazy.”


Yan Zhan’s eyes darkened as he protectively squeezed Chu Jiao’s hand. Needless to say, these must have been the evil deeds committed by the Japanese.

They searched all over, trying to find any survivors, but after a while, they couldn’t find a single survivor in the huge temple.

“They killed so many people, and for what!?” For the first time, Chu Jiao felt a sense of regret. If she had given the real jade seal to Du Xiruo in the beginning, would these people be alive right now?


“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The temple, which used to have a strong smell of incense, no longer had any hints of the smell, but the sounds of gunshots were extremely apparent.

“Be careful,” Yan Zhan instinctively took the girl’s hand and placed her behind him, moving slowly towards the source of the startling sound.

“What’s going on!! Why isn’t it being opened!”

Four hands were hard to beat with only two fists. After some fighting, in the end, Du Shourong’s group, who advantageously possessed weapons won, sweeping all of the obstacles of their goal clear, including all the monks inside the temple, sparing not a single life.

Leaving some of his subordinates to guard the entrance, Du Shourong and Suzuki finally entered the pagoda along with a few trusted aides.

When they reached the underground palace inside the pagoda, they found a cast-iron carved dragon gate, it was the entrance to the legendary treasure!


There was a small hole located in the very center of the iron door, and upon closer inspection, it matched the size and shape of the dragon seal perfectly.

However, after Du Shourong happily inserted the well-preserved dragon seal into the small hole, the door remained motionless without the slightest trace of response!

“What’s going on!! Why isn’t it opening! Du Shourong, you better stop playing with me! The Great Japanese Empire was only willing to cooperate with you because of your sincerity!”

Suzuki’s muzzle was directly pointed at Du Shourong in a blink of an eye, but Du Shourong’s confidants did not back down, raising their guns at the Japanese in front of them.

The two sides were immediately plunged into a state of mutual hostility.

Though Du Shourong did indeed dislike the thought of giving the Japanese their share of the treasure, at this moment, he himself hadn’t even seen the hidden treasure, so how could he have the mind to even play with them.

“Lord Suzuki, please remain calm. Please remain calm!” Du Shourong hurriedly took the dragon seal out, but the result was still the same after making another desperate attempt.

With this, he started sweating.

For this important trip, he had guaranteed his party that he would definitely bring enough treasures to restore the monarch upon his return. However, now that he was standing before the entrance to the hidden treasures, he, unfortunately, had no way of entering. This was killing him!

“Mr. Du, if you are still being like this, I will have no choice but to report what happened to the colonel…” Suzuki believed that he was not as foolish as Yoshida Hideaki, who died in a foreign land. His goals were crystal clear, and that was to plunder more resources for his Great Japanese Empire, pillaging everything in this rich and affluent country!

Du Shourong wiped the nervous sweat off of his forehead and took a few steps back, but with one hand behind his back, he made a secret gesture to his confidants.

At the moment, the majority of Suzuki’s manpower wasn’t present with them, so they were evenly matched. In this case, would it be better to get rid of this arrogant Japanese first before deciding what to do next!



“Pow! Pow!”

Inside the narrow space, a menacing series of gunshots rang out. Du Shourong had checked the surrounding environment early on and had gone to hide behind the lion statue, whereas Suzuki was not as lucky and had fallen to the ground, covering his chest.


“These treasures belong to my emperor, sharing this with you lowly Japanese would be due to my emperor’s generosity. You haven’t even gotten your hands on the treasure yet you still act so pompously, it’s simply asking for death…”

Leaving these words behind, Du Shourong then walked out, the usual compliant look on his face, disappearing.

Though he didn’t know why the door couldn’t be opened, he still had other ways to get his hands on the treasure. And since the Japanese were too arrogant and have already lost their usefulness of clearing the path for them, he couldn’t withstand him any longer.

“Tsk tsk tsk. Look at this dogfight, didn’t it only result in both sides suffering a loss… Aren’t I right, Brother Yan?”

Out of nowhere, a charming female voice echoed throughout the empty palace, making the look on Du Shourong’s face change instantly.

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