Indulging in Carnal Desire

Chapter 204 [Big Shot’s Story 38] Brother Yan, I love you (End)

When the tip of the knife touched her neck, the ice-cold temperature alerted Chu Jiao of how much danger she was currently in.

“If Miss Chu doesn’t want to cooperate… then fine, I didn’t want to either.”

The woman’s voice sounded like the hissing of a poisonous snake to her ears. Du Xiruo was fixated on the alarmed Yan Zhan, who had just kicked Du Shourong away and was aiming a gun at her, and laughed freely, “I know my life is a wasted one, but how does Governor Yan feel about the little dainty flower in my hand?“

As she was speaking, she continued exerting strength onto the knife, making rich blood seep out of Chu Jiao’s fair neck.

“Stop messing around.” Yan Zhan cautiously raised the gun and made a gesture completely devoid of any threats, “You can do anything you want, just don’t touch her.”


Chu Jiao was currently feeling depressed at this moment.

She had been beaten by this female lead on more than one occasion, and the main reason for that was due to her own arrogance.

Not to mention, 419, who usually gave her info, was closed off, and in this world, she was still blindly relying on the male lead. So now, being taken hostage was simply inevitable.

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Chu Jiao inconspicuously moved her finger. Her Browning was pinned to her waist, so she couldn’t take it out and had to find an opening. The blood on her neck had already dyed her white shirt a deep shade of red, and dizziness began to creep in. She thought to herself, this woman was so ruthless, she had probably cut her aorta.


At this perilous moment, Yan Zhan was also itching with anxiety.

The young girl’s face had already turned deathly pale, so he couldn’t help but feel frustration at his carelessness.

“Even if you have the treasure, how will you be able to transport it out alone?” He said temptingly.

“Hmph, I have someone under the mountain,” Du Xiruo threatened Yan Zhan, “Ask all your people to retreat! After I transfer the treasure away, I’ll then return your fiancée to you!”

“I can ask my people to retreat, I can even help you move it out of Jin Zhong,” Yan Zhan did not agree with Du Xiruo and walked towards her, step by step, “But, you must return her to me now!”

How could Du Xiruo agree to this? She was full of thorns at the moment, her eyes glinting with mad frenzy, “Don’t come nearer! I’m warning you! If you go nearer, I’ll kill her!”

Yan Zhan halted in his steps. But, Chu Jiao raised her head at this moment, her pale cheeks and dark eyes staring face to face with Yan Zhan.

In the blink of an eye, Du Xiruo felt her abdomen being struck by the elbow of the person before her, and the restraint she had put on Chu Jiao lost its strength. Chu Jiao pulled back dexterously, and Yan Zhan subsequently drew his gun and opened fire. Chu Jiaol quickly took out the Browning from her waist as well.



After two gunshots rang out, a ‘ding’ sounded as the sharp knife fell to the ground, Du Xiruo following soon after. And with that, Chu Jiao was finally able to return to Yan Zhan’s embrace.

“Jiaojiao! Jiaojiao!?”


The view before her eyes had turned blurry while she felt her strength slipping away, replaced with a heavy sense of drowsiness.

She felt quite regretful.

Because she could feel the life of this body slowly slipping away…

This time, the mission must have been regarded as a failure, right?

If she died right here right now, will she still be able to get back to her original world?

While Chu Jiao’s thoughts ran amok, in her befuddled state, a man’s panicked cries rang in her ears, “Jiaojiao! Jiaojiao! Don’t die…”

Brother Yan… I’m so sorry.

She moved her lips, murmuring incoherently.

Thank you for spoiling me, caring about me, and loving me.

Even though I can’t continue to be by your side,… I love you.

“Don’t close your eyes, don’t…”

“Qui-Quickly open your mouth…”


The sound of a sharp blade slashing across the skin echoed.

Yan Zhan’s anxious voice sounded farther and farther away from her ears. Chu Jiao could only feel a salty and warm liquid pour into her mouth amidst her fuzzy state when the system’s voice suddenly popped into her head.


[World: “Big Boss Dotes on the Little Runaway Wife,” the required body fluids have been completely collected, Goal Completion Rate: 100%.]

[The capture of male lead Yan Zhan is a success.]

[Preparing to send host out in…]


“Jiaojiao, don’t be afraid.”


“You won’t die.”

[One. ]

“Remember to wait for me in the next world.”


[End of the Fifth World]

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