Chapter 53 Bathroom

Bai Yan brought with him a face filled with confusion as he returned to the room. At this moment, Luo Xing was already up and about.

When Luo Xing was roused from his dreamy state, he saw that there wasn’t a soul in sight and jumped from fright, thinking that while he was sleeping, the others were captured by the ghosts.

Seeing that Bai Yan and Ye Shangyu entered the room in succession, Luo Xing heaved a breath of relief, as if he was relieved from a heavy burden on his back, and said to them, “Sister Ye, where did you guys go just now?”

“We went out to discuss the archive. Since you were sleeping so peacefully, we were afraid of waking you and went outside to talk.” Ye Shangyu replied.

Ye Shangyu repeated Du Han’s situation once again as Luo Xing found the twelfth archive and studied it carefully.

After more or less researching about what happened, he then filled out the second number for the ghost stories on his application form. Bai Yan and Ye Shangyu also wrote down their accounts one after another, cramming all the contents into the second slot.

“There’s still the third one… These stories are definitely left for us to experience ourselves.” Luo Xing stared at his application form as he mumbled to himself, “The post in the forum is still there. Who among us should go first?”

“Let’s draw lots.” Ye Shangyu abruptly suggested.

“Okay.” Bai Yan smiled in approval, “How about I make the lots?”

Ye Shangyu eyed him with a hard to describe expression, faintly saying, “Or I can do that.”

Seeing the two vying to make the lots, Luo Xing cluelessly scratched his head, “Why are you fighting over this? Isn’t it the same no matter who makes them?”

Soon after finishing what he said, Luo Xing looked at the two’s devious expressions and was suddenly blessed with a ray of light from the heavens, feeling astonished as he said, “You guys aren’t thinking of cheating… are you?”

Hitting the nail on the head, Bai Yan didn’t feel embarrassed by this the least bit, only feeling somewhat regretful for being caught.

If Ye Shangyu hadn’t fought him for this task, Luo Xing, this naive kid, could have been the first one to eat the crabs(1).

  1. Eating crabs means those who are bold or the first to do something.

Ye Shangyu was more afraid of death than he was. A person like her, who knew a lot of secretive matters about the game, would surely think that her own life was more important, and if she were to make the lots, he would grow suspicious of her when drawing. Since he wasn’t allowed to rig the lots, then no one should play.

Seeing Luo Xing’s skeptical face, Bai Yan calmly admitted his errant intentions.

In turn, Luo Xing looked at Ye Shangyu, and seeing that Ye Shangyu didn’t turn away at his gaze, she clearly confirmed his suspicions, completely shattering his honest world view.

“…How could you guys be so shameless!”

‘I thought you were all good people!’

Luo Xing’s mind immediately went blank, these two teammates instantly becoming absolute phonies in his eyes.

As he saw his shocked face, Bai Yan evilly laughed, “Xingxing, the grown up world is like this. When you grow older, you’ll understand.”

‘No, I don’t want to understand!’

‘You both were bullying an honest person! Honestly, do kids eat your family’s rice?’

Pure denial was painted across Luo Xing’s face as he thoroughly lost his trust in the two.

He then vigilantly got his notebook and tore out three equal-sized pieces of paper, writing 1, 2, and 3 on each in front of the two.

The strips of paper were thick enough. Thus, even if they checked the other side of the paper, no one will be able to see the contents.

Luo Xing then mixed the papers behind his back a couple of times and presented the papers in his hand, unhappily saying, “You guys pick first!”

Bai Yan drew a piece, while Ye Shangyu picked the one on the left.

After getting their respective lots, Bai Yan carefully unfolded his and saw that his piece of paper had the number 2 written on it. He then shot a glance at Ye Shangyu, Ye Shangyu’s piece had a 1.

“Luo Xing…” Are you sure you didn’t cheat?

This foolish kid was just too lucky, right?

As he faced the two people’s doubtful eyes, Luo Xing’s face darkened in a dangerous shade, “What are you looking at? If you don’t believe me, then do a body search! Don’t assume that I’m the same… as you people.”

Bai Yan and Ye Shangyu were older than him by a lot, so in the end, Luo Xing wasn’t ashamed to say that they were shameless.

Originally, Luo Xing thought that these two were reliable, and maybe they could even form a team with him. Perhaps they wouldn’t turn their backs on him due to his age. However, looking at it now, these two were trapping honest people into dugged up pits. He’d better stay away from them, or else he’d be in a pit himself.

Luo Xing behaved openly, plus he made the lots in front of them, so Bai Yan was only jesting and teasing his naive persona.

Not to mention, bullying honest people has a distinct flavor.

At first, he was in such a bad mood due to his talk with Ye Shangyu, but seeing the discontentment stuck in between Luo Xing’s brows, his mood lightened up.

If it weren’t for fear of Luo Xing jumping out and biting someone, Bai Yan would have wanted to have another go again.

Having drawn the number 1 lot, Ye Shangyu didn’t plan to go back on her word.

Since she agreed to draw lots, she could only be considered unlucky.

It was currently the third day in the game. They still had time on the fourth day, so time was still plenty on their end.

However, Ye Shangyu didn’t want to stay in the game’s world for much longer. Moreover, the app’s restrictions on the ghost decreased in the later levels, but from the players’ perspective, staying inside the game’s world for longer than necessary also wasn’t a good thing.

After calling the two’s attention, Ye Shangyu opened the ‘Real Ghost Stories’ post.

In total, there were two clicks on the post, and since she clicked on the post, the hit counter on the lower right went up to three.

There were a total of three stories inside the post. Ye Shangyu first read the first two stories and then started reading the third one.

The third story was about a ‘Bathroom.’ The protagonist was a female student at Blue Sky College. While she was taking a shower in the bathroom, the female bathroom’s electricity suddenly went out. Right after that, every kind of demon and ghost appeared before her eyes and frightened her. After toying with the protagonist for a bit, the malicious and cruel ghosts slaughtered the horrified girl, and the girl’s corpse remained in that bathroom forever.

After hearing Ye Shangyu’s narration, Luo Xing was baffled, “The story occurred in Blue Sky College, and the main character is a girl. Isn’t this too much of a coincidence?”

Bai Yan waved the club application form in his hand, “This kind of matter is still up to us. Even if the president is the one making these posts, maybe he’s watching us right now through something.”

Ye Shangyu finished reading the story, and the post had once again disappeared from the forum.

She refreshed the forum’s page twice to confirm that the post didn’t show up again. Ye Shangyu then turned on the bathroom lights and opened the door, saying to the two guys, “I’ll go in and take a bath, someone help me pull the door open.”

“Now?” Bai Yan paused for a second but didn’t feel embarrassed by her sudden actions. Even if Ye Shangyu stripped naked in front of them right now, he wouldn’t blush. He only thought that this was too quick.

“You haven’t even taken a look at the archive about the bathroom yet. Don’t you need to look at it one more time?”

“No need, I already remembered it.” Ye Shangyu shook her head and said, “By the way, keep an eye out on the lights for me. Luo Xing, you too. If the lights go out, I’m asking you to turn the lights on as soon as possible.”

After giving out her orders, Ye Shangyu unwaveringly went in to wash up.

This bathroom didn’t have a bathtub as it only contained a shower nozzle, which was placed next to the toilet, and a sink. This was all it had.

This bathroom interior design was quite simple, but it did save Ye Shangyu some trouble by avoiding unnecessary things.

She threw all of her thick and heavy clothes out of the bathroom, only leaving herself with a thin singlet covering her body.

Then, she returned to the bathroom and cautiously closed the toilet bowl cover. Ye Shangyu tested the water nozzle, there was definitely water inside.

Afterward, while wearing her thin garments, she opened the nozzle, warm water consequently spraying all over her body as she silently watched her surroundings with wide and vigilant eyes. After five minutes had passed, nothing had happened.

“The ghost stories will only take place inside the school. It’s useless if you’re outside.” Bai Yan pressed against the bathroom door, telling Ye Shangyu, “Don’t drench yourself in water anymore, nothing will come out.”

“En, I’m only making sure that nothing will happen outside.” Ye Shangyu made an agreeing sound. The bathroom lights were all still lit, appearing as if the ghost story needed to take placee inside the school.

Knowing that if she continued her shower, nothing would happen to her, she quickly grabbed her towel and wrapped it around her dampened body.

Conveniently, she brought a change of clothes with her, and it wasn’t completely impossible for her to change clothes in the bathroom. However, a gentleman should not stand under a dangerous wall(2). The application deadline was still so near, and who knew if the president would suddenly change the story a bit.

  1. Gentlemen should stay away from dangerous places. This includes two aspects: One is to take precautions before they happen, to be aware of potential dangers in advance, and to take preventive measures; the other is to leave in time if you find yourself in a dangerous situation.

It was only until Bai Yan went away that Ye Shangyu went to the farthest end of the bathroom to dress herself.

The three went back to school together in the afternoon.

Ye Shangyu casually returned to her dorm, resting her eyes in her room until her three roommates got back from shopping around the district. She then spiritedly got up from her bed and asked the three, “Do you girls want to take a bath together?”

“I already washed yesterday, so I’m not going.”

“After shopping for the entire day, I’m a bit tired, so I’m not going either.”

The first two girls flat-out refused as Chai Xiaohe touched her somewhat greasy hair, thinking over the offer, “Shangyu, I’ll go with you. Just wait for me a bit, I’ll put my things down.”


Ye Shangyu grabbed the bath basket that she had prepared earlier and quietly sat on the bed, patiently waiting for Chai Xiaohe to finish.

After waiting for around 15 minutes, Chai Xiaohe finally sorted out the items she got from her shopping spree and prepared her toiletries, picking up her basket and saying, “Shangyu, let’s go.”

Ye Shangyu got up, and together, they left the dormitory. The outside wind’s chilliness pierced through their bones, causing the two to shiver uncontrollably.

The two girls quickly stepped into Building 4 after passing through the cold street.

Blue Sky College’s bathroom area was underground, so the two had to pass through a long flight of stairs before reaching Building 4’s basement.

Although it was a communal bathing area, the place still carried several small stalls that sold toiletries usually carried in supermarkets as well as a leased space to a barbershop that rented out hair dryers for the students to use.

The two weren’t lacking in any toiletries, so they nonchalantly passed by the small stores and beelined to the innermost part of the area.

The communal bathroom was divided by two entrances, the differentiating element between them were the signs above, one having ‘Male Bath’ and the other having ‘Female Bath.’

Ye Shangyu took note of this arrangement and entered the left entrance with Chai Xiaohe.

Although it was the holidays, there were still a lot of people showering in the communal bathroom.

The roommates found two empty cubicles and placed their belongings in the changing room. They then stripped and put on their bath towels over their bodies, carrying their baskets of toiletries and heading over to the showers.

“Hahhh, although it’s so cold outside, it’s still super nice and warm here!” Chai Xiaohe sighed from relaxation, loosening her hold on her bath towel.

As she carried the basket in her hands, Chai Xiaohe subconsciously wanted to go inside to the warmest and most comfortable shower stall she could find.

However, Ye Shangyu found a vacant nozzle by the door and didn’t show any intentions of going further inside.

Upon seeing what her roommate was about to decide, Chai Xiaohe grew worried and gently tugged on Ye Shangyu’s arm, saying with a persuasive voice, “Shangyu, let’s take our showers further inside. This stall is by the door. A lot of people are going to come and go there, which means that the door would constantly be opened and closed. It’ll be like an air conditioner entering the shower if we stay here. Moreover, this place isn’t warm, so let’s switch over there.”

“I like it by the door since it’s easier to breathe here.” Ye Shangyu shook her head in finality, “How about I shower here, while you can go inside.”

“…Forget it. I’ll still stay with you.”

Chai Xiaohe felt the temperature around her for a bit and believed that it was still more important to get along and bathe with her roommate rather than being warm. Now, since she got along with her whims, she also hoped that her roommate would help her scrub her back clean, so she endured the minor chilliness.

As a result, Chai Xiaohe placed her basket by Ye Shangyu’s side and placed her card on the machine. Warm flowing water immediately spurted out of the nozzle, spraying right out into her head.

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