The Girl Who Snuck into an All-Male School

38. What is hidden in your small hole (Slight H)

It was too bad that Bei Xingyan wasn’t able to satisfy her at the moment. Yan Shi could only go back to the classroom with the love egg inside her.

At the moment, Bei Xingyan only thought that the school suddenly went mad, having no idea that someone deliberately arranged it. He didn’t think deep about it, and furthermore he surely needed to increase his training due to the incoming competition, so he didn’t f*ck Yan Shi. When he found out the truth in the future, Bei Xingyan’s training returned to his original casual state. But these were all to be said later in the story.

Yan Shi walked very carefully as she was afraid her love egg might fall out of her small hole. Her white face was also blushing red due to aro*sal.

Ever since her glasses were missing, Yan Shi didn’t wear glasses anymore since no one said that she was girly. She always looked pretty, with her rosy cheeks and watery eyes, anyone would want to give her a second look.

Cheng Yimian was looking around for Yan Shi everywhere. When he saw Yan Shi, he immediately dashed over like a puppy who saw a bone, and hugged her.

The first few days when Cheng Yimian found out about Yan Shi’s gender, he didn’t dare to get too close to Yan Shi since she was a girl. But as time went on, Cheng Yimian could not control himself anymore. He wanted to get close to Yan Shi, to hug Yan Shi and to squeeze her soft cheeks.

The love egg was still inside Yan Shi’s flower hole. Cheng Yimian’s sudden hug surprised Yan Shi that her bottom tightened, and that love egg began to throb more intensely like it was alive.

“Hnn…” Yan Shi’s whole body grew weak. If not because Cheng Yimian wrapped his arms around her waist, Yan Shi might just collapse onto the ground.

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When they came to a place with fewer people, Yan Shi grabbed Cheng Yimian’s arm and said with soft pants: “I don’t want to go to the doctor’s office, I wuu… I’m not sick.”

Cheng Yimian was so focused on worrying about Yan Shi that he didn’t feel anything amiss. He said instead: “Xiao Yan Shi, don’t hold it in anymore. Consulting the doctor at the doctor’s office is free of charge for students. You don’t need to delay your illness because you don’t want to spend money. You need to quickly get treated if you’re having a fever!”

Yan Shi’s face was so red that it would bleed. She whispered: “I’m really not sick, Yimian, take me back to my room please? My b-bottom is uncomfortable…”

Her soft call of ‘Yimian’ made Cheng Yimian’s heart beat wildly, and his ears were also burning.

He stared at Yan Shi’s face blankly, and only came to his senses after while, “Then I’ll take you back to your room.”

After that, Cheng Yimian took a turn towards the direction of the dorm. Her mind was all about her bottom. Was it the white and pinkish chubby area at her bottom? Did Xiao Yan Shi have her period again? Didn’t her period come only once a month?

With his brain filled with confusion, Cheng Yimian took Yan Shi back to his room. He was the only one staying in his room, so he didn’t need to worry about anyone opening the door suddenly.

Cheng Yimian placed Yan Shi onto his bed, and strode up and down in front of the bed nervously, “Xiao Shi Tou, do you want me to buy a period pad? Or is it your period pain? I heard girls needed to drink red sugar water if she had period pain, can I still make it if I go and buy now?”

Yan Shi stretched her hand out to grab Cheng Yimian’s finger, “That’s not it, I, I…”

Yan Shi couldn’t find herself to finish her sentence. She couldn’t just say she was in heat and wanted a man to f*ck her? How would Cheng Yimian see her? He would think that she was a l*stful, shameless person.

Cheng Yimian gritted his teeth and pulled Yan Shi’s pants down.

“Let me see what’s the problem, what if it becomes serious if you keep holding it in?”

“Ah……” Yan Shi called out softly. Her pants had been removed by Cheng Yimian.

A long silver string was glued to her small cotton underwear. Her small hole kept spitting out gurgling water. The love egg swam around in her hole wildly like a small creature, giving Yan Shi waves of pleasure.

No one knew if her small flower lips vibrated due to the effects of the love egg or their desire to be teased.

Cheng Yimian’s throat felt extremely dry. He stretched his hand out towards Yan Shi’s small hole like he was possessed.

His fingers felt the stickiness and smoothness. The faint fresh and sweet scent on Yan Shi’s body turned even stronger, sed*cing him to lick Yan Shi’s lower body.

“So much water is leaking out.” After he said that, Cheng Yimian looked up at Yan Shi’s expression.

Yan Shi was so embarrassed that she wanted to find a hole to hide in. It would be better in front of Bei Xingyan, since they already had a s*xual relationship, but in front of Cheng Yimian, Yan Shi felt extremely shy.

“It feels so uncomfortable inside.” Yan Shi wanted to put her legs together subconsciously, wrapping the egg tightly to obtain a bigger pleasure.

She felt uncomfortable not because of the love egg, but because the love egg couldn’t satisfy her.

“Is your inside injured?” Cheng Yimian knew clearly what he desired. He knew this might be a little despicable, but he wanted to caress Yan Shi’s body, and enter her tender, small hole.

Yan Shi leaned against the piled up covers. She turned her bright red face to one side and said: “Not injured.”

“Then why are you feeling so uncomfortable? Will you let me help you find out why?”

Yan Shi was also desiring it, so she nodded lightly.

After obtaining Yan Shi’s approval, Cheng Yimian split open Yan Shi’s legs. His slender index finger split her two chubby pinkish lips apart, and saw a thin string extending out from inside her small hole.

Opening her flower lips apart a little more, he could faintly see the bouncing pinkish blue love egg in her small hole.

“Xiao Shi Tou, I think there’s something hidden in your small hole.”

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