The Girl Who Snuck into an All-Male School

37. I think I like you (Slight H)

“L-like me?” Yan Shi’s eyes widened, unsure if she was just imagining it.

Wen Tianji leaned his body forward and closer to Yan Shi. Feeling the young man’s strong physique coming closer, Yan Shi accidentally fell to the ground.

“I like the smell on your body. I want to get closer to you, to kiss you, to bite you, and to make love to you. I think I can consider this as ‘affection’.”

Yan Shi looked at Wen Tianji blankly. She could see her own reflection on Wen Tianji’s eyes, and nothing else aside from that.

The eyes of someone who likes a person, what should it look like? It shouldn’t look as calm as Wen Tianji’s.

Yan Shi turned her eyes away from him and said: “No, you don’t like me. You just don’t have a lot of friends of the opposite s*x.”

Wen Tianji’s eyes were covered in a mist of confusion, “Then why do I keep thinking about it?”

It was impossible for Yan Shi to not feel anything after a handsome guy confessed to her, but she knew better about it. She didn’t want to answer Wen Tianji’s question, and asked him back instead: “You said you like me, then why did you get beaten up?”

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The school doctor was a good-looking young man, standing tall and handsome. He didn’t look over the age of 28 years old at first glance.

“Young boys are always reckless. Nice to meet you, my name is Bai Shanyu, this school’s resident doctor.” Bai Shanyu had gentle eyes and a humble manner, giving Yan Shi a good impression.

“Nice to meet you, Doctor Bai. I am Yan Shi, my– my friend is hurt, can you give him some medicine?”

“Sure, do you need any more assistance?” Bai Shanyu asked.

Yan Shi shook her head and said no need.

Wen Tianji sat on the chair obediently, while Yan Shi meticulously helped to tend to his wound.

She said: “Did you fight back?”


“He… Forget about it.” Yan Shi swallowed her words.

But she still couldn’t help to think if Liang Ziqian was hurt badly. She was distracted for a moment and accidentally used too much force, making Wen Tianji groan.

“Sorry.” Yan Shi collected her thoughts and continued to tend to the wound on Wen Tianji’s face with full focus.

After applying medicine on Wen Tianji’s face, Yan Shi asked him if he had any injuries on his body. Wen Tianji didn’t even answer her question and went on to hug Yan Shi’s waist, sinking his head into Yan Shi’s chest.

“So flat.” Wen Tianji didn’t move his head away despite that, and even closed his eyes.

Yan Shi felt that she was the small tree sprout while Wen Tianji was the large sloth. She was afraid he might break her waist from the way he was hugging her.

“Mr. Wen, can you let me go? If you want to sleep, there is a bed inside.”

Wen Tianji didn’t open his eyes, and answered lazily: “Want to hug you and sleep.”

The atmosphere of the school doctor’s office seemed stagnant, with the young doctor Bai missing. Yan Shi suddenly felt a pair of eyes on her, and she subconsciously turned around.

Liang Ziqian wasn’t wearing glasses. The wound on the corners of his eyes was blatantly obvious. Yan Shi guessed that Liang Ziqian’s glasses might be broken from the fight.

Both were injured, but Liang Ziqian’s wound looked more serious than Wen Tianji’s.

Yan Shi subconsciously pushed Wen Tianji’s body away. Wen Tianji opened his eyes, and glanced at Liang Ziqian’s direction.

Liang Ziqian grabbed the povidone liquid without saying a word, as if he wasn’t angered by the injuries. But Yan Shi knew that Liang Ziqian’s mood was bad right now.

“Why did you two fight?” Yan Shi still couldn’t help but to ask in the end.

Liang Ziqian paused his movements, and raised his eyes up to look into Yan Shi’s eyes.

“He annoys me.”

It was very rare to hear such childish and ill-tempered words from Liang Ziqian’s mouth.

Yan Shi’s heart began to race uncontrollably again. She suppressed the absurd thoughts, and asked: “Senior Liang, if you don’t like me, can you don’t get involved in my life? I am really… troubled.”

Liang Ziqian felt his heart sink. The girl who once loved him so much asked him to not appear in her life anymore.

Before this, he could give a direct answer that he was only interested in Yan Shi’s body. But now his answer was uncertain.

He didn’t like the feeling of missing something. The best way to solve it was to obtain it. But Yan Shi had left him before he lost interest in Yan Shi, cutting off all connections with him.

He shouldn’t have provoked a girl like Yan Shi. He couldn’t give her what she wanted, so their relationship could only come to an end right here and now.

Liang Ziqian was always a person who only cared about profits. He would look at the profit first no matter what he wanted to do, but he didn’t want to pick the best answer today.

“”I’m sorry, I can’t promise you something I can’t do.” Liang Ziqian said.

Liang Ziqian thought that everything would always be under his control, but he forgot that the moment he wanted Yan Shi onwards, some things had already begun to lose control.

He couldn’t control his desire, couldn’t suppress his own jealousy.

Seeing Yan Shi together with someone else, all of his organs felt like they were burning up and he was losing his right mind. He was irritated, unable to control himself.

Although he wasn’t sure how he felt about Yan Shi, he still wanted to keep Yan Shi by his side.

Yan Shi lowered her head. She didn’t look at Liang Ziqian or Wen Tianji, and said: “Then I’ll have to avoid you.”

After she finished speaking, Yan Shi rushed out to the door. Still with her head down, she accidentally bumped into Doctor Bai who had just returned.

“Sorry.” Yan Shi said.


No matter if it was Liang Ziqian or Wen Tianji, Yan Shi didn’t want to have any attachments with either of them. A poor girl and a rich young master being together was just a story in novels or fairy tales.

Yan Shi just wanted to be selfish and to protect her own heart. She didn’t want to end up like her mother. According to her grandmother, her mother fell in love with a wealthy young master, but unfortunately the young master already had a wife and son. He just wanted to play with her.

Her mother didn’t believe it, and went on to give birth to the man’s child secretly. She was that child.

Yan Shi patted her face, wanting to wake herself up. Fortunately, Liang Ziqian and Wen Tianji didn’t appear in front of her for the next few days, but Bei Xingyan did come to see her once.

Bei Xingyan was disgusted by her old-fashioned phone, so he gave her a new phone. A few thousand dollars were stored in the new phone card.

“This is too expensive, I can’t accept it.” Although Yan Shi thought that pride was less important than money, the value of this item given by Bei Xingyan was too much and she couldn’t give him back something similar.

Bei Xingyan l*wdly squeezed Yan Shi’s a*s, “If you don’t listen to me, I’ll use your blood to clean my silver pistol, if not, I can also use your small daisy.”

Yan Shi blushed shyly. Knowing that Bei Xingyan would not dare to touch her for now, she grabbed Bei Xingyan’s hand and bit it with her front teeth.

In the end, Yan Shi said tearfully: “My teeth hurt. Why is your hand so tough?”

Bei Xingyan couldn’t help but laugh. He used his finger to scratch Yan Shi’s chin.

“My c*ck is even tougher, want to eat it? I’ll stop joking around. I don’t know what’s up with those old men these few days, the intensity of training has increased three-fold. Your small a*s better get ready for a big me*t pole after the training is over.”

When Yan Shi thought about Bei Xingyan’s big me*t pole that was covered in veins, her small hole that was biting on the tampon began to stir uneasily. Her body was always this sensitive, easily ar*used. She couldn’t control it herself.

After a few days, Yan Shi’s period was over, but Bei Xingyan’s training was not yet over. Bei Xingyan was moody because he couldn’t even find time to f*ck Yan Shi. What was the use of half an hour? He couldn’t shoot even once.

Bei Xingyan asked Yan Shi to meet him behind the old research building. His large hand was holding a pinkish blue item that he slipped into Yan Shi’s pants.

“Keep it in obediently. If I find that it’s not in your pu*sy when I check it tonight, be prepared to get f*cked horribly.” After Bei Xingyan finished saying that, he pushed the love egg that was slightly smaller than a chicken egg into Yan Shi’s small hole.

“So full…” Yan Shi could not overcome Bei Xingyan’s strength, so she could only take in the love egg.

The small love egg immediately began to vibrate in Yan Shi’s small hole. Her pinkish flower walls wrapped around the love egg firmly.

“Too bad. After you ate my big me*t pole, I’m afraid a love egg will be hard to satisfy you. I’ll let you savor my c*ck tonight, it will definitely make you full.”


Yan Shi’s face was held by Bei Xingyan. Bei Xingyan made storms in Yan Shi’s small mouth for some time before he finally retreated.

The kiss filled with passion and s*x, together with the love egg hitting harshly around her flower walls evoked Yan Shi’s s*xual desire. When Bei Xingyan’s mouth left, her eyes looked cloudy and her body was empty, as if wanting to be filled with something thicker and tougher.

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