The Girl Who Snuck into an All-Male School

34. She wants to eat big m**t stick (H)

Lifting her head up, Yan Shi saw Wen Tianji’s er*ct c*ck. This time, she said nothing and began to swallow that big me*t stick.

Yan Shi felt regret in her heart as she swallowed it. She shouldn’t have agreed to do it with Wen Tianji. Wen Tianji’s stamina was too good, so she was afraid she might die from exhaustion in Wen Tianji’s bed.

There were still remains of his c*m left on his er*ct me*t pole, which were all completely swallowed by Yan Shi into her mouth.

The musky smell still lingered around her nose. Yan Shi raised her hips up while trying her best to suck on his c*ck.

Her red a*s twisted and turned in the air, while her crimson red small hole in the middle began to release water again.

What should she do? She just wanted to eat the me*t pole, but why did she get turned on and wanted this thick pole to pen*trate her leaking hole.

“Wuu…” Yan Shi sucked harder on him each time that her nose began to ache, but she didn’t want to let go of Wen Tianji’s me*t pole.

His large mushr*om head even began to tear her throat apart. Yan Shi was both in pleasure yet in agony. She wanted to get f*cked so roughly that she could not even close her legs.

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About nine of ten thr*sts hit Yan Shi’s sensitive spot. It didn’t take him too many thrusts to send Yan Shi to her cl*max.

Her small hole turned tight in her high. Wen Tianji needed to use more energy to f*ck her.

Wen Tianji controlled his desire to shoot and persistently spread her contracting flower walls open, bringing out splashes of l*wd water.

Yan Shi also didn’t know how many times she’d cl*maxed when she passed out in Wen Tianji’s embrace.


Yan Shi was awakened by the alarm clock. She frowned and was about to move without opening her eyes, but in the end she couldn’t even lift her weak and numb limbs.

Her eyes opened and Yan Shi was faced with a half-n*de chest.

The young man’s firm and pale chest was marked with multiple claws of fingernails. Looking up, she saw Wen Tianji’s almost perfect face.

She recalled the absurdity from last night. Yan Shi felt like she’d had a long dream, and it still felt unreal.

She couldn’t believe she’d made love to Wen Tianji. Wen Tianji had a good family background and perfect looks, a person who was in another world than her. If it was her old self, maybe she would feel her heart flutter like a young girl in love, but now…

Yan Shi lowered her eyes. A glimpse of sadness ran across her eyes.

No matter if it was Wen Tianji, or Liang Ziqian, they were merely having a physical relationship with her. Why would people like them like her?

It was simply because these young men did not have the experience, and she was coincidentally around.

Yan Shi lifted her body up, wanting to get away from Wen Tianji’s hug. She had done it with Wen Tianji’s once, letting him know how it felt to make love. From today onwards, she and Wen Tianji would return to their initial relationship.

Yan Shi didn’t manage to get up yet when Wen Tianji opened his eyes.

“You’re up.”

“Yes.” Yan Shi replied grimly.

Wen Tianji grabbed the clothes that were littered around the bed and turned to Yan Shi: “Your clothes got dirty.”

Yan Shi was fully n*ked and her pyjamas were in Wen Tianji’s hands. That set of pyjamas was soaked in both their c*m and l*wd water.

Yan Shi couldn’t help but blush, and asked hesitantly: “Maybe I can still wear it for two minutes?”

She couldn’t just go back to her room n*ked. Although her room was opposite Wen Tianji’s room, there was a risk of being seen if she went out.

Wen Tianji climbed down the bed and took out a set of clothes from his closet.

“It’s clean.”

Yan Shi was stunned momentarily, before she nodded and took it.

As she changed into the clothes, she couldn’t help but to gauge Wen Tianji.

There wasn’t a piece of clothing on Wen Tianji’s body. He looked like the most perfect statue with that long and lean body under the morning sunlight. His hair was soft and slightly long, covering a bit of his eyes. His beautiful phoenix eyes were always half-lidded, giving people the impression that he was still half-awake.

He looked lazy and barely spoke. There weren’t many changes in the pitch of his voice when he spoke, as if speaking more than two sentences would tire him out. He reminded her of Flash Slothmore of Zootropolis.

She looked blank with a lot on her mind. Suddenly her eyes met with Wen Tianji’s eyes. Yan Shi hurriedly turned away and put on Wen Tianji’s clothes.

Wen Tianji was 187cm tall. His clothes were ridiculously broad on Yan Shi, his shirt could already cover Yan Shi’s a*s completely. Of course, Yan Shi would never not wear the bottom attire just because the shirt was long enough. This was an all-male school.

Wearing the pants, Yan Shi felt her bottom chilly once she released her grip on it.

The waist of the pants was too loose, and she wasn’t able to wear it.

Wen Tianji certainly had broad shoulders and a narrow waist, but it was relative to his body size. His pants were still many sizes bigger on Yan Shi, so Yan Shi could only hold on to the waist of the pants while carrying her soiled pyjamas when she went out.

When she was at the door, Yan Shi halted on her tracks, but she didn’t look back and directly opened the door.

She wasn’t close to Wen Tianji, so there wasn’t much to talk about with him.

Yan Shi closed the door shut and walked straight with her head down, when she bumped into a meat wall.

The familiar scent of mild tea leaves mixed with wood entered her nostrils. A smell that she was so familiar with. It was a scent that made her giddy with happiness in the past, but now all that was left was the sour feeling in her nose.

(T/N: Finally Liang Ziqian is back!! And the temporary end of so many sm*t chapters xD Time for story development!)

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