The Girl Who Snuck into an All-Male School

33. Eating a man’s thing using mouth for the first time (H)

Her hole was unbelievably sensitive after the high. To add to that, Wen Tianji b*nged her violently without reservations. It took another hundred times of thr*sts until Yan Shi’s body trembled, shooting out l*wd fluids again.

Wen Tianji turned Yan Shi around. While f*cking her wet tunnel, he left his marks on Yan Shi’s white and smooth back.

This motion forced Yan Shi to prop her a*s up. Her white, round and tender a*s turned reddish from his powerful slams.

The visible lines of his abs slammed against her a*s again and again. The soft and elastic sensation made Wen Tianji addicted to it.

Yan Shi was f*cked until so much of her l*wd water flowed out. Her fragile and crimson red flower bud was beaten by the heavy sack beneath his thick me*t pole.

“Hnn…” Yan Shi lean arms were pressed on the bed. Both her br**sts swayed about due to Wen Tianji’s strength, to the extent that the root of her n*pples began to turn numb in pain.

Yan Shi wanted to hold her br**sts that kept swaying around, but it was hard enough to keep herself balanced with both her arms on the bed sheets.

“Br**sts.. hurt..” Yan Shi called out intermittently. She couldn’t even complete her sentence from Wen Tianji’s f*ck.

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“Ls xsal, ds xsal–“

Yan Shi lifted her a*s up high as she received the insertion of his vigorous s*men.

Wen Tianji had only shot twice inside her, but Yan Shi had peaked four to five times already. She panted as she laid down weakly on the bed. Her reddened a*s also fell to the bed in exhaustion from the slams.

His half-softened s*x organ still looked big after that, leaving Yan Shi’s red and small hole with a ‘pop’.

Without his me*t blocking it, her l*wd fluids mixed with white and cloudy c*m flowed out slowly from her slightly gaping small hole.

The foreign feeling of having a massive volume of liquids flowing out of her hole gave Yan Shi another wave of pleasure. Her hips shook, then she felt a big and hard thing pressing against her entrance again.

Yan Shi was a little scared. Wen Tianji did have a gentle side but he was obviously lacking in terms of experience. He was also packed with stamina, so if she really allowed Wen Tianji to f*ck her, Yan Shi thought that she might not be able to get out of bed tonight.

“No more…” Once she spoke, Yan Shi found that her voice was soft and flirty. She sounded like she was asking to be f*cked instead of pleading.

She placed one of her hands on Wen Tianji’s firm thigh. She could clearly feel the heat radiating from his er*ct s*x organ.

Wen Tianji was hard again. Yan Shi hesitated, then used both her hands to hold Wen Tianji’s s*x organ.

If she didn’t want Wen Tianji to assault her pu*sy again, she needed to find another way to help him release his desire.

Yan Shi hesitated momentarily, and lowered her head.

Her small mouth kissed his large mushroom head which carried a musky scent. Yan Shi could clearly feel his large me*t under her lips was alive and throbbing in heat.

Wen Tianji’s me*t pole was so long that Yan Shi couldn’t even wrap both her hands around it fully.

Yan Shi was inexperienced since she had never given a man a bl*wjob. Hence, she followed the descriptions that she read in the yellow book, sticking her tongue out to lick the small opening on his mushr*om head.

“Wuu…” Wen Tianji let out a soft moan after being licked. His hands on the bed sheets clenched together, forming lines of crinkles on the bed sheets.

For some reason, Yan Shi felt a small accomplishment. As she used her small tongue to lick his smooth mushr*om head, she stroked along his shaft.

Wen Tianji’s s*x organ looked as beautiful as himself. Although it was thick, it was slender and clean with a refreshing smell.

Yan Shi licked his big me*t pole like she was licking a lollipop, but after ten and more minutes of licking, Wen Tianji didn’t seem like he would shoot, and the me*t pole turned harder instead.

Yan Shi felt that her hand and mouth were numb and stiff, as well as her hole below.

“I can’t c*m.”

Wen Tianji lifted Yan Shi’s chin up, forcing her small mouth away from Wen Tianji’s big mushr*om head.

There was still a string of silver attached on Yan Shi’s red and moist lips, matched with her blushing face, she looked extremely tantalizing.

“But it’s still so hard, I.. I’m still hurting down there, please don’t f*ck me?” Yan Shi hugged Wen Tianji’s arm, her eyes were wet like a pitiful small creature.

Wen Tianji looked at Yan Shi’s body. Her body was covered in dark and light traces of his kisses and love bites, and her engorged small flower lips couldn’t even close up completely.

If he broke her body, he wouldn’t be able to eat her anymore. So Wen Tianji replied: “Okay, then you suck it.”

Wen Tianji sent his big me*t pole to Yan Shi’s mouth. Yan Shi lowered her body, trying to open her mouth wide to wrap around the top of his me*t pole.

She was just licking it just now, but this time Yan Shi put his entire mushr*om head into her mouth.

Wen Tianji’s mushr*om head was too big. Yan Shi felt that the corners of her mouth were going to tear apart from just trying to put it into her mouth, not to mention moving.

But then she couldn’t not move, because if she didn’t, Wen Tianji couldn’t c*m, and if he didn’t c*m, he might f*ck her again.

Yan Shi put her head down and ate half of his hard me*t pole into her mouth. The burning hot big mushr*om head pressed against her soft tongue.

“Wuu wuu…” Yan Shi let out two unbearable moans, and then tried her best to move her tongue.

Her tongue swept across his c*ck tip, and salty liquid began to leak out. Wen Tianji couldn’t help but to push his waist up.

Another inch of his s*x organ went in, forcing tears to ooze out of the corners of Yan Shi’s eyes. Her teeth also sank into Wen Tianji’s male organ.

The sudden stimulation made Wen Tianji unable to hold into his c*m. He thrust his waist two times speedily and shot into Yan Shi’s small mouth.

The white c*m filled with thick musky taste spurted into Yan Shi’s mouth fully, choking Yan Shi and made her cough.

Wen Tianji pulled his me*t pole out. Yan Shi held herself against the bed and continued coughing. She accidentally swallowed some of his s*men.

The taste of his s*men was distasteful, and it was white and sticky. Moreover, it had that special taste which stimulated Yan Shi’s small mouth at lower body to release more l*wd water.

Watching the traces of his c*m on Yan Shi’s chin and br**sts, and how her tender br**sts trembled with Yan Shi’s light cough, Wen Tianji‘s me*t at his lower body gradually lifted its head up again.

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