The Girl Who Snuck into an All-Male School

35. Have you ever liked me before?

Yan Shi didn’t even lift her head up, and quickly apologized as she tried to get around Liang Ziqian to go back to her room.

But whichever side Yan Shi tried to go, Liang Ziqian would block her path. His movement was not in a rush and it looked like a coincidence, but Yan Shi knew that it was intentional.

Yan Shi thought that avoiding him wasn’t the best way around it, so she lifted her head up to look into Liang Ziqian’s eyes.

Liang Ziqian looked slightly weary. That moment she saw his face, Yan Shi found that her heart still began to thump uncontrollably.

She could not let go of Liang Ziqian unlike what she initially thought. Even if she forced herself to forget Liang Ziqian, to the extent that she would indulge in s*x, she couldn’t deny to herself that she liked Liang Ziqian.

But her affection for him could not change anything. There was no continuation between her and Liang Ziqian.

“Can I know why President Liang is looking for me?” Yan Shi tried to put up an indifferent look, as if she and Liang Ziqian were just strangers.

Liang Ziqian lowered his eyes, gazing down from Yan Shi’s face.

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Nkydt Hkikyd pyke: “Lsv yv qkapv–”

“R wdelapvyde!”

Yan Shi didn’t want to hear the words that came out next. She opened the door of her room and dashed inside.

With a loud bang, the door separated her and Liang Ziqian.

Yan Shi leaned on the door weakly as her body slowly slid down. She hugged her own knees, unsure when her eyes had started to turn moist.

What good would she get from crying? Her life was not just about love, there were other things to look forward too.

Yan Shi wiped the tears that were covering her face away and pulled a slightly ugly smile. She then got up to wash up and change.

She felt sad because she cared. If she didn’t care, she wouldn’t be sad.

Yan Shi hurriedly changed her clothes to go to the classroom. When she came out of her room, Liang Ziqian was no longer around.

Her heart sank and she was depressed again. He truly didn’t like her, so he didn’t care.

Yan Shi forced herself not to think about this anymore, and to let herself focus her attention on her studies.


Cheng Yimian came in a little late today. A bag hung around his left shoulder, while his right hand was holding a bag of breakfast as he entered the classroom.

“Xiao Yan Shi, morning, have you had breakfast?”

Yan Shi’s stomach began to growl at the delicious smell. She came out in too much of a hurry, so she forgot to eat breakfast in the morning.

“I forgot.” Yan Shi replied.

Cheng Yimian put down the bag of breakfast on Yan Shi’s table and said: “I happened to buy extra food today. Eat quickly.”

After he said that, Cheng Yimian covered his mouth for a yawn, “I didn’t sleep well yesterday night. So sleepy. I want to sleep for a while.”

Yan Shi looked at Cheng Yimian’s face. His face looked as handsome and refined as always, but he had dark circles under his eyes. He looked like he didn’t have a good rest at first glance.

“Why? The electricity was down last night, right? Didn’t you go to sleep early?” Yan Shi asked as she ate the warm steamed bun.

Cheng Yimian laid on the table and snorted, replying weakly: “Don’t mention it. Don’t know who’s the jerk who’s playing an adult movie in the middle of the night yesterday. The noise was so loud that I rolled in my bed all night long, and was only able to sleep when it’s almost dawn. I don’t know where that guy got the electricity, letting it play for an entire night without pausing.”

Yan Shi forgot to munch on the bun in her mouth after listening to him. If she didn’t guess it wrong…

The noise that Cheng Yimian heard was not a movie, but her voice. Yan Shi didn’t dare to think more about it as she lowered her head to quickly eat the bun.

Cheng Yimian used his arm to prop his head up. He looked sideways at Yan Shi, giving her an indecent look: “But that voice sounded quite similar to yours. Xiao Yan Shi, do you think someone who had a secret crush on you deliberately played an adult movie with a voice similar to yours to j*rk himself off?”

“Cough cough cough–” Yan Shi coughed till her face was bright red with her tears flying out.

Cheng Yimian was shocked by Yan Shi’s reaction, and quickly patted her back, “Eh! I’m just joking, why are you so easy to tease?”

Yan Shi felt so ashamed. She coughed while waving her hand, and it took her quite a while to regain herself.

“N-nothing, I just accidentally choked on the food.”

“You’re too careless! Come, drink some milk!” Cheng Yimian pulled out a straw and poked it into the bottle of milk, sending it to Yan Shi’s mouth.

Yan Shi sucked on the milk with Cheng Yimian feeding her. She felt that the milk today was sweeter than usual.

Noticing Yan Shi’s change in expression, Cheng Yimian winked his left eye and grinned: “Did you feel that today’s milk is especially sweet?”

Yan Shi could only nod with her mouth being occupied with food.

“Dang dang dang! I bought sweet milk today! You’ll feel better after drinking the sweet milk. The frown of my Xiao Shi Tou could catch a fly1T/N: Metaphor to describe the wrinkles of her frown could squeeze a fly to death. Means that she has been frowning deeply. I was worried that you might become a gloomy old man at this young age.” Cheng Yimian wrinkled his nose in disgust when he said the words ‘gloomy old man’.

Yan Shi couldn’t help but to laugh, “What gloomy old man, I’m still far away from that image. I feel better after drinking your sweet milk.”


While they were still having their lessons, Yan Shi suddenly heard the rumors.

“Did you hear, President Liang fought with Wen Tianji!”

“Ridiculous. President Liang is our well-known, noble young master. He’ll go and fight someone else? And it’s with the young master of Wen family who was so lazy to even speak a few words? At least use some logic when you want to fabricate a story, otherwise people may laugh at you after you said it.”

“It’s not fake, it’s real! The school headmaster and CEO are also involved. I don’t know what will happen now.”

Yan Shi was still answering the questions. Her pen was left too long on the paper that it began to leave behind a smear of ink.

Yan Shi couldn’t imagine that Liang Ziqian would fight someone else. In her mind, Liang Ziqian was someone who wouldn’t even allow a crinkle on his clothes. Even his most wretched state was when he was drenched in the rain with her at the library.

She thought that the rumor must be fake, but if it was real…

Then it shouldn’t have anything to do with her. She didn’t want to have any relations with Liang Ziqian anymore, and she didn’t have any connections with Wen Tianji as well aside from what happened last night.

When Yan Shi was still spacing out, a pair of hands covered her eyes, and it smelt of lemon and milky smell from the back.

“Guess who?” Cheng Yimian tried to speak in a peculiar way, but his loud voice had a high recognition. Furthermore, no one would do this besides Cheng Yimian, so Yan Shi could easily guess who it was.

“Cheng Yimian, I know it’s you.”

The corners of Cheng Yimian’s lips curled upwards but he still didn’t put his hands down. Half of his body was glued against Yan Shi’s back. “Wrong, I am not Cheng Yimian¬”

Others would think that it was disgusting if it was anyone else who talked like that with a fake voice. But if that person was Cheng Yimian, he sounded cute for some reason.

Yan Shi’s lips curled upwards subconsciously. She lifted her hand to pull Cheng Yimian’s hand.

“Then let me guess, is it Xiao Tian Tian 2T/N: nickname, also means sweetheart Cheng Yimian today?”

“Yeah! You guessed it.” Cheng Yimian put down his hands that were covering Yan Shi’s eyes. He crossed his arms downwards, holding Yan Shi into his embrace.

The young man’s hot and firm chest was behind her. Yan Shi could feel the unlimited vigor coming from Cheng Yimian’s body, and couldn’t help but blush.

At the same time, Yan Shi thought, would it be better if the person she liked at first was Cheng Yimian?

“You’re hot. Let me go, I still have two more questions to write.”

Cheng Yimian didn’t loosen his hug, and even hugged her tighter instead. He rubbed his face against Yan Shi’s cheek.

“Our Xiao Yan Shi’s skin feels good, it’s so delicate that I want to bite it.”

Yan Shi’s face turned redder. She used her hand to push Cheng Yimian’s face away, “You’re acting so gay.”

Cheng Yimian didn’t care if he was acting gay or not, he liked Yan Shi, he wanted to hug Yan Shi, and even wanted to kiss Yan Shi.

Yan Shi took half a day to pull herself away from this glue called Cheng Yimian.

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