The Girl Who Snuck into an All-Male School

15. Getting peeped at when making love in the dorm (H)

Yan Shi and Liang Ziqian became closer since then. Although they didn’t verify their relationship status, Yan Shi thought that they were secretly dating. It made sense to hide their relationship since she was studying in an all-male school disguised as a boy.

It was apparent that Yan Shi was in love. Her expression had shown it all. She didn’t know about it until Nan Fengyi asked her if she got a girlfriend.

Yan Shi only lowered her head and smiled shyly at his question without giving any answer.

She missed the fleeting emotion that glinted briefly in his eyes as she lowered her head. Nan Fengyi felt dispirited for a moment but still kept up his heartiness as he congratulated her with a smile.

At night, Yan Shi laid on the bed and chatted with Liang Ziqian on the phone again. Nan Fengyi, who was lying on the opposite bed, took a quick glance at her happy face before closing his eyes.

Nan Fengyi inwardly chided himself and tried to set his mind right. It was futile to fancy a straight man, and not to mention that he already had a girlfriend too.

He must have too much time in his hands to think about such stuff. Nan Fengyi inwardly added more training to his schedule. The night passed by silently.

The next day, in the afternoon, Yan Shi went to find Liang Ziqian. They were meeting up in his dorm today. As the school’s student body president and the son of a school investor, he had his own single dorm room, but he didn’t stay there often.

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“Go try it out now. There should be no problems with the size.”

Yan Shi took her shirt off and revealed her chest wrapped in a bandage. She had smooth, white skin and a very slim waist. She didn’t look bony, although she was thin. Her lean arms seemed tender and buttery smooth at just the right size.

Liang Ziqian helped her to remove her bandage, spreading out the layers one by one to expose her soft bre*sts underneath.

She wrapped it tighter than usual today, resulting in a long streak of red marks over her snowy bre*sts.

Yan Shi felt the chilly air and subconsciously covered her bre*sts with her hands. Her arm accidentally brushed against her protruding n*pples, sending shivers over her body as she blushed deeply.

She then changed into the skin-colored vest, looking very much like a thin and average boy after she put it on.

Most importantly, it felt comfortable wearing it. The sponge inside held up her bre*sts perfectly. The vest’s soft fabric wouldn’t scratch her bre*sts anymore either.

“It’s so comfortable and fit me so well. Thank you, senior.” Yan Shi happily smiled at him.

The vest didn’t stay on her for long when Liang Ziqian took it off her again.

Yan Shi was kissed so passionately that she forgot where she was or what she was doing.

His thick me*t pole plunged into her leaking hole again, sprinkling water with each thrust.

Liang Ziqian held her waist and thrust in her while he leaned down to kiss her pair of soft bre*sts.

Her bre*sts were only B-cup, but she had perfect bre*st shape with smooth, silky skin.

Her two protruding dots were like cherries on butter, tempting others to taste it.

Liang Ziqian wrapped his mouth around her swollen cherry and teased it with his tongue. S*x seemed to be like a man’s instinct that they could master it so quickly. It made Yan Shi moan so loudly that she lost control of her hands and clawed his head, making a mess of his hair.

The pain from having his hair pulled about did not stop Liang Ziqian but only served to intensify his actions.

His teeth bit onto her delicate n*pple as his me*t f*cked her harder, creating sounds of ‘Pa Pa Pa.’’

Sticky l*wd fluids leaked out of her hole, flowing down her a*s and dripped onto the floor.

Liang Ziqian enjoyed the pleasure of being clenched by her pu*sy. He kept exploiting her tunnel without holding back every time, but she still felt as tight as when he first f*cked her.

His head hit her flower pit again. Her eyes were dazed in l*st as she clung to his body tightly.

His loaded b*lls slammed against her hips, making her fluids squirt everywhere.

Yan Shi was overindulged in the s*x. Mast**bating was a completely different story than having s*x. The wild ride could effortlessly scatter her body and mind, but then she craved for such pleasures.

Yan Shi was straddling him with her back facing the door, forgetting that the door was left ajar. Someone pushed the door open, leaving a small gap, as l*wd s*x noises emitted out.

Wen Tianji was about to knock on the door but was surprised to see it wasn’t shut properly. His knuckle barely touched the door when it opened a small gap.

The gentleman Liang Ziqian was making l*ve to a girl in an unkempt form. Their attached lower bodies were openly displayed in front of him.

It was impossible to pretend he didn’t hear the l*wd splashing sounds of water with that giant me*t pole impaling her small hole fully. Yet, her flower lips seemed to have unlimited durability, that it was not only able to swallow that bulky pole completely but even able to produce so much water.

Pulling out a bit of his c*ck, he slammed hard inside her again, making the girl’s tiny body shudder.

It was then that Liang Ziqian suddenly lifted his head up. His eyes were sharp as a knife as he glared at Wen Tianji outside the door. Liang Ziqian’s glare looked extremely cold without his glasses, only relaying a message:

— F*ck off.

No one would like to be disturbed when making l*ve. Wen Tianji was emotionless as he closed the door, turning around to leave.

Wen Tianji put his hands in his pockets as he walked away. He had pale white skin, and his narrow phoenix eyes seemed as if nothing in this world would interest him at all, looking tired and lazy like he usually was.

Yan Shi, who was f*cked silly, had no clue about this brief interlude.

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