The Girl Who Snuck into an All-Male School

14. Hole being filled up completely (H)

“Too much…” Yan Shi felt her entire body bulging from being filled up completely. She looked down, and half of his thick me*t stick was still outside of her shaved entrance.

“Yan Shi, you’re too tight. Relax.”

Liang Ziqian had already spread her tight hole out last time, but it still felt so firm inside her, making his body numb as tiny sweat droplets started to form on his forehead.

Yan Shi grabbed his arms, panting as she said, “The curtains, the curtains are not pulled…. Ohh…..”

As she was speaking, Liang Ziqian tried thrusting inside, pushing his hard head deep inside her tunnel with an unstoppable force.

Yan Shi’s body was craving s*x. Doing it in a risky place made her release more fluids, as his c*ck movements splashed her water loudly.

Liang Ziqian bent down and kissed her earlobe.

“Don’t worry, the windows in my office are tinted.”

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He slammed at her flower pit deep in her tunnel forcefully. That hard slam made her whole body go numb, giving her a feeling of indescribable pain and indefinite pleasure.

Her white body grew a pinkish hue as her flower lips turned engorged and widened each time his m*at pole rubbed against them roughly.

Liang Ziqian straightened his hip and pumped inside her body powerfully, her fluids bespattered over his lower abdomen.

Yan Shi gazed at him with hazy eyes, seeing how her fluids spattered onto his abs and flowed down slowly; and seeing how a guy as cold and dignified as Liang Ziqian was f*cking her hard.

She felt content as if her heart was filled with happiness.

Feeling aro*sed, her hole clenched on him even harder. Liang Ziqian started to feel a resistance as he was reaching his limit. After a few more powerful thrusts, he fired his thick c*m.

With that scorching release, Yan Shi reached her cl*max again. She propped her hips up and moaned, before weakly falling back onto the office table.

A young man of his age recovered his strength very quickly, as he became hard again. Liang Ziqian picked up one of her legs, standing up straight to exploit her body.

“Uhh ahh…… no more, I’m so tired, ah!” Yan Shi’s plump ass was slammed loudly and unreservedly with each thrust.

As her body was still sensitive after the last cl*max, it didn’t take her long to hit another one again.

Her s*x fluids and Liang Ziqian’s c*m were all stuck in her tummy, putting Yan Shi under the delusion that she was going to urinate. However, his thick c*ck was still inside her so she couldn’t let it out.

Her walls contracted around his m*at tightly as if wanting him to quickly go out after firing. Liang Ziqian felt so constricted that he let out a low roar and managed to hold on for ten more minutes before shooting it out.

Releasing his white c*m the second time made her tummy bulge more. Liang Ziqian put his fingers on her slightly bulging white tummy and pressed down on it.

The sharp pain that came with the pleasure caused her body to turn stiff as her walls clenched his m*at tightly again. Liang Ziqian gave a low groan.

He then pulled his c*ck out, giving way for the thick fluids to drip out, quickly forming a small puddle on the floor.

With the fluids being released from her tummy, she was just about to heave a sigh of relief when his hardened c*ck entered her hole again.

With his c*ck still within her, Liang Ziqian turned her around by her waist and pressed her down, sending shivers up her body.

He gripped her thin waist with both hands, his firm hips slamming on her round a*s.

Yan Shi’s upper half body was sprawled across the ice cold table, her pair of hardened n*pples pointed outwards. Each slam made her n*pples grind against the sturdy table.

“Uh…… Ah…… So-softer…..” Yan Shi lifted her a*s up as she said that.

She loved the pleasures that came from s*x. Her body yearned to be invaded and f*cked.

Aro*sal came washing up to her in waves. Her whole body was numb from having her bre*sts grinded on the table and her hips slammed. Yan Shi couldn’t stop moaning, about to get f*cked silly.

There were only two hours of lunch break, so Liang Ziqian needed to finish it fast. After shooting another hot load in her, he helped to clean her up.

Yan Shi was f*cked so thoroughly that she had no strength left to even lift her arm up, having to depend on him to clean her and dress her up.

The redness on her cheeks due to the love-m*king didn’t vanish for some time. She looked so tempting with her eyes in a l*sty daze, and her body smelling of a subtle fragrance.

Liang Ziqian put on his glasses as his slender fingers helped to wrap her bre*sts up with the clean bandage.

“You must be feeling very uncomfortable in this.” Liang Ziqian helped to fix her bandage.

“It feels better now after I got used to it.” Yan Shi said.

It was a lie. She could never get used to it no matter what.

“And…..” Yan Shi rubbed her legs together, the passion of his c*m still remained in her body. “I don’t have the pill.”

Liang Ziqian gently helped to fix the hair on her forehead with a smile. “Don’t worry, I took the pill.”


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