The Girl Who Snuck into an All-Male School

16. Getting teased by classmate

In the end, her stomach was filled up again, with white c*m flowing out of her gaping crimson entrance. Her pair of flower lips became swollen from the s*x, outspreading pitifully at both sides of her entrance.

Liang Ziqian helped to wipe away the c*m flowing out of her bottom with a wet cloth. Yan Shi couldn’t help but let out a low moan when the fabric brushed across her flower lips.

“Sorry, I can’t control my strength. Does it hurt? I’ll be more gentle next time.” Liang Ziqian said as he helped to clean her body.

Yan Shi shook her head. She actually liked it better this way. When Liang Ziqian dominated her whole body, she felt happy. It made her feel as if he adored her a lot.

Liang Ziqian helped Yan Shi to put on her clothes. She was still weak, and her lower body was numb.

The vest felt so comfortable on her compared to the bandage. It felt even better than her usual innerwear. Perhaps it was because she always bought discounted bras from warehouse sales that were of lower quality.

Her satisfied expression could not hide the fact that she lied when she said she’d gotten used to the bandage.

Liang Ziqian passed her another reusable vest packed in a box. “Let me know if you need anything in the future, don’t keep everything to yourself.”

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His dimples appeared on his cheeks as he smiled, his two protruding teeth giving him a mischievous look. It was hard to give a good scolding to the boy with that kind of look. The English teacher just waved her hand, feeling a dull pain in her temple. “Come in! Come in right now! You want to stand by the door like a statue?”

“Thank you, teacher.” Cheng Yimian’s voice was clear and pleasant as he ended his words with a high pitch. It reflected how he was – frivolous but likable.

He stuffed the basketball under the table and sat down. As he did, Yan Shi could feel the heat coming from his body.

Although she loved beautiful people and things, especially someone like Cheng Yimian who looked so exceptional, she already had a love interest – Liang Ziqian, so she only took a couple quick glances at him before looking away.


After they ended the night self-learning session, Cheng Yimian put his arm over Yan Shi’s shoulder and leaned down to her with a smirk. “Today is so tiring. Those puppies from the other class insisted on having a match with us without even bothering to check who was in our team? We wiped the floor with them!”

Previously, Yan Shi didn’t think much about getting near to Cheng Yimian, but now it was different. She retreated to the other side and said, “Your body is too heaty, don’t get so close to me.”

Cheng Yimian suddenly pressed his hand down on her shoulder, giving her a surprise as she lifted her head up to meet his dead-serious expression.

“Xiao Yan Shi, tell me the truth, are you dating someone?”

Yan Shi let out a sigh of relief when she heard the question and gave him an affirmative answer.

His shoulders and eyes drooped. “I can’t believe someone snatched our Xiao Yan Shi away. No wonder my heart feels empty.”

Yan Shi felt awful to see him look this way.

“I-I’m here, ain’t I?” Yan Shi tugged on his shirt gently.

His eyes shot open with some resentment. “Which b*tch took your heart away? How does she look like? Is she as gorgeous as me?”

Yan Shi began to imagine Liang Ziqian’s face. She thought he did look gorgeous. Cheng Yimian didn’t look bad, but he was more of a youthful and cheerful type. So, Liang Ziqian won against him in terms of gorgeousness and exquisiteness.

“A little more gorgeous than you.” Yan Shi gestured ‘little’ with her index finger and thumb pinched together.

Cheng Yimian pursed his lips. “I can’t believe that she’s more gorgeous than me. Since you’re just a seedling, anyone, including your girlfriend, may be taller and bulkier than you. Maybe you’ll end up suffocating in your girlfriend’s chest.”

Cheng Yimian bent down to her, teasing her lightly with probing eyes.

Yan Shi couldn’t help but blush. Although he was wrong with some details, her ‘girlfriend’ was really taller and bulkier than her. Liang Ziqian had a firm chest……

“Hmph. Your expression tells me that you’re thinking about her again, isn’t it? I can’t believe such an honest-looking guy like you already found someone in your first year. Huh, can’t judge a book by its cover.” He sounded immensely jealous as he spoke.

Yan Shi thought that Cheng Yimian was just joking with her, so she didn’t think much about it.

“Alright, let’s stop talking about it. I should go back to my dorm. I haven’t finished the last few questions yet, so I need to continue writing it back in my room.”

Cheng Yimian hooked his finger around her back collar. “Let’s walk together since we’re heading in the same direction. What? You wouldn’t walk with me anymore now that you have a girlfriend?”

Yan Shi stopped in her tracks and grinned at him. “Of course not. Let’s go together.”


(TN: The author thinks it’s hard to write smut~ it’s the same for me, I think it’s hard to translate smut as well TT)

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