Gang of Yuusha

Chapter 24 – Fruitless Fruit

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The encampment was resting in order to receive supplies, but the supply unit did not arrive on time and they had to eat dinner with their reserve food.

The members of 『Torch The Blade』, led by Leschia, was splits into groups, then gathered around the campfire and enjoyed a peaceful meal.

There is so much room and peace that it is hard to believe that the party are hiding in a dungeon.

The group had reached the floor where the ancient clan was once enshrined.

It is comparable to three floors underground, but it was like a maze, there are also small rooms with dead ends

In a hollowed out stone wall lay a corpse wrapped in a remnant cloth. The white bones had been eroded by the gusts of wind and had been reduced to a powder that was almost unrecognizable.

There were no conspicuous enemies, either because the spirits do not have the energy to stay in this world for thousands of years, or perhaps even their spirits body has turned to dust with time.

The terrain was not too bad for resting, with several large rocks stretching up to the ceiling as covers.

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She did not intend to have a conversation with him, she finished her greeting and was about to head for the tent she had personally prepared when she heard a rare voice behind her.

「How can I physically defeat a wraith with holy-attributes?」
「With spirit」
「Sorry, I’m just kidding. I see, wait don’t just accept it. Every opponent has a weakness. Ah, yes. I know a way even you can do it」

Ludophine waited with bated breath as Leschia closed one of her eye and brought a finger to her lips.

He was annoyed to let someone else deal with a monster he could not handle.

Knowing this feelings, Leschia wasted no time.

It was her privilege as a leader to tease the members.

It was also a way for Leschia to communicate with her subordinates, but as far as it goes it was to lighten up the mood so as not to make them feel uncomfortable.

Everyone has their own limits―― Like Leschia’s 『Karma Leg』 she cannot use violence to crush a particulate spirit body.

It is also a handicap since they cannot use attribute magic.

They cannot even use the red magician, enchant ability―― most of the difficult enemies have been defeated by Leschia and Kielnir.

「Let’s see. It was Shouji who did it a long time ago, I think it was called 『Self Spirit Fighting Method』. He would soak himself in oil, then ignite himself and hug the wraith while he was on fire. I I’m not sure what he meant, but he said something like, “The wraith is a spirit, so it can transmit your sense of pain. It’s a special attack technique because if you don’t have the high-potion liquid in your mouth beforehand, you’ll die. Please use it when you want to kill yourself, okay?」
「…… Leader, the Street Bravers-sama‘s tactics cannot be a reference. Quikk-sama is different from me」
「Did you know that?」
「Yes, he is the same person like Hall Totnakun. When he finds his prey, the corners of his mouth contort and he approaches with a gleeful glare in his eyes and finishes off anyone who stands in his way in a melee」

Ludophine, with his eyes downcast, is an adventurer with a lot of practical experience.

He looks young, but he might be over forty.

As a man who enjoys martial arts, there are many men who admire the strong, but he seems to have a particular fondness for heroic tales and adventure stories.

Leschia had never faced the Beast King before.

She heard that, on rare occasions, he will come down for trivial street disputes.

「The Beast King, ehh. It’s for formality, but I’ve been ordered to take it down too」
「Is that so?」
「I think all the Guardian Bravers have been ordered by the king privately. If you take it seriously, you will die though」
「So, it’s impossible after all?」

Leschia folded her arms and tilted her body upward.

She has smooth hair texture with deep golden color, and her side-tails almost touched the ground.

In the past, a number of human heroes were defeated and died, and so she did not want to talk about it.

Especially, since the Guardian Bravers are also the nation’s forces in times of disaster, their lives and deaths are designated as state secrets.

It is not a good idea to talk about the fact that nearly 20 people were killed in 100 years.

「Mm….. Well, that’s the kind of demon king after all. When he was an annoying Beast King, there’s an anecdote about how they sealed him up with all-out large magic, but they wouldn’t do it because it would have caused the beastmen to snap and start a huge war」
「Wouldn’t defeating him will also lead into a huge war?」
「According to their values, sealing is cowardly and unfair. But if he was defeated properly with a sword and offensive magic, then it can’t be helped…… Well, I think it’s impossible to break the Zero Force because it’s said to be unbreakable by human power no matter how hard you try. It seems that the dimension itself is different」
「For me, I would like you to represent humanity and challenge the Leader」

He showed his fists tightened, and an enthusiastic Ludophine entrusted her with his ambitions, but Leschia, who had no rivalry or desire for honor, just laughed and let it go.

The relationship between the beastmen and the human race is not harmonious, but they live in the same city and country.

They have acquaintances, and some of them get along well with each other. It would be foolish to fight with them just because of differences in appearance or customs.

It is a heavy decision to destroy the leader of their people, the object of their faith.

「Next time, should I ask Shouji if he want to kill him? Since he is a crazy person with destructive thought, I am one hundred percent sure he will do it for the bounty」
「I’m looking forward to hearing his tales. I’m sorry to disturb you, but by the way, Hall Totnakul died right? The cause has not been announced, but do you know anything about it?」
「Who knows? It seems he was very old…… Well, I’m going ahead first, good night, Ludophine」
「Yes, thank you for your hard work, Leader」

After receiving the salute, Leschia went into the tent she had set up.

  △ ▼ △

Kielnir was trying to sleep in his tent, but he was annoyed by the shoddy bedding that had no elasticity at all that he could not sleep. He did not like the shape of the pillows and it was a bit chilly in the cave.

H was thinking about sleeping with his armor on to keep warm, but decided against it as it might damage the metal fittings.

He thought about switching guards since he was unable to sleep, but he could not do it because he believed in regularity and thought it would be selfish.

It is the hero’s duty to prevent disasters from happening.

The holy-attribute undead was dubious tale, but the fact was that sprinkling holy water on some enemies did not work. Monsters with spirit body were especially troublesome.

The fire magic was a bit effective, but the holy power on their body repel the flames smoothly.

But is there any? For real.

The fact that our God of Creation―― Siding with the spirits of the dead is a strange situation.

It would be much more realistic to say that the evil gods of the underworld are lending a hand.

It is normal for the gods to give up on an impure being, even if they were a priest in life. So why does the God not give up on us? He felt as if there was a clue to solve this mystery there.

There must be something that can deceive the God’s eyes.

The truth is hidden somewehere. If they go to the deepest part, they might find out the reason. Even if something horrible was waiting for them, they had no choice but to face it.


He hear the sound of boots clomping in the darkness.

A figure appeared outside the tent, illuminated by the glow of the fire. As he put his hand on the scabbard of his holy sword, which he had placed next to his sleeping bag, the curtain opened and a woman with pink-colored hair appeared.

It is a lascivious woman.

「Good evening. As I thought, even the Rupture Hero-sama could not sleep because he is horny too, right? I understand」

He suddenly do not understand―― Kielnir gulped and was terrified.

Even though she is a sister, she is an exhibitionist.

She seemed to be the incarnation of lust, and in her obscene priestess robes, there are slits up on both legs, she was no different from an undead to Kielnir.

Anyway, the incomprehensible thing is terrifying.

「If it fine with you, Should I help your penis cum?」
「Alistia-san. That, can you seriously leave?」
「Ahh, was it hard to understand? It is something that help masturbation. It’s the act of rubbing the urethra to produce spurting liquid….. No, it’s semen from the testicles」

She made a circle with her hand and moved it up and down.

The vulgar behavior made Kielnir’s cheek twitch.

「Umm…… That, I, really…… don’t want to do things like that expect with the person I like」
「But, you still masturbate, right?」

She resolutely attack at critical moment.

It’s hard for Kielnir to say that this and that are different because of his lack of life experience. He had an innocent heart, so he saw masturbation as an immoral act.

The curtains were closed.

Alistia sat upright, her beauty alone making her stand out from all the other women.

The shadows of the darkness illuminated her face vividly, and as her sense of sight weakened, her sense of smell intensified. The young woman’s body odor also thickened.

「Who is the person you in love with?」
「Love is a secret, Alistia-san
「It’s the Karma Leg, right?」

Kielnir almost whimpered as he was instantly found out, but he had played it off as a rude and curt remark.

On second thought, he never said anything to anyone, and he never shown any sign of it.

Had he been deceived in a verbal trap?

「Master Kyrnil, the lustful, hot gaze at your Karma Leg’s-sama ass is something ….. That everyone knows. I want to fuck her, I want to play with her, I want to ejaculate inside her, the human desire for reproduction like that is immortal. Wanting to ejaculate is something natural」
「Excuse me, can you please not stain my innocence and purity?」
「Innocence? Is that something you can keep when you see my obscene panties?」

The belt on her priestess robe was taken off.

There is no underwear, as a matter of course, she is naked.

A red g-string pants wrapped around her crotch, which not serve as protection at all.

She had plump breasts and a tight waist. The translucent white skin and her plump, soft hip joints were too stimulating for Kielnir’s lacks of sexual experience.

Blood rushed to his cheeks and downstream.

「Kielnir-sama, A man’s innocence is a fragile thing. Please look at your hard penis. Isn’t it a perfect erecting bottle」
「I-it’s not!」

He was about to retort, but a finger was gently placed on his lips. The luster smile of a woman in lust.

Before he knew it, she was up on her knees and approaches him, looking down at the seated Kielnir and whispering in his ear.

「I will keep it as a secret」
「A-a secret?」

His eyes swam. His crotch was squeezed tightly.

He could see the position of his rod through his pants, and the obscene hand was rustling it as if to shake his libido. His rational mind wavered and he felt numb. His hand is guided to touch a soft woman’s breast.

「Yes, Onee-san will take care of it. It’s fine. I simply want to fill my womb sack with your seed. You’re not responsible for anything, it’s just a one-night stand. I will comfort your suffering penis」

Something was off, but Kielnir, in his restless mood, could not make decision.

He felt something warm on the back of his head where his hand had been placed. Alistia’s hands are warm. It was the hand of a loving mother.

He was tired from walking, and the thought of being comforted was comforting.

The perfume was slipping into his nostrils. He is about to get lost in the scent.

He have lived his life in innocence, so why would he want to submit to such temptation now? Is it because Leschia does not look at him? Or is it because he thinks he can use this as a guessing game?

Somehow, his mind becomes weak.

The euphoria is scorching his brain. And yet, his senses are clear.

His consciousness is clear, but he is falling into a dark pit-like abyss.

Somewhere he heard a voice saying, “This is not good” but it quickly faded into the distance.

Blessed by birth, Kielnir was born into the noble class.

This means that he is determined to become a Guardian Braver as the years go by. Whether he wants it or not, the people around him will push him in that direction.

He will be walking on a predetermined path.
It is a glorious path that someone has prepared for him, that is easy to walk on, that is applauded.

―― The truth is, he did not like it.

Because he felt like his heart would disappear.

He is afraid that he is unable to become the hero of the people, the champion.

Even if he is trying to help people who are being attacked by monsters in another country or in the territory of another noble family, he will not be able to move unless the kingdom gives him permission―― Such ridiculous things happen in the daily life of a Guardian Braver.

Receiving money is a form of service.

When a position is assigned, it means that the scope is set.

He have to tolerate such discomfort.

Knowing what the future held made Kielnir want to look the other way.

That is why he chose Leschia as his mentor.

She became a Street Braver for the good of all. She was not a dropout. She had the ability, but she refused. Even though she disobeyed the king’s order, she put on a nonchalant face.

It’s not an easy thing to do.

It is not easy to turn one’s back on a man who has a large number of servants, a grand house, gold, silver, treasure and all the sweetness in the world at his disposal.

Kielnir was not sure he could do the same.

Like a spider’s thread, he cannot escape the bonds that cling to him. There are family expectations. He is bound by tradition and family name.

He even think about his position and status.

His selfish self is ugly. He is far from his ideal image.

He cannot behave like the heroes in the stories.

That is why he yearn for a virtuous person like Leschia―― He fell in love with her.


My lower abdomen is wrapped in something warm. Someone’s head is bobbing up and down.

The woman’s tongue flicked over the exposed rod and covered it with slimy saliva.

A glossy tuft of hair hangs down, its tips tickling his crotch as the woman moves.

Why is something like this happening to him?

His mind was in a daze. A faint light radiated from the Alistia’s palm. It was the light of compassion. Right, it is also a 《Recovery Effect》. Just as the high-potion stimulates the brain and brings bliss, Priest’s holy light takes away the heartache.

「Alistia-san…… That’s for me is」
「You should be relieved too. I’ll give you some relief」

The eyes are bewitchingly wet. The tongue licks the underside of the meat rod. The palm of her hand thrusting right before his eyes. The flickering light blinds him. A rush of pure light soothes his skin―― There are no wounds to heal―― The overflowing effect slams pleasure substance into his brain.

No―― She do not understand.

He hates being at ease.

Painful things are his salvation.

It is okay to be sad and suffer.

He want to suffer so that he can remember justice and love. If he do not suffer anymore, it is over.

He will throw away his conscience and think only of his own interests.

Such a person is not a hero.

He received the divine will of 『Rupture』 in order to live for someone else and to open the way. It is not that he is not a hero, but he has been ordered by God to destroy something.

「Nnn…… It’s about time to dig in. I will serve you」

The woman straddled him and her obscenely shaped underwear was shifted with her fingertips.

His penis was swallowed by the red fleshy crevice. By the time Kielnir murmured, 『Ah』it was too late. The virginity he had been protecting was lost.

The two stuffed genitals joined together, making a sizzling sound as their hips twisted in an obscene manner.

「Ahh, nnn…… Ufufu…… What a lively gentleman」

Kielnir ejaculated while moaning. The woman’s lower abdomen was filled with a milky white juice. The parted crotch swings up and down, unconcerned. He can see how her pubic mound, which had been trimmed, is crushed.

His rod tightens up. The weight of the woman is comforting. The soft buttocks are against his thighs, and he focus on them.

「Nnn…… Haaa…… It felt good, Kielnir-sama. Well, it’s a way to say thank you, so you don’t have to feel so guilty about it……」
「I…… am not」

His wilting penis was squeezed from the base. The vaginal opening is barely closed. The wetness of the woman’s womb is so pleasurable that it burns the eyes. Both of their breaths become ragged. Alistia put the 『Healing Wind』 on his crotch.

The heat rises from his abdomen.

「Ahh…… It’s getting hard again. I will take plenty of your semen. Please cum a lot. I will drink it all with my lower mouth」

Alystia was on her feet and then slams her hips violently. The hard rod was moving back and forth inside her vagina. Every time the soft buttocks collide, there is a popping sound of flesh crashing together. Her long, pink-colored hair, wet with sweat, was disheveled.

「Uhh…… A shota virginity is wonderful. That teary face is so lovely」

Is he crying?―― Is he happy? or is he sad? he did not know.

Kielnir put his hand on his cheek and let a drop of water drip from his fingertip.

The intercourse continued. As he continued to be ejaculated on, and on, and on, Kielnir felt drowsy. Alistia’s face was disappearing. He could see the face of the woman he had fallen in love with. It was only for a moment, and then everything turned white and disappeared.

The next morning.

As he greeted the members of 『Torch The Blade』, who were getting ready to leave, Kielnir was getting nervous. He sipped his morning rice gruel in front of the fire, feeling restless and dazed.

「Everyone, when you drink semen, do you stick your tongue out? or keep it as it is? I do it like a doggy」

He turned his head at her voice.

Alistia is still the same energetic person, sexually harassing the members of the group.

His face pretended that yesterday’s sexual activity had never happened.

When he woke up in the morning, she was not even in his bedroom. She glanced at him, but she did not pay attention to him anymore.

He squeezed his palm in frustration. He was beginning to understand. She is not serious.

She does not think sexual intercourse is a serious thing like he do. She had done it so easily, with frivolous mind.

He felt a sense of emptiness that he had been played.


Leschia put her finger on her forehead with a troubled look. She was half-standing, trying to match her eyes level with his.

The smell of beautiful blond hair, fluffy, and beautiful face approaching made Kiel’nir flinch, but he frequently press his fingers to the shade of a rock.

As she walked, he could feel a dark cloud gathering in his chest. He could feel a bad omen coming from her back. Judging from the uncomfortable look on her face, he knew something bad was about to happen. His lungs felt heavy and painful as if they were filled with lead.

When they came to a place where they could not be heard, Leschia told him.

「You at least know things that you should not do with a girl while conquering a dungeon, right?」

He has been found out―― His heart ached.

He looked fearfully into Leschia’s face and saw that she was barefaced.

She was not particularly angry. There was no disgust.

She was just being a leader and telling him in a clerical manner. She was pointing out a trivial, everyday mistake.

For some reason, it made him sad.

He will not asks her to be jealous.

He do not want her to be angry at him for betraying her, it’s a complicated thing.

「I didn’t tell you because I thought it was too soon for you, but, well, there are special exceptions. If you’ve become husband and wife or lovers, I’ll let you out of everyone’s …… tent for a bit. We’re a man and a woman, so it’s understandable. Then you can tell me about it, or you can tell Sheila about it」

Husband and wife―― Lover?

What is she talking about?

He is just a victim that was toyed around. Perhaps―― No, of course not.
「L-Leschia-san. It’s not…… I-I. I-I like you, a-and yesterday, I…… With light feeling…… I was thinking of …… getting married eventually……」

His voice was muffled.

The timing of the confession was, needless to say, horrible.

Kielnir was at the end of his wits to the point of losing his ability to make decisions in normal times. As a small ambition, he had thought about making her his property, he wanted her to watch him grow. He supposed to be worthy for her. His glorious self, should possessed her.

That way, he can make up his mind to not going back to the royal capital.

He could have officially joined the 『Torch The Blade』 and walked with them.

――No matter how hard he need to try make up for the mistake he cannot take back.

No matter how strong his feelings is.

It cannot always get through.

「I see…… It seems….. I failed to be in charge of your education. You have a fiancé that your father has chosen for you. You may be able to overlook playing with her, but you are not allowed to have your eyes on your own teacher」

The trust is gone.

The eyes of the tactical instructor with folded arms are colder than ice and snow.
She has the same look in her eyes as when he made a terrible mistake.
In addition to that, the excuses that he made, the punishment that was supposed to be light is becoming a heavy punishment.

「After this conquest, return to royal capital. I have plans to go there in six months, and then I’ll decide what to do with you」
「I really like you!」

He felt terribly miserable as he chased after her with his words.

After he said it, he couldnot convince her, he thought to himself in a corner of his mind.

But what else can he do?

If he cannot make up for it, then he can only scream.

As an older woman, Leschia took pity on Kielnir.

He didn’t even know it was an insult.

「Trust comes not from words, but from behavior. Maybe what you said came from your heart. But I’m sorry. I can’t accept that」

Kielnir retreated with a groan.

Leschia broke Kielnir’s love decisively.

Even though it was a vile act in the morning―― Leschia may have been a kind woman as she faced his confession head on, but there was only one thing she had forgets.

The other party was an emotional boy.

And they are on the inside of a dungeon.


Kielnir, who had a low stress resistance, turned on his heel and rushed out in a frenzy.

The metal fittings of his silver and white armor clinked, and he raced out into the pitch darkness surrounded by rock walls. While Leschia was stunned, the figure was swallowed by the darkness.

Somehow, he wanted to go somewhere―― Far away.

He wanted to go somewhere where there was no one else.

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