Gang of Yuusha

Chapter 22 – Abyss Skills


The Holy-Axe Ludophine, rotated a long, thin axe that could have been judged to be an iron kelp, above his head, he slashed at the wraith, which was dressed in yellow, as if it were made of rags.

The ghost, that was struck by the merely 20 centimeters purified axe blade, scattered into particles.

The flesh scatters, a death cry comes out from the skeleton’s mouth, it stretched its withered tree-like arms to the sky, and disintegrated while seeking help from the God.

There are about seven members in Leschia’s union. the『Silver Light Blade(Torch The Blade)』.


They were the heroes who had raised their hands to conquer the『Ghost Road(ゴースト・ロード)』.

Each one of them was a skilled champion―― but, as the leader of the army, Leschia, walks in a daze in the center of the circle, her hands propped up on the back of her head, taking it easy.

「…… Somehow, there are so many ghosts here」

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「Tlu, Usxxydela. Mbl rlapsd yv vbl cynj kp pnyau, vbswtb」

The Red Magician, Sheila flaps her heavy cloak and rushes to Leschia with a weak face, while she glances at the rearguard.


She keep glancing at the rearguard as she rushes to Leschia.

「Everyone, are you all interested in lesbian sex? I am in a position where I have to thank Leschia-sama, and I have a trouble about who should have the imaginary penis」
「N-No. We are not……」
「I wonder if the commander is not normal……」
「Are you saying that we should assume an unusual case? I understand. Maybe I should have prepared an anal double-headed dildo. This Alistia. I was careless. By the way, what kind of lotion do you use? Is it the powder type? Or is it the gel type?」

Alistia’s tongue was sharp and unceasing as she chastised the faltering female party members.

Sheila must have fled from the raging sexual harassment that continued as if it were an ordinary conversation. Sheila’s pale face showed a small hint of fear.

Leschia was about to step forward to say something, but stopped when Kielnir, who had been pretending not to hear her, finally raised his eyebrows and snapped at her.

「Y-Y-You! Y-You are a woman! You must not speak such things recklessly! It is outrageous for a member of the Holy Church! You should be ashamed of yourself!」
「Good. I am glad that you understand」

Kielnir was relieved let out a sigh.

He was a noble-born, an impressionable boy who had received a gentleman’s education and had grown up in a sincere manner.

He vented about the rudeness characteristics of adventurers, in fact, he wanted to rebuke Leschia’s easygoing nature.

Naturally, Alistia’s immoral behavior was too much to bear.

He had been treating her as a guest, but he had finally reached his limit of patience.

「Yes. Please excuse me, Yuusha-sama. Please take a look at my buttock as an apology. I’m sure you’ll be pleased to know that I’m not the only one. The juicy red clam, and anal are twitching」


Alistia’s indigo priestess’s robe was a simple dress-type robe that covered her front and rear body.

There were slits in both legs, but when she turned around and turned up the fabric, she did not even wear underwear.

She purposely bend her waist and thrust out her hips.

Her skin tone suddenly appeared, and Kielnir’s was dumbfounded by the splendor of her genitals, he flapped his hands, and his eyes became moist.

「Buh-uhk! You cannot! Please close it! Hurry up!」
「Ahh…… To do such indecent things to a boy who does not know anything about sex…… How shameful. Be ashamed! Even though it is the hero’s command, I feel like I am being torn apart」
「No! What are you blaming me for?!」
「Ummm, Alistia-san. Is this the right path to the『Ghost Road(ゴースト・ロード)』」

Leschia, who decided that Kielnir could not handle it, gave Alistia, who is fooling around, a question that is not really a question.

Abolishing her obscene posing, Alistia brought her hands to her abdomen and nodded with a neat face.

「Yes. The place is famous for its execution platform and is named as a dungeon, but it is considered as a charnel house since a long time ago, so there are basically few forks in the road」
「Hmm. A charnel house, eh」

Leschia looked down at her feet, there are traces of soils being leveled in the past.

The floor is covered with slabs of stone that have probably deteriorated over the years, but there are noticeable chipping due to being trampled.

The ceiling had been excavated as well, and there were sleepers to prevent it from collapsing, as well as gutters to channel the oil for the light source.

The passage is wide enough to accommodate several people in a row. There is no doubt that many people are expected to pass through it.


There are also ritual paintings on the wall and patterns all over, perhaps it was for the requiems.

There were pictures of people praying in a circle and jet-black figures being burned at the stake.

「Sure, it is like that. So there was a groundwork for the undead infestations」
「The cause was because people have forgotten how to mourn the dead. It was a mistake to think of the dead as corrupted and force them into such a remote place」
「I wonder how many meters long it is. We already walked about 3 kilometers, though」
「We are about to reach the descending staircase. The second floors were guarded by Dullahans」
「Dullahan? Wow, so there is such a thing too」
「The Wraith Lord can open the doors of the underworld at will. It has been steadily collecting the souls of the living who visit the dungeon and plans to rally the Twilight Immortal Army(Knights of Undead) to advanced to the surface, to realize a dark world that only devours life」
「A City of the Dead(Haunted Land), eh. If it is an isolated island or a remote area where it is difficult for the military to come, it might become a reality」

If response is delayed, the living will turn into the dead and join the undead army.

Such cases are reported all over the world, but since it is a war, the head temple of the church and the holy knights will all come out to exterminate it.

Karma Leg-sama. Let’s calmed it down. Tens of thousands Error Knife’s residences must not be sacrificed. It is a sinful crisis created by the greedy Adventurer’s Guild and the Holy Church. It must be resolved」
「Yes, yes…… I mean, Alistia-san, how do you know that much?」
「It is an oracle. God whispers the truth to an innocent, untainted soul. We have to defeat the Wraith Lord, even if we have to throw our lives. I wanted to asked the other hero to join us if it were possible, but he was too noble to be tempted by my beautiful body. I should have asked him sincerely from the beginning」
「Ehh, you seduced Shouji?」
「Yes. I was rejected」
「I-I see. Hee, Hee…… Hmm. Did he really not being tempted at all?」

She put her hand on her waist and pretended to be casual, she turned her face away and struck a pose that said, “I don’t care all”.

「Fufuu, I see. Indeed. But you see, Alistia-san is beautiful, so I do not think you need to be depressed」
「Thank you. We will reach the stairs soon」

The stone stairs led to the bottom of the gate.

In order to get to the next floor, they all proceeded to float in the air on a magical ball of light like a human soul.

The wandering dullahans turned their heads, and when they spotted the living, they flicked their chinstraps cheerfully, they grabbed their rusty swords and attacked furiously.

The three swordsmen, led by the Holy-Axe Ludophine, formed a line to avoid being circled, and were dealing with the dullahans who suddenly appeared from the shadows and came at them, but they stopped when they heard the sound of horseshoes beats from the other side where the lights cannot reach.


「The Black Knight, eh?」

Ludophine is a greasy adventurer in his late twenties. He is also a belligerent man with disheveled hair.

He held his Holy-Axe against the jet-black, full-plated mounted knight with a lance without letting his guard down.

The Black Knight, with a ghostly air that resembled fog, spat out a white mist from his latticed palate as if he were breathing.

It’s silhouette gradually became strange, and its existence became dim. It’s body been transformed from an object into semi-spirit. It is a monster technique that nullifies blows.

The lance was ready. The undead horse gradually gains momentum from a trot to a fast one. It is leaning forward in an assault stance.

The long and thin axe is about a meter and a half long, and can give enough of a slash even when mounted.

Ludophine grabbed the handle tightly, he measured the distance between them, determined the moment they would cross, and stepped forward while keeping his posture low.

The Holy-Axe drew a solitary circle, and the silver blade glowed dimly in the darkness.

It is not that difficult to take a hit while dodging the oncoming lance―― But.


Ludophine’s Holy-Axe caught the Black Knight’s torso, but it was dodged easily.

Rather, the blade that was supposed to hit it went through it’s body.

He dodged the first blow of the Black Knight’s lance, but the undead horse turned around splendidly and Ludophine was forced to straighten his back as he was struck in the back.

Still, the lance was pulled back again, and there was no way to prevent a second strike aimed at his vital point.


Sheila, who wears a pointy hat, released her attack magic to follow up.

Multiple fireballs darted across the ground, and just before hitting the Black Knight, they gently rose and explode, but it’s armor did not look burned and it just stay calmly.

It succeeded in serving as a distraction, and Ludophine narrowly dodged the chase and kept his distance.

「Eh, the flames does not work」
「It is the Black Knight with holy-attribute. It must have taken in the soul of a Priest」

Sheila did a double-take in surprise, but Alistia explain the truth indifferently.

It is said that flames are more effective against monsters with undead or ghost attributes.

「Hmm, so that is the one. Well, should I try to kick it?」

As Leschia took a stepped forward in a carefree tone, Kielnir held out his open hand to her.

「It is not necessary for Leschia to come out. I…… I will cut it」

Kielnir drew his Holy-Sword from its scabbard.

The sound of the blade scraping rang out, he gripped the hilt tightly with both hands and pointed it at the opponent, but thrust the blade downwards into the ground.

「Rip apart」

As if these words were a signal, the scene happened.

The sword’s cut that dived into the earth was small at first, but it accelerated like a living thing, splitting the ground as it headed towards the Black Knight.

The invisible blade flew at the feet of the black knight, splits its body in half without even making any wind sound.

The black knight, who had split apart, was pulling on the reins when it staggered and fell off from its horse.

The dispering spirit body turned into particles and dissolved into the air, and soon there was nothing left.

The power of 『Rupture』becomes an invisible blade. It can fly at will, and it can separate almost everything.

Kielnir nodded, satisfied with his technique.

「Now then, Let’s move on」

 △ ▼ △

It was time to take a break.

After refueling the hydraulic pump of the rock drill, Bando let out a long breath of exhaustion, he tightened the nozzle and blew out a cigarette.

Tobacco smoke lingered on his cheeks. The excavation work that has been going on since early morning has reached its climax. The pace is fast. The soil is getting softer thanks to the moisture.

The sparks from the plywood catch fire on the cigarette paper.

On the way, he smashed through a wind tunnel that seemed to be part of the dungeon. That is why he knew they would not run out of oxygen, and the short grass spreads all over the place. So, there is no problem.

「What will you do next after the money comes in?」

Stark, with a cigarette in his mouth, walked over and sat down next to the Bando.

Doldo was dozing off while sitting in the driver’s seat, while Shouji and Lorelei were both taking a nap on the seat.

「I think this is the last time I’ll be working with Shouji on a robbery. We should concentrate on the potions business. I don’t have time for this shit」
「I thought you were having fun」
「It’s fun. But, we can’t keep doing this just for fun. If we can get a stable supply of Perfect-Potions, we can make millions of Idols every month. I’ve also started a production factory for alchemists」
「Didn’t you renovate your house with the money you earned?」
「After the factory is built, even the stubborn guy will have to accept it」

Tobacco smoke danced in the air magnificently.

Stark could see through the Bando’s embarrassment, but he could not help but wonder why he was putting even his share of the money into underground business.

It was a business that would end one day.

Stark believes that the best thing to do is to do it quickly, make a quick profit, and escape quickly.

「Why do you get so involved in the potion business? Stealing like this isn’t so bad. Of course, when I’ve made enough money, I’m going to go into the business of gathering women to sell me liquor. It would be foolish for me to be a customer forever」

They sometimes talked about their future prospects.

It is like a consolation between friends.

With the post-war recession continues, the labor situation at Error Knives was not good.

Bando suddenly remember about their work before they got into the potion business.

It was a job that involved getting up early in the morning and building scaffold until the evening. He tied up bamboo with straw rope, framed it, and wore an old safety belt as he climbed to a height where his skull would be crushed if he fell.

Even though he risked his life, the wages were low, and the skin on his hands grew thick as the bamboo fibers pierced through them.

It was not every day even for such a job to come.

He was paid by the day, and even if his employers cheated him out of his wages, he could only endure in silence to get another job.

With a criminal record that included imprisonment for illegal potion possession and assault, Bando was no longer allowed to join the Mage Association.

Even if he had the ability, he could not get a job.

He do not want to admit that he cannot get a real job, but he understand it slightly.

If only I could get rid of the misery of crawling on the ground.

Even if it meant committing a crime, even if it was a dark light, he wanted to bathe in it irresistibly,

「Shouji is…… a glorious street corner hero after all. He is a living legend. What are we? We’re just lowlifes. We’re just a bunch of bums who couldn’t even make it to the top. So, I want a firm position」

Dismissing the bitter memories from his thoughts, Bando spout out a ring of tobacco smoke.

Stark toss a towel over his face with his burly, rocky hands.

He removes the helmet attachment and set it to the side, then leans his back against the armor.

The silence lasted a few seconds. They were both thinking about what they were going to say to each other.

「We didn’t get along that well when we were in the army. He was working with some noble, and was a special forces. He was too uncommunicative to pay attention to the supply clerk. He really shouldn’t have been with us like this. I’m truly grateful for this connection. For giving me a handout」
「I’m not going to ask anything about the past, because I was just a good friend of him in prison…… But what’s the point of having an inferiority complex?」
「I know it’s bullshit. But, I feel like we’re not balanced. That we’re not equal」
「Has he ever treated us like servants? Have you forgotten about trust, Bando? Did he abandon us and run away when the army caught us? You’re thinking too much about interests. Even for him, he couldn’t do it alone, so he recruited us. Or are you too busy with your own situation that you won’t help your friend who needs help?」

Bando’s eyelids twitched and his brows wrinkled in shame at the words that prick his heart.

He twisted the tip of his cigarette between his fingertips, extinguished it, and locked eyes with Stark.

「Yeah, you’re right, Stark. I’ve been a jerk. It’s just that……」

Because they are still arguing, Stark’s expression changed to that of a dumbfounded child who has no idea what he is talking about.

「I’ve found something stupid. I cheated Shouji, well, once」
「I-I really feel bad about that. But still, I’m curious. I’m just trying to figure out what he’s capable of」
「…… And then?」
「I gave Shouji a bottle of nutritional supplements instead of a speed-potion before. One with similar taste and colour. It supposed to be a joke. And then」
「He got angry, right?」
「No―― He ran faster than a horse. Maybe he doesn’t need potions at all. Or maybe it was something entirely different than what the public and we know」
「What is it then?」
「I don’t know. He doesn’t let me test it out. He dislike it」
「Maybe he’s just stupid?」

That point caused laughter.

Bando shrugged his shoulders after laughing.

「There is such possibility. Maybe it’s something called the power of belief……」
「I’m sure Quikk has secrets, just like you have secrets that you haven’t revealed. I have them, it is something that everyone has」
「What is that? Just tell me already」

Bando leaned forward and shook Stark’s shoulders in a mischievous manner.

He seemed to regret slipping up, but he took a long breath as if he had lost his patience and crossed his arms mysteriously, as if opening up his heart to someone close.

「In the past, I used to go to the church to get an oracle too, you know. When I was a kid, I didn’t want to be a fisherman. Then you know what the priest said to me?」
「What is it」
「He said『Druid』. He told me to live with the forest. In the end, I’m making a living as a fisherman and an underground merchant. In other words, you can’t rely on a title given by the gods」
「…… I see」

Bando pondered, then asked a question with a sincere look on his faces.

「Do you really like animals?」
「No, not really」

 △ ▼ △

Lorelei, was hiding behind a curtain made by sticking a fern-shaped iron stakes into the soil and tying a string through the hole at the end, wiped the sweat from her armpits and neck with a wet cloth.

She dipped her hand towel into the tub of water, squeezed it, wiped off the dirt, and sprayed the perfume on it with the grace of an educated person.

「What’s wrong?」

Next to her, Shouji, who was lying under the blanket, twitches his ears while gazing at the sky, put his hands on his shoulders and started rubbing his back, he examined the condition subconsciously.

「…… No, it’s just the old wound hurts」
「Eh, you’re hurt?」
「No, it’s a chronic disease. I’ve always had…… back pain」
「It’s that right. I’ve heard about it. It’s a disease where your spine bends, right?」
「Perhaps it is…… It’s that kind of pain」
「Want me to rub it?」

She threw away her towel, letting out her breasts, and approached him half-naked with a smirk on her face.

「No, thanks…… Please stop」
「That’s right. Why don’t you just drink potion?」
「…… It doesn’t work. No matter how much I drink it since I was a kid, there is no effect at all」

 Lorelei clapped her hands together and suggested that it was a good idea, but Shoji replied in a depressed voice.

The perfect-potion is still not enough, he whispered to himself so that no one could hear him, and his eyes were filled with hatred for something, but it got nowhere and disappeared.

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