Feigned Pity

Chapter 24

He felt as if time came to a standstill.

Looking at her from the corner of his eye. She was still sleeping.

Slowly releasing a sigh of relief, he took his coat and gently laid it over her, encompassing her entire body. Sitting back in his chair, he took out his phone and did not dare to disturb her again.

His game was on mute. The room was quiet except for the sound of shallow breathing. Occasionally, he would look down to see if she awakened.

Unfortunately, this blissful tranquility did not last for long. It was rudely disrupted by a knock on his room door.


She frowned slightly, nuzzling and burying her head deeper within her arms, unwilling to wake up; just like a lazy kitten.

He was not given the opportunity to continue looking at her as the knock on the door persisted relentlessly. 

He quickly opened the door and took the tray from Nanny Yang’s hands, softly telling her, “I got it.”

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Although Nanny Yang’s words were not harsh, condemnation was very evident in her tone. As though declaring that Tao Yi Xi was shamelessly unwilling to leave his room.


Tao Yi Xi pursed her lips tightly. The last bit of sleepiness faded from her face.

“I’ll leave immediately.”

She lowered her head to pack the things she brought. When she reached for the papers he had completed, one of the paper corners was suddenly held down.

Looking up, she saw that it was his hand.

“Go through it tomorrow.”

Tao Yi Xi looked up at him and nodded hastily.

“Are you hungry? Do you want something to eat?” On the tray, there was just one small bowl of sweet dumplings.

“No, thank you,” Tao Yi Xi quickly picked up her things and returned to her room.

After she left, Nanny Yang’s expression softened a little and she looked at Gu Jing Yuan amicably.

“Since you studied well into the night, you must be hungry. I had this specially cooked for you, eat a little to pad your stomach.”

Gu Jing Yuan put down the tray and looked at Nanny Yang in a complicated mood. She had been with him since childhood so he could only helplessly urge her, “Nanny Yang, don’t target her. She’s different from those type of people.”

Gu Jing Yuan wanted to say something nice on Tai Yi Xi’s behalf, but in the eyes of Nanny Yang, it was evidence of being muddled by that vixen and the alarm bells in her heart rang even louder.


She persuaded him sincerely, “Xiao Yuan, Nanny Yang knows that she’s good-looking, and it’s normal for boys to be attracted to her. But don’t forget who is her mother. Plus, she can attend such a prestigious school all because of Master. So, it is her duty to help you.”

“I didn’t forget,” he paused, “but she’s not obliged to help me either.”

“My dear Young Master, do you think she’s stupid? For all the effort she puts in, she’ll expect equal remuneration. These women are all crafty. When Mistress passed away, her mother also claimed that she didn’t want anything in return. But in the end, she still married into this family, no?” 

“Nanny Yang only hopes that you wouldn’t be deceived by her.” Nanny Yang continued earnestly.

Gu Jing Yuan stayed silent.

“You should head to bed after your supper. Don’t overwork yourself and ruin your health.” Nanny Yang advised before leaving the room.

Gu Jing Yuan went to pick up the coat she dropped on the floor before folding it and putting it back into the closet.

He did not have the appetite to eat the only bowl of dumplings personally prepared for him. He knew that Nanny Yang’s words towards Tai Yi Xi were harsh, but it was said for his own good. 

Before going to bed, the moment he turned off the lights, his thoughts surged.

Had she slept? Or was she still studying?

If there was something she desired, then what was her purpose?



As soon as those days were over, she became vigorous and lively once again. She sat next to him every day, reciting formulas with ease, brainwashing him.

It was extremely annoying, but it seemed to be effective.

Using the crudest of methods by writing down all the formulas before starting. And then, applying whichever formula that was needed for the relevant questions. After doing it a few more times, he could automatically retrieve this information from his mind without having to write them down beforehand.

His memorization skill was so strong that she could not help but be a little envious.

As always, it was just that he was too lazy to learn. Usually, he would be unwilling to continue studying once he felt that he was 70% correct on that particular topic. Claiming that his brain needed to rest.

Soon, the monthly examinations would be upon them again.

A week prior to the exams, when he was starting to get irritated by her constant pestering to memorize formulas, he decided that for better or for worse, Qi Yue, as his good brother, had to share his weals and woes.

Gu Jing Yuan grabbed hold of Qi Yue’s retreating collar, dashing his hope of escaping. 

Didn’t you claim to like this fairy? Then come and do a few practice papers as well.

In Qi Yue’s mind, his tears flowed profusely. Individually, he knew the words but strung together in a sentence, he was unable to understand what they meant. Yet, when he turned his head towards Brother Yuan, Brother Yuan had already completed several questions in a row!

Did Brother Yuan secretly change without him noticing?

After her experience with Gu Jing Yuan, Tao Yi Xi could probably guess that Qi Yue’s level was not much better than Gu Jing Yuan’s initial standards. Hence, she kindly offered, “Which question do you need help with?”


Her gentle tone soothed his frightened mind. Sister Yi Xi’s voice was so relaxing to listen to!

Qi Yue scratched his head in embarrassment, “That… actually, I don’t understand all of them.”

Tao Yi Xi gave him a different set of papers.

He still looked troubled.

She changed it again; still not much better.

Alright, she understood now.

Just as she was about to start teaching Qi Yue from scratch, Gu Jing Yuan put down his pen, “I’m done.” 

Turning to Qi Yue, he asked, “So what don’t you understand?”

Qi Yue looked at Tao Yi Xi in a panic, hoping she would rescue him.

Tao Yi Xi pondered for a second, “With Ge-ge’s current standards, he is able to teach you these basic topics.” 

After receiving a positive confirmation, Gu Jing Yuan grinned at him, “let’s start?”

Qi Yue, ‘Sobs… I’m so scared’

Unlike Tao Yi Xi’s method, Gu Jing Yuan’s form of tutoring was sharp-tongued and laced with poisonous words.

“You don’t understand this at all?”

“I’ve already said it once and you still don’t understand? Is your brain just for decoration?” 

“Tsk, you need to find a time to sit for an IQ test.”

Qi Yue continued listening to his explanation with a bitter face. While writing down the problem-solving steps over and over again.

He was having a very hard time!

After fumbling to finish the questions, Sister Yi Xi was able to effortlessly produce more questions! It was like she was an emotionless question making machine.

Too scary!

If the price of staying beside a fairy was endless quizzes, then he just wanted to be a mere mortal. For a little fairy-like Sister Yi Xi, he was satisfied with just staring at her peerless beauty from afar.

When they returned to class after lunch, they found Shen Chen Chen standing at their classroom entrance. She complained, “Why did you guys leave so quickly? Next time, remember to wait for me for lunch.”

Gu Jing Yuan did not even look at her.

Shen Chen Chen was not Tao Yi Xi, who was his ‘ATM’. Why was there a need to even wait for her?

Shen Chen Chen was used to his indifference and followed closely behind him, “Jing Yuan, Helan has a performance tonight and I’ve already made a reservation. Let’s go together!”

“Not going.”

“Then what plans do have installed for the night?”



Shen Chen Chen could not believe the word ‘studying’ came out of the mouth of the school delinquent! 

Written all over her face was: Are you messing with me?

In a hopeless tone, Qi Yue answered on Brother Yuan’s behalf, “It’s true.”

Sister Yi Xi had set a timetable for their studies. She did not even spare them during lunchbreak!

Facing Shen Chen Chen’s disbelief, Tao Yi Xi offered a sincere invitation, “Do you want to study together?”


Qi Yue grinned strangely, “Join us! Don’t you want to have something in common with Brother Yuan?”

And thus, Shen Chen Chen was persuaded.

“Come, this afternoon, we’ll be reciting language.” 

The four of them went to a bench beside the school’s sports field. As someone who had never seriously studied before, Shen Chen Chen felt that her brain was swelling.

She looked at the three of them again. Tao Yi Xi was reading a book under the shade of a tree. While Qi Yue and Gu Jing Yuan, each recited the book in their hands.

They were serious?

Yet, Jing Yuan looked so handsome when he was studying. A guy seriously at work was the most handsome.

Shen Chen Chen stared infatuatedly at Gu Jing Yuan. The love in her eyes could not be hidden. 

Tao Yi Xi silently glanced at the two people. Shen Chen Chen’s family background was also not shabby. Both of them were good-looking people and neither liked to study. Both also loved to play, hence they had a common topic. On top of that, she sincerely liked him.

In fact, they were quite matching.

Her thoughts drifted a little, and her gaze was caught by him. She did not avoid his eye and gestured in Shen Chen Chen’s direction.

Only then, did he notice that Shen Chen Chen was also looking at him.

Having caught his returned gaze, Shen Chen Chen giggled in delight, her smile glistening in the sun.

Gu Jing Yuan frowned and covered his face with his book.

Shen Chen Chen pursed her lips, bored, as she went back to reading her own book.

Why so serious? Would they become better students this way?

Everyone knew that there was a gap between good and mediocre students.

Shen Chen Chen only lasted for a few days. She initially wanted to pretend to be studying. But who knew that Tao Yi Xi would do random spot checks!

She could rebel against the teacher, but she could not oppose the gentle Yi Xi.

Hence, the result was rather… tragic.

In addition, originally, she joined them to be able to look at Gu Ying Yuan. But he kept hiding behind his books. So, it killed all her motivation.

Forget it, forget it. When another opportunity arose then she would make another appointment with him. 


This time around, the study break happened to coincide with the weekends. Yet, Gu Jing Yuan was much more well-behaved. It was not because he did not want to go out, but because she have been sickly these few days.

Ah Zhao had called to ask him if he wanted to attend his group match. But as soon as Gu Jing Yuan turned around, Tao Yi Xi lay tiredly on the table looking very weak.

“Ge-ge, can you pour me a glass of warm water? I’m feeling a little unwell.”

Gu Jing Yuan took her cup and simultaneously replied Ah Zhao who was on the other end, “I won’t be going this time. But I’ll watch the recording after. You do your best.”

Tao Yi Xi was tightly wrapped within a quilt, only her hands were sticking out, holding onto the glass of warm water he previously filled for her. She took little sips while hiding the curve of her lips behind the cup.

Then, the monthly examinations arrived.

Tao Yi Xi felt relieved the moment she looked through the papers. She managed to predict a few of the questions. And as long as he remembered the methods she taught, his results should not turn out too poorly.

After the two-day exams, the results were swiftly tabulated and the rankings were quickly established, then the red list was once again pinned onto the school’s bulletin board.

As per usual, a group of onlookers surrounds the list. However, this time when Tao Yi Xi approached, they automatically parted to let her pass. At the same time, they secretly observed her, some with curiosity, others with envy or jealousy, and disbelief.

Spotting the name that occupied the first position on the red list, Tao Yi Xi’s mouth tilted into a smile.

Zhou Zhi, standing beside her, could not believe her eyes.

“Oh my God! You actually surpassed Chen Ze!”

Chen Ze, Fu Middle School’s Number One, was thoroughly defeated by a transfer student from the sub-urban city.

“I was lucky,” she replied humbly. Only she knew how much effort she had put in, in exchange for that spot.

Randomly glancing at the first hundred positions, she could not spot his name. The competition in Fu Middle School was intense. The difference of just a single point could lower a person’s rank by serval positions.

It seemed that it was still not enough.

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