Falling In Love in an Escape Game

Chapter 30: Separation

Xia Nuo was now in love.

He was a complete rookie in this matter. 

Moreover, this was the first time he had ever made a decision without consulting with his family. In his 18 years of living, because of his weak body, never had he ever thought that he would fall in love with a man.

All he could think was that it was a wonderful experience.

He was still feeling overwhelmed, not knowing what to do and how to get along with his new lover. However, Kan Chen had already, perfectly integrated into his role.


“Nuo Nuo, get up.” 

Sunlight scattered all over the room, forming patches of light on the ground, as the curtains were brushed open,

Xia Nuo rubbed his eyes and sat up from the bed in a daze, hearing the man’s gentle, low voice saying the command ‘hands up’ and then ‘put it down’.

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Xia Nuo blinked himself out of his stupor and muttered, “So it’s the last day…”


Hearing the puppet’s reminder after coming out of the mirror space, Xia Nuo learned that there were still three days left until the end of the game. After that, he would have to leave the manor.

This was a bit shocking to him, who had just made a confession and confirmed his relationship with Kan Chen.

Once he leaves, what will Kan Chen do?

Never before had he realized so clearly that their identities were such an obstacle for their relationship.

Even if Xia Nuo wanted to stay in this game world, as a player, this game world would still automatically kick him out.

Xia Nuo began to panic but Kan Chen’s words eased his worries.

Xia Nuo recalled that scene, and his heart began to beat fast.

“Stop getting lost in your thoughts. Let’s go,” Kan Chen waved one hand in front of him.

He took him to the horse farm only to make Xia Nuo curious as he ‘look’ at it, not finding anything new to his eyes. He couldn’t help but ask, “Why did we come here?”

Kan Chen whistled. Just then, they heard sounds of kicking and running from afar. Then a pair of horses appeared in front of the two.

“Eh?” Xia Nuo thought that they looked very familiar. Soon he remembered that he had sensed two black shadows when he first came to the horse farm.

He heard the man introduce the two in a nonchalant voice, “These are my parents.”


Eh–?! What, wait?! Did I hear him right?

Kan Chen could tell at a glance what the young man was thinking. “Yeah, you heard me right,” he said with a smile.

“These two horses are the incarnation of my parents’ souls. They transformed into horses after they died and have been living in the manor in this form.”

Xia Nuo became more nervous after listening to Kan Chen’s explanation.

For real? He brought me here to introduce me to his parents? I’m not ready!

“Uhh…” He stammered. “Hello, uncle and auntie. I… I am Kan Chen’s boyfriend.”

He bowed at them and began to ramble. “Though we have only been dating for three days, our relationship is very good… I already consider him as my lifelong partner. I’m sure that I’ll always be with him even if we encounter problems. So please, entrust him to me! I will be responsible for him!”

Kan Chen was still smiling at him from the side, but his heart was slightly moved.

Sigh, his little boyfriend always knows how to touch his heart.

He gently stroked the young man’s bowing head, embraced him and said dotingly, “Little fool. I didn’t say that they could understand you, ah. Though their souls were once human, right now they’re just actually horses. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have taken you so long to discover their true identities.”

“…what?” Xia Nuo was stunned, his face turning red. “W-why didn’t you tell me?!”

He covered his face and lamented in a small voice, “I’m so stupid.”


“Forget what happened! Right now!” He yelled hurriedly.

“I can’t,” Kan Chen buried his head in his neck, his voice tinged with laughter. “I’ve already engraved those words into my heart. I’ll never be able to forget them. Not only that, I will have to take it out from time to time in the future to look back on it. After all, that was Nuo Nuo’s precious confession. How could I just easily forget?”

“W-whatever, do what you want,” Xia Nuo pressed his face against Kan Chen’s face, hearing the thumping of his heart.

At this moment, his heart was filled to the brim with joy. He no longer felt that what happened just now was an embarrassment.

This time, he didn’t think twice of using his points at all.

“You said you’d come see me again, right?” Xia Nuo asked, hoping to hear a final confirmation. “It’s not a joke or a lie just to reassure me, right?” 

Kan Chen let him stare at him, smiling at his question. “Are you doubting me?” 

His voice lowered, his vocal cords vibrated as if penetrating countless spaces, issuing a shocking proclamation, “Don’t be afraid, no matter where you are, whether you remember my existence or not, I will accompany you as a faithful shadow, following your footsteps until—the day my life ends. “

Hearing his promise once again, the one that Kan Chen gave him that day when he comforted him, Xia Nuo felt a soft tremor in his soul. This was the reason why he didn’t hesitate to believe his words.

A crow descended from the sky, landing steadily on Xia Nuo’s shoulder.

“This is my parting gift to you. It will always be by your side in my place until we see each other again.”

His hand on the young man’s shoulder paused for a moment, until he decided to gently push him out.


The crow gave a long cry, a raspy sound that drummed against Xia Nuo’s eardrums.

He turned his head to look back at the manor. However, the moment that he stepped out of the gates, the manor had already faded, likea sand castle that had been destroyed, now fading into flying dust. The man beside the gates has gradually become a shadow.

Darkness engulfed him, making Xia Nuo lose his consciousness.

When he opened his eyes, he was already in a room full of bookshelvevs.

Xia Nuo looked up from his desk and felt as if he had had a long dream. When he woke up, everything that happened in his dream had become a blur, and he could only remember the solitary figure of a man that was deeply engraved in his mind.

Strange, who is he?

Xia Nuo wondered blankly why his heart felt happy and sad at the same time when he thought of him.

He still had the black-covered book ‘The Raven Manor House’ under his arm. He tried to pick it up, only to find that he could no longer open it.

[Congratulations to the player for finishing the game!]

A blue doll flew next to him and caught Xia Nuo’s attention.

Though it congratulated him, there wasn’t much joy in his words, only an inexplicable emotion.

A system’s heart was indeed very complicated.

As the young man’s competent system, it had the power to observe what happened to him within the first 15 minutes inside the game world.

When he saw Xia Nuo grab the hand of the final boss, it could only think of one thing: Game over for this rookie.

He’ll probably be declared dead soon and be kicked out of the game world, right?

With such a thought, the system waited and waited for the rookie to come back. However, instead of seeing the little rookie fail, a notification came to him, stating that he had passed the game.

[Congratulations to the player for completing their first game world. They will be given an A for the evaluation and rewarded with 5000 points. Points and other items in the game can be viewed on the panel.]

The doll flapped its wings and flew around the room. It needed to think carefully about how to arrange the next game for the young man.

It didn’t expect such a result so its plans were all disrupted at once.

Xia Nuo opened the game panel and was surprised to see the game points he got. He looked at it, stunned, “How could I gather this many?”

He had 20,000 points!

In addition to that, Xia Nuo saw two golden items, one named ‘Invitation from the Owner of the Manor’, and another named ‘Raven’s Eyes’.

The ‘invitation’ was an A-grade item while the ‘Raven’s Eyes’ was S-grade.

Though he felt happy to get those precious items, Xia Nuo had no idea how he got those at all.

He couldn’t help but ask, “System, why don’t I remember anything from the game?”

The doll replied soberly, “It’s normal. Since games more or less tend to be a bit traumatizing, entering multiple games can easily lead to memory confusion. For the sake of the player’s physical and mental health, players’ memories will be processed after finishing the game, so as not to affect the player.”

Xia Nuo: “…”

Though it sounded like it was for the player’s sake, but shouldn’t they ask for the opinion of the  players first? I didn’t want to forget!

Xia Nuo remembered again the blurred shadow, and his heart throbbed violently again.

“Can I still get my memories back?” He asked with a faint of hope.

“Oh, sorry, you can’t,” the doll’s mouth hooked upwards, looking a bit weird. “After three days, you will have to enter the second game, so please prepare.”

The black-covered book flew back to the bookshelf, and the four syllable word ‘Anaconda’ came into view.


Higher Dimensional Space

This place was massive. It was covered in white. Layers of white covered the sky and stretched as far as the eye could reach.

Within this white expanse, the only thing that has color was the throne. A man sitting on the throne, had his hand propped on the armrest. He slowly opened his eyes.

“The data has been tested, Lord K,” a man in white coat bowed his head respectfully. “Just now, a violent energy fluctuation was seen in the Z108 area managed by Lord J.

“According to the investigation, the monitoring system of Z108 has always placed first for three consecutive years. Lord J has already started preparing for its upgrade.”

The man didn’t react to his report, but the man wearing a white coat had already gotten used to his silence and retreated after a bow.

“Z108?” The man whispered, as a black-covered book suddenly appeared in his hands with the words ‘Anaconda’ written on it, shining with a golden light.


The author has something to say:

The Raven Manor House is officially over, and Anaconda is about to go online.

This had the same title as the movie1Anaconda except the plot is completely different. There is so much foreshadowing in this chapter. I wonder if the readers saw?


TL: Yey 1st arc done~

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