Chapter 3.5 Beauty and the Beast (5)

The waves of ecstasy continued to crash down on her, and the beauty that the beast was doing, had gone to seventh heaven, spurting lewd liquid everywhere. Belle’s fair-skinned skin turned red, her hair was in a disarray, her eyes had lost focus, her mouth was slightly ajar and was desperately panting for breath, and the small hole was desperately wringing the giant root, hoping that the lethal weapon would get stuck inside her body.

At this time, the beast sinisterly pulled out his meat stick, drawing out the muddy liquid that was plugged inside her. He turned Belle over to face him, and stood on all fours, covering his huge body over Belle’s, and grinding his giant root against her chest.

“Come in…ah…give it to me quickly…”

Not satisfied with the giant root merely thrusting upon her body, Belle kept twisting her charming body, hoping that Leonard would stick into her again. However, Leonard only stood coldly on top of her and watched her struggle: “Offer yourself if you want it.”

She couldn’t stand the incomparable emptiness in her meat hole, so she finally stood up and reached out a hand to grasp the beast root, positioning it to her honey hole to send the giant root in. The completely moist hole quickly swallowed the giant root, causing her to moan loudly in response as she used her arm to prop herself up and wrapped her leg around his strong waist so as to allow the lascivious hole to bite the giant root tightly.

The beast couldn’t withstand her wantonness, and immediately began to crazily f*ck her flower hole. 

Belle was almost going crazy. She couldn’t resist any longer. She really couldn’t resist such pleasure. Under Leonard’s body, she spread herself, her legs shaking from his wild thrusting and she bore his strong beastly desires, feeling her own depravity eat her away.

She had become incredibly promiscuous, a mother beast that was constantly in heat. As soon as he approached, she was ready to accept him, eager to have him f*ck the deepest part of her body, and completely embrace his animalistic desire.

She remembered the poison that her sister had given her. Perhaps, she was right. If she put the poison into Leonard’s milk, she might have a chance to return home. Otherwise, if this continued on, she would become a degenerate beast who only thought about mating, longing for him to f*ck her dry, f*ck her broken and completely lose all signs of humanity.

In the next few days, Leonard did not ask her to pour him milk, causing Belle to feel a little nervous. She also didn’t dare take the initiative to pour milk to him, but she could sense that Leonard was a little anxious. Although he would still bring her roses, he was no longer willing to share books with her and talk about poetry.

Following the next few days, he would make love to her madly. Apart from sleeping and eating, no… even if she were sleeping, she would always awoken by his root thrusting in her.

The beast would press her down, or let her lie on the table with her thighs apart, and penetrated her with his terrifying stick. He would shoot a large amount of s*men into her womb, forcing her to fall into a trance, and promised that he would make her give birth to an immoral little beast.

The wild beast even plundered her flower core many times, sticking his giant root into the depths of her tender hole, making her spread her legs all day long, and having her interlock her  lower body with the beast’s, so that she could no longer be separated from the beast’s body and desire.

During these crazy days, Belle had nearly lived without clothing almost every day. The evil root of the beast was situated inside her body most of the time, and her belly would always bulge full of his s*men. It was only during bath time, where the liquid plugged inside of her finally had the opportunity to flow out before the beast would pour his seed into her over and over again.

The legs that had turned soft from all the thrusting, nearly couldn’t muster the strength to walk normally anymore. The originally tight honey hole no longer appeared shy and closed. The flower core was always swollen and firm, smacked by the lion’s t*sticles, and caressed by the lion’s fur, stimulating a ceaseless thrill in the girl’s body.

In the frantic continuous climax and convulses, Belle could not think of anything. She no longer wanted to read books, no longer wanted to sing poetry, only desperately moaning all day so that the beast could f*ck her to heaven. The only thing that her misty eyes could clearly make out was the rose that had never wilted by the pillow.

One day, Leonard finally did not lay his hands on her. He calmly told her that in two days, he would have a friend coming to the castle, but he could not personally entertain himself, and so as the hostess of the castle, Belle must treat him well in his place.

After saying these words, Leonard disappeared from the castle without a trace and Belle could not find him no matter how hard she tried. Struggling to recover her rationality from the intoxication of her beastly desire, Belle felt uneasy in her heart and did not know what to do.

Two days later, a very handsome man appeared in front of the castle. The man claimed to be Kent and had lost his way in the wilderness, beseeching Belle if he could stay over for the night.

The man had a head of silver hair and a pair of golden eyes. He had a tall figure, a dazzling appearance like the sun, and a temperament that made people involuntarily want to serve him. When Belle saw him at first glance, it felt as though her breathing and heartbeat had stopped. At that moment, she finally knew what love at first sight was. And it was a crazy feeling.

Even so, Belle adhered to etiquette and kept her distance from him, merely entertaining him well.

Kent’s actions were elegant, but his voice was slightly low and hoarse. He explained that he was previously the monarch of a country, but was betrayed and imprisoned for a while. Having not seen anyone for a long time, he didn’t have any opportunity to speak. As such, if there was anything that he did that seemed impolite, he asked for Belle’s forgiveness in advance.

Kent was so gentle and polite, Belle naturally never felt that there was something wrong with him. Thinking that he may be a friend of Leonard, she answered Kent’s questions very seriously. She told Kent that in this castle, apart from her, there was another master who did not want to appear, and many countless invisible servants.

Kent asked her whether she felt lonely or afraid living in such a situation, but only saw Belle remain silent.

After the meal, Kent took her hand and kissed the back of it to express his gratitude. Belle withdrew her hand in astonishment, her face blushing abashed.

When nighttime camet, she sent Kent to the door of the guest room, and went back to her own room alone, carrying a candle. She put on her pajamas, laid in the bed, and suddenly burst into tears.

This bed was the big bed that Leonard put her on after he took her for the first time. After that, he had always slept with her in this room. She had sex with him countless times on this bed, often making squeaking noises with the bed frame.

She shouldn’t be so addicted to the bliss Leonard brought her. She was lustful and depraved.

All of a sudden, she heard the sound of a door opening. She couldn’t help but stand up, looking at the source of the sound, but saw Kent standing there. He was carrying a candle in the darkness, appearing as tempting as a demon visiting in the night, Belle uneasily pulled the pajamas that had slipped off her shoulders and looked hesitantly at him.

“Belle, I think I’ve fallen in love with you.”

Kent’s voice sounded in the dark, so low and so hoarse, as though he was reading a spell that nobody could counter.

Belle was shocked for a while before responding, “But… we’ve only met today.”

Kent entered the room quietly and silently, like a ghost, and a ghost that could suck souls at that.

“Tell me, how long should it take to fall in love with someone? I can always tell you that I love you until that time comes, until you finally believe in my love.”

He walked over to the bed and bent down. Gold pupils stared at Belle seriously and asked, “Please allow me to kiss you so that I don’t go crazy.”

Belle turned her face to the side, quivering, but tears still trickled down her face. Seeing Belle look like this, Kent straightened up, pacing anxiously inside the room.

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