Erotic Fairy Tales

Chapter 3.4 Beauty and the Beast (4)

Harboring such intense yearning, Belle finally became ill. And so, Leonard had no choice but to tell her that as long as she poured a plate of milk for him every day, he was willing to let her second sister come to the castle to see her.

For this reason, Belle finally pulled herself together, pouring milk for Leonard every day and waiting for her sister to appear.

But she didn’t expect that, when her gentle second sister came, her long beautiful hair had been cut off, and she had brought with her, a bottle of poison.

When her second sister visited her, Leonard didn’t show up. He didn’t seem to like seeing other people. Her older sister asked her if she had been living well, and Belle cried, saying that she had a good time. The two sisters hugged each other and cried together for a long time. The older sister then wiped away tears and told her about the situation at home.

Father was missing Belle very much, and had soon fallen ill thinking of her. The news of Belle leaving to sacrifice herself to be eaten by the beast had also spread in the city, and being unable to bear the rumors, her older sister’s boyfriend had left her.


Even though she knew that Belle was still alive, and that Father’s condition had improved a little, the older sister had still made up her mind and used her beautiful long hair to trade with the most mysterious and wicked mage nearby in exchange for an opportunity to allow Belle to return back home.

“As long as this poison is added to the food, that monster will die.”

Belle heard this and lost her head out of fear. “Sister, he treats me very well. Look! See what beautiful clothes I wear every day, and what good food I eat. He also accompanies me in my studies and planted roses for me… I really not the least bit wronged at all.”

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In these past few months, Belle’s originally petite mounds gradually become round and full under the continuous stimulation of s*xual desire. The snow white mounds with red bean tips also maintained an erect posture due to the constant stimulation felt. Not to mention, the tender hole that had already been explored, would become flushed with a mere little teasing. Honey would immediately drip out and the desire to be violated would trickle in the form of lascivious liquid.


Belle woke up under Leonard’s lapping, and the giant lion jumped out of bed nimbly. He laid on the ground, and innocently looked at her with his golden eyes. His fluffy tail flapped in a fawning manner as his snow-white fur appeared dazzling under the moonlight.

Belle sat up, allowing her undone pajamas to slide down her shoulders, revealing the girl’s naked fragrance. Under the moonlight, her face reddened as she asked him softly, “What’s the matter?”

“My milk, you didn’t feed me today.”

Leonard said, in a rare coquettish tone. Belle suddenly remembered the poison that her sister had given her and couldn’t help but quiver. She quickly returned to her senses, responding: “Wait for a moment, I will help you pour it immediately.”

“No need.”

The lion suddenly rolled on the ground, exposing his soft belly and the thick root of his lower body: “I want you to sit on me and lick me.” 

The unguarded posture of the beast was very cute. He tucked his furry legs in at each side,  evoking the urge in people to stroke him. However, the terrifying weapon between his legs was a manifestation of his brutal side.

Belle struggled internally for a moment before getting out of bed and sitting on the abdomen of the lion. She bent down, stretched out her small hand, held the giant root that was extremely difficult to grab a hold of, and stretched out her pink tongue, licking the barbed head and slowly sampling it.

The lion gave a low growl, reaching out his long tongue to stroke Belle’s petals. The lion’s palm with fleshy pads also retracted its claws. A slight slap resounded on Belle’s snow buttocks, making her meat hole numb slightly. When Belle was unable to suppress her curiosity, wrapping her small mouth over the head of his root, the beast’s tongue also entered the depths of the tender hole at the same time. 


Belle only felt a soreness between her legs, lascivious liquid squirting out from her hole, stimulating her little mouth to clamp tighter. And because of her sudden action, Leonard was suddenly unable to hold back, discharging a large amount of semen that covered her face and her whole body.

Belle turned her head back at the beast with some grievances and the beast finally couldn’t stand her seductive appearance. His hand stretched out to hold her as he used his hind legs to detain her long beautiful legs and hunched his powerful waist to arch his big body. With an inconceivable posture, he directly started pumping his huge root into Belle’s tender hole. 



It was impossible to go deep in this posture, but it was possible to grind the sensitive spots where Belle was rarely stimulated. Thrusting up, up, up, and up, the beast twisted and turned to open the meat walls up, unfurling the secret place that was resistant to being explored.

The hot meat stick lit a fire inside and the barbs scratched the most sensitive corners, causing the female body to start convulsing, eager for a deeper aggression.

“Ah… ennn… it feels amazing… a little deeper please…”

“Little kinky beast, are you not satisfied with how deep it is?”

“Uh… ah… a little deeper, I want a hole to be f*cked in me…Ah…” 

The huge lion laid on the ground holding the woman, his erect giant root invading the naked woman as the woman stretched her legs and exposed her most intimate and lascivious part greedily swallowing the beast’s giant root. The front end of the meat stick was coated with the woman’s crystal clear desire, and the lower end was coated with some patch of liquid that flowed out of the honey liquid, looking extremely obscene.

Leonard rubbed Belle’s hole until she was almost about to bleed, and Belle also came several times. After she had lost her senses, the lion suddenly turned over, pressing Belle under him, and ruthlessly gave it to her again.

“Ahhh… Hahhh ahhh…it feels amazing ahhh…’re gonna f*ck a hole in me….ahhhh!”

“Good…unnnn..hah…it feels so good….ohhh ahhh… f*ck me quickly to death…uhnn…”

Belle cried out loudly. She was completely pressed to the ground by the beast, her waist and hips almost glued to the ground, but the two petals of her snow hips were spread widely apart.

The heat and fur of the beast’s huge body frantically brushed across her sensitive back. Because of this posture, the honey cave mouth was pulled into an oblate shape, but it had to continually swallowing the hot, thick and long, barbed giant root, causing the flower path to spasm incessantly from the writhing stimulation. 


“You’re clamping so tightly…do you like my beast c*ck so much?”

“Like…ahh nn… I really like it…”

“Aside from the beast, no one can satisfy your promiscuous little hole!”

“…Ahh… …Huff…Yes…only the beast…can…ahnnn…satisfy me…”

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