Chapter 3.6 Beauty and the Beast (6)

“Belle, you are obviously attracted to me. You look at me with a different gaze. Why should you refuse me?”

He paused for a moment before continuing, “Oh, that’s right. Weren’t you imprisoned by the monster of the castle? It doesn’t want you to get close to anyone and even made you this lonely. He wants to turn you into a beast together with him. I will kill it. Only when he is killed can you be set free.”


Belle shouted in surprise, but saw Kent turn around, holding a small glass bottle and looking at her with a smile: “Then what’s this for. If I didn’t guess wrongly, this is poison right? Carrying something like this here, did you intend to poison yourself or poison him?”

What was currently stored in the bottle, was the poison that her second sister gave her.

Kent picked up the poison and put it in her hand before gripping her hand tightly: “Kill it, then we can be together, and you will turn back into a human. I will wait for you outside the castle. When you finally kill him, I will come back and we can be together.”

After he’s dead, this castle as well as all the wealth in it, and all the mysterious magic, will belong to you. You don’t have to be violated by the monster of this castle. Kill it with this bottle of poison and once it’s dead, you’ll be free.”

Looking at Kent’s golden eyes, Belle couldn’t help but clenched the bottle of poison tightly without saying a word.

Kent lifted Belle’s other hand and kissed it. And this time Belle didn’t withdraw. A strange glint flashed through Kent’s eyes as he raised his head and smiled at her, urging. “Belle, do it tonight! I will wait for you.”

That morning, Kent left the castle, and at dusk, Leonard came back. Walking at a brisk pace, he found Belle holding a milk jug in the kitchen.

He raised his head, looking at her with his beautiful golden eyes, and Belle gave him a forced smile “I suddenly remembered that I seem to haven’t fed you milk for a long time, should I help pour you a plate?”


After Leonard finished speaking, he flicked his tail and walked all the way to Belle’s room. Conducting a search around the room, he found that the glass bottle filled with poison was empty. Sorrow flashed through his eyes as he weakly laid on the floor.

The sound of the doorknob turning rang and Belle came in with a tray of milk, but she was not in a hurry to feed Leonard. After setting the milk on the small table in the room, she walked towards Leonard and with her white rear facing him, she laid on top of him.

Belle lifted her skirt shamelessly, revealing a crystal-drenched honey hole, and she tried to spread her legs wide apart so that her knees could touch close to the ground. Prying her snow-white b*ttocks apart with both hands, she turned to look at Leonard, and said softly, “I want it.”

Belle had never seduced him so shamelessly, so Leonard stood up and replied coldly: “Does it feel good to be f**ked by a beast? I haven’t done you in a few days and you already can’t stand it.”

Belle reached her hand into her honey hole, and pulled out a thread of lewd honey, responding coquettishly: “Yeah, it’s already so wet. It really wants to be f**ked broken by Leonard.”

Leonard’s golden eyes dimmed before he lifted his beastly giant c**k and stepped forward, covering Belle with his huge body and entering her fiercely from behind.


Belle screamed loudly, her soft, charming voice seeping into Leonard’s bones. At this, Leonard became even wilder as he madly f**ked her to death. Without a trace of pity, without a trace of tenderness, he scraped the charming flesh inside her with his barbs, prodding the entrance of her uterus open. He kept hitting her flower core, reaching the deepest parts of her body.

He wanted to f**k a hole through her and send her to heaven, making sure that she would never be able to forget him. Leonard used his c**k to brand malevolent shapes on her white belly, and madly rammed towards her heart, hoping to pound her completely into pieces.

“Ahhhh… Huff…so good…..its so good, Leonard f**k me quickly, f**k me broken, ahhh”

The honey hole kept sucking his giant root, causing the surging pleasure to overwhelm Leonard. The lascivious juice came crashing onto his massive root in waves from Belle’s body.

The beast’s golden eyes had already turned dark as he vented his desire wildly in her body. If he was going to die, he would rather die in her body, his Belle, his only love, his only hate.

“Ah… I’m going to die… Belle is going to be f**ked to death by a beast…” Belle wanted to kick her legs frantically, but was firmly pressed down by the beast, her limbs rendered immobile. Her skin was flushed, and her body was violently pumped into as hot sp*rm rushed into her uterus. Something exploded in her head, the pleasure taking her breath away, but he didn’t have the slightest intentions of letting her go.

The beast root that had ej*culated showed no signs of wearing down. Refusing to give Belle the chance to breathe, it once again desperately raided her body.

It was a thrill that felt as though even the spinal cord would be pumped away. Belle looked up, revealing a delirious appearance where drool leaked out of her mouth, and the beast’s tongue immediately entangled with hers.

The sound of sloshing water came from two places, above and below. The two naughty little mouths were completely addicted to this kind of intercourse. The animalistic desire that constantly sucked and invaded her was unfathomably greedy.

Anyone who saw such a scene would feel that Belle had completely lost her right to be human. Her skin was red all over, her upper and lower channels all invaded by the beast, but her face looked completely entranced. Moans kept spilling out of her mouth, sounding coquettish and not a trace of shyness could be seen from her charming body that completely indulged in this taboo entanglement.

The beast finally let go of Belle’s small mouth, a thread forming between their tongues. Looking at her excited appearance, Leonard couldn’t restrain himself from cumming into her body again.  The nonstop climax caused her faint, but the beast’s weapon was still famished. He pulled it out slightly before plunging it in deeply once again.

“Look, your stomach is filled with my s*men. After being f**ked broken, Belle can only give birth to a beast.” The beast growled lowly in her ear: “You are no longer human, you’re a lewd mother beast.”

“Ahnn.. I… am a mother beast, I want to give birth to the child of the beast uhhhhnn…”

Belle didn’t know how many times she was f**ked, nor how many times Leonard had shot in her meat hole. Although part of the s*men in her stomach had been pushed out from the shallow insertion of the giant root, the majority of it was left inside her body. Underneath the beast, her belly had already grown big enough to touch the ground. The giant roots penetrated her deeper and deeper, pounding the flower core again and again, hitting her uterine wall fiercely, causing her white belly to roll on the ground from time to time.

Not a single place on Belle’s body was spared from spasming. She moaned and screamed til her throat became hoarse and she could only pant for breath. After she died, she was brought back to life by the beast’s wild f**king. In the end, her glazed eyes were completely unable to focus, and a lot of flower nectar was discharged, causing her to sink into a trance.

Leonard snarled loudly and came again before completely pulling himself out of her.

She kneeled powerlessly on the ground. Her beautiful eyes were void of light, saliva flowed out of her mouth, and her honey hole was gaping widely due to the continuous thrusting of the beast. Her meat hole constantly spat out muddy liquid, and wouldn’t close. The muddy and stained promiscuous petals trembled as though they had encountered a gale. 

Leonard watched as she acted like a wanton beast. She was lying spread eagled in the pool of obscene water mixed with beast s*men and her love liquid, and Leonard stepped noiselessly towards the small table, propped his arm on the edge of the table, and drunk a mouthful of the milk on the table.

Listening to the sound of the beast lapping up the liquid, Belle finally gathered her out-of-focus eyes and said with her last gasp: “Leonard, if you f**ked me broken, would you go find another woman?”

The beast stared at the milk in front of him and was silent for a while before saying, “I only have you in my heart.”

Belle opened her mouth slightly, and a confused expression appeared in her dazed eyes. While her body continued to convulse, she finally lost consciousness and sunk into darkness completely. 

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