Chapter 2.2 The Tortoise and The Rabbit Had Just Made Up (2)

The Little Rabbit was petrified from seeing the sight of Tortoise’s little turtle for the very first time. The little turtle looked thick and horrifying, completely opposite from the youth’s slender and refined appearance, but for the sake of learning magic, she didn’t flinch back.

“Keep drawing the array, I also want to learn!” She exclaimed as she slowly descended her pink tongue and licked the huge root bit by bit as if she were trying to imitate him.

The girl’s flowing honey cave hung above the youth’s face enticingly, her flower petals lightly quivering from stimulation and trickling with her lewd juices. On the other side, the girl laid in front of the youth’s massive root, clumsily licking it using her little mouth with no sense of rhythm. With such a scene unfolding before his very eyes, even the Great Wizard himself couldn’t control his urges.

The youth released a powerful growl as he pried the Little Rabbit’s snowy-white rear open and ruthlessly streaked his lively tongue across her moist honey cave, drilling deeply into the little passage that carried her sweet honey and making her moan out involuntarily. At the same time, he carelessly allowed his massive root to enter her mouth and penetrate her throat. The Little Rabbit’s throat was wrapped tightly around the little turtle, and with the frantic pleasure constantly rushing into the youth’s root, he was unable to hold himself back and shot all of his thick desires into the girl’s trepid mouth. 

The little rabbit innocently raised her head. Since the hot load was shot directly into her small throat, she was forced to swallow half of this turbid liquid, while the other half helplessly leaked out from the corner of her mouth. When Tortoise turned over to hold the Little Rabbit, he saw his essence slowly dripping down the girl’s tender bosom, the sight resulted in his little turtle to stand up spiritedly once again.

“Tortoise, what did I drink just now?” The Little Rabbit inadvertently licked the corner of her mouth, exacerbating the urgent itch Tortoise felt. Gathering his self-control, he tried to maintain his calm composure, saying, “That’s called the essence of life, drinking it would be extremely beneficial for your body.”

“But it tastes weird.” The Little Rabbit’s face twisted into a bitter look in response.

“Good medicine always tastes bitter.”

“That makes sense. Then, I want to drink it again.” The Little Rabbit said, inching her face forward to move closer to the little turtle. Tortoise quickly stopped her, expressing, “You can’t drink too much in one go. Your body won’t be able to withstand its nutrients.”

The Little Rabbit tilted her little head sideways, absorbed in thought, before finally nodding in acceptance. Tortoise couldn’t stop himself from fervently kissing her again, but having tasted his bitter essence from the girl’s mouth sobered him up a little as he said, “Aside from mine, you are forbidden to drink anyone else’s life essence, and you certainly can’t take your clothes off in front of others nor allow them to do the same kind of magic on you as I did.”

“Of course, I know that.”

The Little Rabbit nodded her head with certainty, letting the Tortoise believe for a moment that the Little Rabbit had suddenly become cleverer, but was immediately proven wrong when he heard her continue, “This is a magic contract between a Great Wizard and a Bodyguard. Aside from you, I doubt that there’s another Great Wizard who would want me as their bodyguard!”

Tortoise rubbed the rabbit’s soft face in between his flowing tears and booming laughter and gently planted a kiss on her saying, “Since you already know, then you have to remember and you should never forget.”

“Then, you also can’t undress and do this type of magic with other people!”

“Why not? If you don’t become my full-time bodyguard, I still need to find a new one.” Tortoise said somewhat evilly.

“The road of revenge never rests. I also need to eat carrots forever, and since you’re supplying me with them, you’re absolutely not allowed to have me replaced!” The Little Rabbit fumed, causing Tortoise to be unable to hold his chuckles back.

“Alright. As long as you never leave my side, I’ll only cast this magic on you forever.”

When the Little Rabbit heard this, she was ecstatic, feeling that there was still hope in her road of revenge as well as her never-ending supply of carrots. Life was too wonderful.

While Little Rabbit was fully immersed in her ideal fantasies of living the perfect life, Tortoise took this great opportunity to mischievously reach out a long finger and explore her moist little cave. Little Rabbit seemed to enjoy this new profound appearance of his and twisted her waist in response, warmly hugging the youth’s neck, she moaned asking, “Why do I have a seam, while you have this stick?”

“I need to put the stick inside your little seam to complete the magic!”

The youth gently placed a trail of kisses on the girl’s rabbit ears as he spoke softly. He never expected in all his imagination that once he had finished speaking, the Little Rabbit raised her small waist and sat down towards his body, taking in the big turtle inside her small rabbit hole inch by inch and causing the two people to simultaneously suck in a cold breath.

The Little Rabbit wept in pain, “It hurts, Tortoise, why did you stab me?”

The youth felt wronged and couldn’t do much to explain himself. He originally planned to let the Little Rabbit’s body slowly adapt to his size before gradually uniting with her, but he never foresaw that she would just promptly sit on him without prior warning. Now, she was hurt, and he was also in pain himself!

The Little Rabbit’s meat hole clenched tightly around the youth’s thick root. Wet hot pleasure, as well as pain, assailed his senses altogether, a nonstop stimulation surging from his little turtle. If it weren’t for the fact that he had just ejaculated earlier, he would’ve succumbed to his defeat and planted his seed inside her lustful body.

Now that the situation had come to this, he had no intention of holding himself back anymore.

The youngster energetically pounced on the girl with one hand, firmly detaining the Little Rabbit’s delicate wrists, holding them tightly on top of her head, as he violently rocked his waist, thrusting in her little tender hole ruthlessly. The Little Rabbit wailed loudly for a short while, “Tortoise, hold your hand there. Wait that’s wrong….stop moving your waist, uhnn…uhmmm…ahhhhhhh!”

The youngster was worthy of being called the ‘Youngest Great Wizard.’ While he easily dealt with the Little Rabbit, he cast a stimulating spell on her sensitive petals, bringing her heat forward. The reason why he didn’t bother casting a spell to relieve her pain was that these types of magic would naturally bring in a paralytic feeling. He didn’t want the Little Rabbit’s first experience to be an insensible one. He simply wanted her to feel the sharp pain and the ferocious pleasure as she etched each of his actions deeply in her mind, never to be erased nor forgotten again.

The Little Rabbit was also feeling anxious at this moment. She had never expected the slender Tortoise to be so strong, rendering her helpless and unable to break free from his grasp. She also didn’t consider that the slow Tortoise could move so fast, thoroughly thrusting into her to the point where her waist began to turn sour. Great pleasure began to surge from the area they were joined, making her slowly arch forward her entire body and causing her to feel as if her body was not her own.

As a rabbit, she had to be faster than Tortoise. Her desire to win overcame the searing pain she felt, so she quickly started twisting her body.

At present, the two were currently in the fine line between life and death with each friction turning into an accumulation of enjoyment. Moreover, with the Little Rabbit’s passionate response, the youth’s head turned blank as he ultimately shot into the girl’s honey cave. Yet, the little turtle immediately became stimulated once more as it continued wreaking havoc inside the girl’s lecherous body.

At the same time, the Little Rabbit had been pushed to her deepest parts several times, the honey inside sloshing endlessly in her rabbit hole and turning into foam due to the Tortoise’s constant grinding as it flowed down onto the bed.

“Tortoise….uhnnnn…hmmm….I will never……lose to you….I’m going to…..I want to…..ahh…..wuuu!”

The Little Rabbit attempted to take reign, however, the sounds pouring out of her mouth were coquettish. When the youth heard the young girl’s moans, his blood boiled, so he loosened his grip on the girl’s wrist and started rubbing the girl’s white bunnies teasingly. The young girl, who was unwilling to be outdone, slipped her hands on the youth’s bare chest in retaliation and started toying with his ripe cherry dots.

“Little Rabbit…. you really are a minx!”

The young boy said with animosity as he quickened the pace of his lower body, pounding the girl’s pink and tender meat into a beautifully bright red. The originally pure virgin petals became layers of intertwined peonies under their frantic pestling. Lascivious ‘papapapa’ sounds reverberated loudly inside the room, but both the young girl and boy had already forgone all feelings of shame, forgetting everything and only engrossing themselves in the desperate swinging of their bodies. Every time the youth thrust inside her flower, he would forge in deeper, to the extent of almost reaching the young girl’s uterus.

Right at this moment, the Little Rabbit’s strength had finally been completely exhausted, and with red tired eyes, she listlessly allowed Tortoise’s sweat to drip into her slightly ajar mouth. She implored him with a tired and weak gaze, “I can’t….anymore….stop….”

“But the magic hasn’t been finished yet.” The youth smiled alluringly, immediately inciting the girl to momentarily shudder, “Don’t… I’m going to break……ahhhhhh!”

The Little Rabbit’s legs extended to the ceiling as her soaking-wet honey hole clenched madly. At the same time, the big tortoise finally drilled through the girl’s womb, spraying its rich essence into the unexplored territory.

When the hot fluid flowed into the deepest parts of her body, the overwhelming pleasure caused her legs to stretch taut and the Little Rabbit’s eyes to roll over until the whites fully consumed her eyes.

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