Chapter 2.3 The Tortoise and The Rabbit Had Just Made Up (3)

Tortoise pulled away from her in neither a fast nor slow fashion, looking at the thick lascivious fluid mixed with pink blood from her first time that flowed smoothly out of her legs and dripping down onto the bed.

Using the murky fluid of their love-making that was mixed with her blood, he drew a complicated magic circle on her body. The Rabbit’s snow-white body jerked about as she slowly recovered her senses, asking, “Tortoise….is the magical array done?”

The youth bent down to tenderly kiss her slightly parted mouth and softly replied, “Chant the last spell with me.”


“Even death wouldn’t be able to do us part.”

“…..Even death wouldn’t be able to do us part.” The Little Rabbit mindlessly obeyed him without a second thought, and because of this, she had failed to notice that their bodies had started faintly glowing due to uttering these words.

Later on, down the road, Tortoise used the reason of ‘strengthening the contract connection’ to passionately make love with the Little Rabbit nonstop. That is until the Little Rabbit somehow discovered that it was all a part of the Tortoise’s scheme, which had already been reaping its benefits for many years.

“I want to sleep on a separate bed without you!”

The Little Rabbit fumingly demanded from Tortoise, but even though she was livid, she still didn’t forget about the never-ending carrot supply and about her avenging her father, so she didn’t resign from her post. She even felt clever for doing so. ‘Hahaha.’

Tortoise nonchalantly shifted his gaze from the magic scroll to the Little Rabbit’s face and calmly nodded before quickly burying his head back into the magic scroll.

On that day, Little Rabbit slept alone in solitude on the bed and felt empty as she did, isolated and cold. Ever since she had gotten together with Tortoise, her little hole was actively visited by the big little turtle every day, but now since it stopped, it was feeling desolate, making her undergo a sense of abandonment.

Still holding malice in her heart, she leapt out of the bed and dashed into the stocked kitchen, resolving to eat a large bundle of carrots to cast a blow on the Tortoise and get her revenge.

While she chewed on the carrots resentfully, with fiercely red eyes, she declared, “Bad Tortoise, taking advantage of my body but not wanting me, watch me bite you to death!”

Treating the carrot as if it were Tortoise, she bit and bit with all her might, chewing until her teardrops started streaming down. Although Tortoise treated her kindly by buying her whatever she wanted, after being together for so long, Tortoise never even once told her he liked her, let alone love her. On the contrary, whenever they rolled around in the sheets, Tortoise would always coax her to say that she loves him before he agreed to give her his big turtle. Otherwise, he would just steadily grasp her waist, preventing her little hole from proactively swallowing his massive root.

Now that Tortoise had become a member of the Kingdom’s prestigious High Wizard Society. Being so accomplished and handsome at such a young age, even princesses from all around the world wanted to give him their hand in marriage, and with such beautiful and clever princesses, there may come a day where Tortoise would simply kick her aside with a leg and take a princess’s hand in marriage.

“Carrot, as expected. You’re the only one who treats me the best. I don’t want Tortoise anymore, as long as I have you with me, I’ll be fine no matter what.”

The Little Rabbit stared at the carrot with eyes filled with glimmering tears, deciding that as long as a carrot was there to fill her empty rabbit hole, she wouldn’t miss Tortoise at all!

While thinking of this, she couldn’t help but move the carrot down her body. The soft feather-like carrot leaves streaked across her clit, tickling it and eliciting a series of shudders from her. She then swept the leaf across her sensitive petals and along her lewd little cave that had been completely explored by Tortoise, gradually spitting out a sticky liquid.

Discovering this natural response of her body, the Little Rabbit couldn’t help but choke up in sadness, “Stinky Tortoise, it’s all your fault I became like this. I don’t want you anymore. A carrot will definitely be better than you.”

She whined, using the tip of the carrot to carefully tease her little seam. She twisted her body, yet she couldn’t dare stuff the little carrot into her little hole. Although the Tortoise’s massive turtle was a lot bigger than a measly carrot and because her little hole had always been eating a big turtle and never a fine carrot, the Little Rabbit was afraid that her rabbit hole wouldn’t accept it.

But remembering that Tortoise had never once told her he liked her, the Little Rabbit slowly nudged the carrot inside her in the pique of a fit. The moist rabbit hole happily ate up the thick carrot without any problems, so she regained her vigor during this small victory and started stirring and moving the carrot inside her.

“Hmph hmph, I’m the one who doesn’t need you anymore. Stinky Tortoise…..Uhnnn….”

The Little Rabbit restlessly moaned as her little rabbit hole sucked the carrot in noisily. Unlike the big Tortoise’s scalding heat against her sensitive walls, the carrot did not have any warmth to it and was incredibly hard. The Little Rabbit rammed the snack inside of her continuously, stirring her lewd juices into white foam. Her body had already softened like mochi but she still couldn’t attain the much-anticipated climax.

Irritated from her lack of relief, she angrily yelled out, “It’s all that stinky Tortoise’s fault for not entering my little hole. Stinky Tortoise, Meanie Tortoise, Cuckold Tortoise!”

Actively chewing out Tortoise while swaying the carrot powerfully inside her did not appease the Little Rabbit even the slightest bit. With unremitting efforts, she continued to twist her waist, her little hole swallowing the entire carrot while her mouth still scolded Tortoise, saying, “Stinky Turtle, Rotten Tortoise… hateful…mmh….Ahn…Tortoise….Ohhhh…..please give it to me….Tortoise.”

The Little Rabbit bent her waist, lying on the edge of the kitchen table. She used one hand to help prop her body up for support while the other held onto the carrot to stir her little hole. The more she thrust the little carrot, the further it entered and the pleasure started to accumulate. However, she was still unable to achieve orgasm. Her slender white legs opened and closed restlessly as she attempted to push herself to the peak of her desires, but only droplets of rabbit honey slowly trickled down the carrot, sadly dripping to the ground and forming a small puddle.

The Little Rabbit finally cried out, “Tortoise, I like you. I love you. Please give it to me, I beg you…please…” Her hand started moving the carrot faster and faster and her little hole clenched tighter than before, but the Little Rabbit still couldn’t attain the sensation she wanted. And so, she disappointingly let go of the carrot while she sniffled by herself. But unexpectedly, her little wanton rabbit hole sucked firmly on the carrot, unwilling to let it go. Looking between her fair legs, a picture of a carrot sticking out of her hole could be seen. The carrot’s green leaves appeared glossy from being generously coated by the lewd juices, making it look fresh.

Little Rabbit couldn’t stand the void she was feeling within her body any longer. Abandoning all sense of shame, she urgently laid on the wide kitchen top and spread her rabbit legs into an ‘M’ shape. With one hand, she swung the carrot feverishly as she used her other hand to tease her tender bunnies, calling out loudly, “Tortoise, Tortoise, give it to me quickly…Tortoise….hnnnmmmmm.”

The porcelain-white thighs gathered and spread open again and again as if in an endless cycle as the Little Rabbit arched her toes, trying to move her body to further stimulate her soaking wet rabbit hole and desperately pinching the two red dots on her chest in an attempt to reach a high. Yet, she could only feel shallow ripples of faint numbness assaulting her entire body, none of which were the violent pleasure she liked the best.

After struggling for a long time, her entire body turned limp from having exhausted all her strength. She tiredly laid on top of the table with her clothes in complete disarray and her legs spread wide, loudly weeping, “Tortoise, I hate you to death. You’ve already broken me from your agonizing toying, wuuuu…Without you, even carrots can’t satisfy me anymore.”

She shut her eyes tightly, shedding tears and allowing her lower little hole to spit out the carrot as she sobbed again, “You’ve already broken me, but you won’t even let me eat your little turtle. You are really evil and mean, I hate you to death.”

At this moment, the carrot in her rabbit hole abruptly started moving again. Little Rabbit widened her eyes quickly and yelped from surprise when she saw the calmed-face Tortoise standing between her legs from out of the blue and pushing the soaked carrot into her wet rabbit hole.

“Slutty Little Rabbit, isn’t this carrot enough for you?”

He smirked before quickly pulling out the carrot emitting a ‘pop’ sound. He turned the carrot around, using its soft leaves to tickle the cave’s quivering sensitive petals.

At present, Tortoise was no longer a youth but a mature man. Even if he were a wizard, practicing the sword all year round had greatly shaped his figure to be extremely tall and straight. His muscles were rugged and strong but not to the point of exaggeration. When he wore his uniform, he looked like a scholarly wizard, but on the other hand, when he took off his clothes, he appeared muscular like a black leopard, causing the Little Rabbit to suspect whether Mother Tortoise shared any unspeakable secrets with Sir Black Leopard…

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