EBPW Chapter 10.1

Chapter 10.1  Encountering an assassination at Feng Huang (1)

He Zhou and Wen Renyi were lawfully wedded partners so Zhao Jing naturally didn’t prepare a new room for Wen Renyi.

After finishing their lunch, He Zhou used rest as an excuse to bring Wen Renyi back to his own room. He Zhou’s room faced the sun. His room was cleaned spic and span. It was dazzling and spacious. The pure grey bed sheet looked very cold. He Zhou made Wen Renyi sit down on the bed.

“Do you want some water?”

Wen Renyi shook his head. “No need. Can I move upwards to take a rest?” He patted the bed.

“You don’t need to ask me. You can use all the things in this room anytime.” He Zhou said as he watched him move up, take out some earphones and then placed them in his ear.

He was already used to it. During their time in the hospital, Wen Renyi was often seen using this method to listen to Guo Yang’s report, handle company matters, acting remarkably like a workaholic. However, if it wasn’t for his hard work and efforts, the Wen Ren Group wouldn’t have become today’s industry prime leader.

He Zhou didn’t dare disturb him and just sat on the sofa reading his book. Not a moment later, his phone rang. He took a look at the concentrated Wen Renyi before picking it up and going out of the room.

“Huang Qi, is something the matter?”

“Young Master He. I heard you just got out of the hospital so the brothers wanted to celebrate with you. When would Young Master He be free for a gathering?” Huang Qi asked in a very loud voice into the phone, he was followed by a few echoing voices of other people.

He Zhou recalled that in the beginning, the original owner was racing cars with this group of people. Maybe he’ll go and check out the situation, besides, he had nothing scheduled in the afternoon.

He was about to respond when Huang Qi suddenly interjected. “How about Young Master He bring Young Master Wen Ren over too?”

He Zhou’s first reaction was to refuse. “He’s very busy and doesn’t have the time.”

Huang Qi started persuading him from the other side. “Young Master He. Even if this person is busy, he still needs to relax and let loose. If not, he would die from overworking. You guys just got out of the hospital and Young Master Wen Ren is already working so hard. Don’t you feel distressed for him?”

He Zhou paused for a moment. “We’ll talk about it later.” After that, he immediately hung up the phone and returned to the room.

Wen Renyi raised his head towards his direction. “I heard it all.”

“Sorry for disturbing your work.” He Zhou took a few steps forward. “But, you don’t need to work so hard.”

Wen Renyi replied. “Before, I used all my time to cultivate or attend to matters. Now that I have no way of cultivating, I could only use work to kill time.”

He Zhou heard this and couldn’t help but sigh with emotion. “What’s the progress with the Original Stone I asked you to prepare?”

Wen Renyi’s ears perked up as he smiled elegantly and warmly. “It’s not that quick but I haven’t really gone out to have fun in a long time.”

He Zhou held his wrist. “Let’s go together. You just follow me.”

Huang Qi and the others were at the Feng Huang Entertainment Club so when He Zhou brought Wen Renyi over there, a few people stood at the entrance to receive them. 

He Zhou assisted Wen Renyi to get off the car. When he lifted his head, he was immediately blinded by the big dazzling signboard. He leaned closer to Wen Renyi’s ear and asked in a soft voice. “Have you ever been here before?”

Wen Renyi hummed out an “En.” “But I can’t compare to Ah Zhou’s rich experience.”

Huang Qi and few others saw them and quickly went up to greet them, their smiles extremely bright. “Young Master He, Young Master Wen Ren, thank you for taking the time to come. Quickly come inside hehe.”

The people playing with the original owner were ordinary people most of the time. Huang Qi and the others may not even know that cultivators even exist in this world. He Zhou held Wen Renyi’s hand and followed them into a private booth. This was a place the original owner came often to so He Zhou was considered familiar.

Huang Qi and the others would usually do some unproductive entertainment but seeing He Zhou bring Wen Renyi today. He didn’t know why but they actually kept silent. Huang Qi thought of He Zhou’s change and couldn’t help but sigh. People who got married sure become different. Wen Renyi was especially good looking too. He was even better than all the little celebrities he was keeping ——Pei!Pei!Pei! His head was full of comparisons of Young Master Wen Ren and those little celebrities. 

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