Dragon Blood

Chapter 23 Part 2

Three years later.


“350 meters.”

“Wind direction.”



“Wind speed.”

“6.4 meters per second.”

“Lock on target.”

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“Myatlv zsnjle.”


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Fbld Ubydtgl vbalo yoyu bkp pnsrl yde fwxrle wr qasx vbl taswde, lmnkvlezu ypjkdt, “Pye, bso oyp kv?”

Fbyd Ykdt pdsavle yde pyke, “Rv’p pwnb y qwnjkdt oypvl vs tkhl usw vbkp twd. Fvyav okvb vbl Y14.”

Fbld Ubydtgl rswvle yde pyke, “Jwv R bkv kv!”

“Zsw vwadle kv kdvs vos rklnlp sq kasd. Ebyv R oydvle oyp vs pbyvvla kv qasx vbl nldvla. Fwnb rssa rlaqsaxydnl, usw’al dsv lhld yp tsse yp Vlzzl,” Fbyd Ykdt pyke.

Mbl nbkze’p qynl vwadle ale okvb ydtla yde bl alvsavle, “Rq vbyv oyp y rlapsd’p blye, oswzed’v kv pvkzz cl pbyvvlale kd byzq?”

“Only a distance of 350 meters and you’re proud of yourself? The British army has a record of hitting a target at 1400 meters in Afghanistan. Hitting a target at 350 meters is merely the most basic quality for a sniper. And yet you still have the nerve to make mistakes? A deviation of one millimeter can sometimes determine the difference between victory and defeat. You’re nothing to be proud of. Go carry 40 kilograms of weight and run 20 kilometers.”


The child pursed his lips and picked up the ammunition box weighing 40 kilograms, then turned around and went for a run as instructed.

Shan Ming watched the child’s back and a barely noticeable smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

It was only when everyone was almost done with dinner that Shen Changze returned. His clothes were thoroughly soaked in sweat, and strands of his hair were sticking to his face.

After entering the house, he placed the ammunition box down and poured himself a glass of water, which he gulped down in one go.

Big Rock was picking his teeth as he walked past him, he patted the child’s back, “Not bad, you’ve grown taller.”

The pat nearly knocked the child off balance, but he managed to slap away Big Rock’s hand and retorted, “One day I’ll be taller than you!”

Big Rock looked down at the eight-year-old boy who only reached his waist, chuckled, and walked away.

Shen Changze walked up to Shan Ming and said, “Can I eat now?”

Shan Ming was drinking with Jobb and didn’t even look up, “Go.”

The child sat down and buried his head in eating. After finishing the meal, he saw Shan Ming and the others still drinking and chatting. He walked over to urge him, “The batch of bodyguards sent by the Congolese anti-government forces will be arriving at 10 o’clock tonight, and Tiger Shark’s leading the team. If he sees you drinking at this time, you will definitely be scolded. Are you still going to drink?”

Since that battle three years ago, the number of times the Peregrine Falcons have gone on external missions has significantly decreased. Instead, they have taken on many jobs of helping people train and cultivate armies. One reason was that the pay is high, and the other was to avoid the main force going out. Tiger Shark had been worried that the Chinese government will take action, so for the past three years, they have been trying to keep a low profile.

His words dampened everyone’s spirits, no one felt like drinking anymore. Everyone dispersed one after another.


Shan Ming stood up unsteadily and walked towards his own residence. Shen Changze grabbed his jacket and followed behind him.

As they walked out of the canteen, the sky had already turned dark. What lay before them was a vast and modern military camp with bright lights illuminating the area. Two helicopters had just taken off, and armored vehicles occasionally drove by. Peregrine Falcon was the leading mercenary group among the three foreign mercenary groups stationed here for a long time. They stayed here safely, but the cost was to provide “services” to the Colombian government from time to time, such as assassinations, security, suppressing riots, and even helping to train the government’s army. They were busy throughout the year.

After entering the room, Shan Ming collapsed onto the bed and closed his eyes, enjoying the dizzy feeling of being on clouds after drinking too much.

Shen Changze helped him take off his shoes and clothes with familiarity, then brought a bowl of water to wipe his face.

Shan Ming said, “Wake me up when it’s time.”

“I got it,” Shen Changze said with a faint smile, thinking to himself, wake you up my ass, I’ll let you sleep until Tiger Shark comes back so he can scold you.

Shan Ming suddenly opened his eyes and said, “If you dare not wake me up on purpose, I’ll send you to the new recruits’ barracks to sleep. You’ll share a room with forty people, no air conditioning, and be surrounded by the smell of stinky feet and vulgar jokes all day.”

The child pouted, “I will wake you.”

Shan Ming closed his eyes and hummed in contentment. “That’s more like it. Remember how lucky you are with your life right now, being able to sleep with me. I’m too kind to you… give me a leg massage.”

Then the child began massaging his legs until Shan Ming fell asleep in a daze.

When it was almost 10 o’clock, Shen Changze woke Shan Ming up. Shan Ming got up, washed his face, and took him to welcome Tiger Shark’s return.

A little after 10 o’clock, a military transport plane landed in the camp. Tiger Shark led the way down from the plane, followed by new recruits who came down intermittently. There were about two platoons of them.


Tiger Shark gave a brief explanation to the new recruits and then handed them over to Dino for arrangements. After that, he gave a beautiful embroidery piece to Pelle, which was probably a local handicraft from Congo.

Ayer spread out his hands, “Is that it? Why did you make us wait for you to come back? Not to line up and welcome you, right?”

“Of course not. I have an urgent matter that I need to discuss with you guys.”

“Alright, let’s go to the combat conference room.”

Ayer, Shan Ming, and the others followed Tiger Shark into the conference room.

When Shen Changze walked into the conference room last, Tiger Shark frowned and said, “Shan, is he your tail? He follows you everywhere.”

“Just treat him like a tail then, he doesn’t understand anything anyways.”

“I do understand,” the child retorted quietly.

Tiger Shark shouted, “Sit down, you have no say here.”

The child obediently sat down and played with Pelle’s gift in his hands.

Jobb asked, “What’s so urgent?”

A trace of impatience flashed over Tiger Shark’s face, “It’s about Jim.”


“Jim? Isn’t he on an assassination mission in Miami?”

“That’s right.”

“He failed?”

“No, there was no failure.”


“He raped a thirteen-year-old girl during his stay in the United States after completing his assassination mission in Miami. The girl’s father is a member of the US Congress, the first heir of the Kellson-Wis family, and a candidate for the next presidential election.”

“Fuck!” Ayer cursed loudly, “This bastard is worse than a failure.”

Obvious disgust appeared on everyone’s faces.

Although these people aren’t exactly good people, they like to visit brothels and play with women too, but they aren’t so depraved as to prey on children. Only this pervert, Jim…

Tiger Shark said, “He’s being hunted right now, he detoured into Peru and asked for my help. He’ll probably be able to return to the base in a few days.”

Shan Ming said, “We can’t let him come back to the base. Since he did it himself, let him bear the consequences. He will become a burden to our group. If he dares to come back, I’ll kill him first.”

Shan Ming has always been disgusted with Jim and wanted to kill him for a long time. Now he finally has the opportunity to do so.

Tiger Shark shook his head. “You can’t kill him. We must give him to be dealt with by the congressman himself.”

Pelle said in disgust, “If he returns to the base, will he have any impact on us?”

“The congressman has spoken to me through the Colombian government, and he has expressed that as long as we do not protect Jim, he does not wish to be our enemy.”

“Then how should we handle this?”

“First, we can’t let him return to the base. Set up a guard at the border, and report immediately when we find his whereabouts. Second, we can’t let more people know about this. The congressman asked me to preserve his daughter’s reputation,” Tiger Shark looked at his watch. “Send two scouts out now to track Jim’s movements as soon as possible. Don’t kill him, just drive him away.”

Shan Ming squinted his eyes and said, “Tiger Shark, have you forgotten that Jim is the best scout here? Neither Hawk nor Goryuu is his opponent. In terms of reconnaissance and counter-reconnaissance, no one in the Peregrine Falcons can do than him.”

Tiger Shark snorted and said, “You can do better than him.”

“But if I encounter him, I will kill him.”

“So I cannot let you go. Leave it to Hawk and Goryuu. Even if they fail and Jim enters the base, we still have ways to capture him. But… if he sees that no one welcomes him, he won’t come back. He’s not that stupid.”

Shan Ming nodded, “We’ll settle with that for now, but I still stand by what I said. If I see him, I will kill him.” He grinned, “I finally have a chance to kill him.”

At night, when they were going to sleep, Shen Changze asked Shan Ming, “Dad, does this mean I won’t have to see Jim again in the future?”


“That’s great, he makes me feel sick.” The child thought for a moment and asked, “Dad, what does rape mean?”

Shan Ming shrugged, “For example, if Jobb wanted to sleep with Pelle but she doesn’t want to, and he forces her anyway, that’s rape.”

The child nodded as if he understood and said, “Whose girlfriend is Pelle?”

“Why are you chattering so much today?”

“Dad, I can’t sleep. You just slept earlier too, can you still sleep now?”

Shan Ming turned over and opened his eyes. “She isn’t anyone’s girlfriend. Pelle only loves Tiger Shark.”

The child widened his eyes, “Really? Tiger Shark is also very good to Pelle. Why don’t they get married?”

“Marry, my ass. Should they get married and then give birth to a troublesome brat like you?”

The child pouted, “Dad, you don’t even know how to wash socks. Right now it’s me who takes care of you. How can you say I’m troublesome?”

“Because you’re so useless, you’re only fit to wash my socks. When you can earn money, then you can say you’re not troublesome.”

The child turned over and faced away from Shan Ming, not wanting to talk to him anymore.

But neither of them could sleep, and after what seemed like a long time, the child turned over and pulled on Shan Ming’s shirt. “Dad, when are you going to take me on a mission?”

“When you’re qualified.”

“What makes me qualified?”

“If I give you a dagger right now, can you bring back a head from anyone in the base?”

The child shivered.

Although he dealt with things related to killing and combat every day, he had never actually touched real flesh and blood. He couldn’t help but feel scared and nervous.

Shan Ming snorted, “That’s why I said you’re too fortunate. If you were picked up by local mercenaries in Africa, to be able to survive for three years, you would have to walk over the corpses of tens of thousands of people.”

The child stopped talking, feeling a sense of suffocation rising within.

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