Dragon Blood

Chapter 23 Part 1

When the ocean liner approached them, not to mention the two Burmeses, but also all the members of the mercenary group were almost in tears.

Death isn’t the most frightening thing, the most frightening thing is to die with grievances. They would rather fight to the last drop of blood with the enemy than starve or die of illness at sea.

The first person to step off the gangway was a tall and sturdy Caucasian, about 1.9 meters tall, wearing a pair of sunglasses and a thick head of brown hair. He was around 40 years old, with packs of muscles, and looked like your typical tough guy who walked out of a Hollywood blockbuster amidst smoke and flames.

The moment Pelle saw him, the usual laziness and wildness on her face turned into a girlish shyness and excitement. She ran over excitedly and hugged the man, saying, “Tiger Shark, you’re finally here.”

The person who came was indeed Tiger Shark, the deputy commander of the Peregrine Falcons. He was one of the surviving elders of the Peregrine Falcons from years ago, and was also the closest brother to Lin Qiang, the foster father of Ayer and Shan Ming.


The year their foster passed away, Tiger Shark, as the deputy commander, was originally the only person with enough prestige to take over as the commander. However, he firmly refused and instead supported Ayer, who was just a young boy at the time, to take over. Without Tiger Shark, there would not be the still well-numbered and organized Peregrine Falcon today.

Tigershark rubbed her soft long hair and shouted, “Where’s Ayer? Where’s Shan?”

The two of them walked out of the plane in an orderly manner and glanced at each other with helplessness in their eyes. They both knew they were going to be scolded.

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Tiger Shark asked, “How old?”


The child tremblingly held out his hand and raised five fingers.

Tiger Shark tilted his head and frowned as he looked at the child for a while, then threw him in the air like a ball towards Jobb, “Pack up, get on board!”

Ayer held a cup of freshly brewed coffee and looked much more relaxed, while Tiger Shark had his arms crossed over his chest, seemingly lost in thought. Shan Ming, on the other hand, was using a hair dryer to blow dry his gun barrel that had gotten wet.

Three tall men sat in the small room, but none of them spoke first.

In the end, it was Tiger Shark who spoke first. “How much did we lose this time?”

Ayer considered his words carefully. “Although we didn’t receive the remaining payment, we did seize a large amount of weapons and jewelry from him. Many of the weapons were high-quality modified ones that can fetch a good price on the black market…” Ayer’s heart ached, but he didn’t dare tell Tiger Shark the whole truth.

Tiger Shark squinted at them. “Alright, let’s not talk about that. I want an explanation about the child.”

Ayer was about to speak.

Tiger Shark interrupted him, “I don’t know what you’ve told the others, but don’t try to fool me with the same story. I’ll beat you up if you do.”

Ayer and Shan Ming exchanged a glance, and Ayer kicked Shan Ming in the leg. “You caused the trouble, so you explain it yourself.”

Shan Ming pursed his lips, “Why are you no longer the kind and loving big brother at moments like these?”

Ayer glared at him, then continued to drink his coffee.


Shan Ming wiped his face and decided to tell the truth.

Tiger Shark was one of the people who raised them, and he was someone who had taught them many things. Tiger Shark was truly one of their own, and there was no need to hide anything from him.

So Shan Ming explained everything in detail.

After listening carefully, Tiger Shark pondered for a moment and said, “This is not a simple matter… We can’t give the child to them.”

Ayer asked, “What about that sissy weakling?”

“When we get to the next inhabited island, we’ll throw him off.”

Shan Ming frowned and said, “Just like that? We should bring him back to Colombia. There are plenty of ways to make him tell the truth. He knows a lot…”

Tiger Shark slammed the table hard and shouted angrily, “Are you still not satisfied with causing enough trouble?! I had already disagreed with you guys coming on this mission, I said don’t go provoking such a mysterious country like China. Have you forgotten how your father died?!”

Shan Ming shut his mouth and silently sat back in his chair, but he was still unwilling to accept it in his heart.

He was just too curious about why the government had to get its hands on Shen Changze, what secrets could this seemingly ordinary and fragile child be hiding?

As Tiger Shark had said, Tang Tingzhi was isolated for the next few days. A few days later, they passed by an island and threw him off. During this time, Shan Ming didn’t even get the chance to speak to Tang Tingzhi.

But he couldn’t forget the look in Tang Tingzhi’s eyes when he glanced at Shen Changze before getting off the ship. It was an inquisitive look, full of infinite longing.


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