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  • Dragon Blood

    Chapter 22

    After all, those two Burmese were airplane pilots and not well-versed in nautical knowledge. When they realized the changes in the ocean currents and weather, even a blind person could feel that something was wrong with the atmosphere at sea.

    The sky gradually darkened, with dark clouds mixed with pouring rain. A momentum that could be seen with the naked eye was approaching in their direction. The cabin was swaying constantly, and it was becoming increasingly difficult to stand steadily without holding onto something.

    They tied all the sharp objects with ropes and secured them to a fixed place. They wrapped the weapons with nonstick paper and tied large furniture together with ropes to prevent them from flying around.

    Ayer cut the rope binding Tang Tingzhi’s hands and feet with a knife, and roughly took off his dirty doctor’s coat. “Don’t wear this cumbersome clothing. If you die, it’s your own bad luck! You two, keep an eye on Kali. His arm still hasn’t healed!”

    Jobb tightly held Pelle’s waist and said anxiously, “You must hold tightly onto me.”


    Shen Changze tightly grasped the sofa, his face turning pale with fear. Suddenly, a big wave hit and he fell off the sofa and tumbled under the chair.

    Shan Ming pulled him out and held him with one hand while grabbing onto a fixed seat with his other hand.

    Nobody on this plane has experienced going out to sea in stormy weather. Although they were impressed by the scenes from movies they watched, when the wind and waves truly struck, they realized that they have underestimated it.

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    Shan Ming got anxious, he reached out and fiercely pinched the flesh on the child’s back.


    He used quite a bit of force, and the child cried out in pain.

    Shan Ming exclaimed angrily, “I almost couldn’t even breathe! If you hold me so tightly again, I’ll throw you out!”

    The child could only hold onto his waist instead. The plane continued to shake violently, many people couldn’t hold back and vomited. Due to the force of gravity, sometimes the vomit even returned to their mouths.

    The entire scene was like hell, with people constantly screaming and groaning in pain, but those cries were soon drowned out by the sound of wind and rain.

    One side of the wing was broken by the huge waves that slammed heavily onto the top of the cabin. Water began to seep through the ruptured cabin wall, and rainwater mixed with a fishy smell poured crazily into the cabin. With the shaking of the fuselage, the surging seawater leaked through the cabin holes from time to time. Although the amount of water wasn’t much at the moment, if the storm do not subside, it was only a matter of time before the cabin would be filled.

    The two Burmese pilots tied themselves to their seats, trying to fly the plane out of the stormy area. However, a seaplane was not a ship after all. It had sufficient power, but it wasn’t big enough. It was impossible to operate it like a ship, especially in the wind and rain. They could only navigate according to the direction of the wind, struggling to stay on course.

    The hole above the cabin became bigger and bigger due to the impact of rainwater and seawater, and soon the cabin was flooded with water up to ankle-deep. The items inside the cabin were all scattered around, and nothing was in its original place. The scene was as chaotic as it could be.

    If the storm capsized the plane, all of them would be buried at the bottom of the sea.

    One of the mercenaries was holding onto the armrest, his hands slipped because it was wet. At that moment, a huge wave hit the plane, and he was flung off by a strong force. With a bang, his body slammed into the cabin wall, and he coughed up a mouthful of blood before falling into the water, unable to move.

    Koski, who was closest to him, tried to pull him up, but as soon as he reached out, another wave hit. Koski’s back slammed into the table, causing a momentary numbness in his nerves, and he almost let go.

    That unconscious mercenary was flung out of the narrow hole at the top of the cabin and was instantly swallowed up by the sea.

    Ayer watched helplessly as all of this happened, unable to do anything.


    Each person gritted their teeth and held on tightly to whatever they could grab.

    Shan Ming may be having it the hardest. Not only does he have to take care of himself, but he also had to hold onto a child. Every time the plane tilted left or right, his body completely will be completely in the air. In those times, he must use one hand to bear the weight of two people. If he gets flung out, the outcome would be the same as that member who was swept into the sea.

    Shan Ming felt that the endurance of his arm had reached its limit. He let out a roar, his teeth were biting down so hard that they bled.

    As the storm raged on, more and more people were being flung and slammed into the cabin walls, tables, chairs, and various objects that were normally harmless but could now break someone’s spine. Everyone could only hold onto each other’s hands with difficulty, to prevent themselves from being flung out of the plane.

    Shan Ming finally couldn’t hold on any longer. In a violent shake, he was flung off. When he fell to the floor, he protected the child in his chest and landed on his shoulder, which prevented him from injuring his spine.

    Ayer held onto the seat with his legs and reached his hands out to him. Shan Ming tried to take his hand, but in the next second, he was thrown to the other side.

    He grabbed the handle of the cabin door and finally stabilized his body.

    The difficult time of wind and rain lasted for at least half an hour before they finally escaped the storm zone.

    Everyone lay limp on the floor, with their lower bodies immersed in the water, and they could hardly move.

    The child sat beside Shan Ming, watching him not move for a long time, and became so anxious that he kept pushing him, “Dad, Dad, don’t die.”

    Shan Ming closed his eyes and rested, feeling too lazy to move.

    When the child saw that Shan Ming wasn’t responding, he bent down and bit him on the neck.


    “Fuck…” Shan Ming trembled from the pain and opened his eyes, glaring fiercely at the child.

    The child looked up with innocent big eyes and said, “Dad, you’re not dead right…?”

    Ayer had no strength left in his legs that he practically crawled over. He sat down next to Shan Ming and said in a hoarse voice, “You’re good right?”

    Shan Ming coughed a few times, spat out some water, and said self-mockingly, “I’m damn fine, it’s even more exciting than a roller coaster ride.”

    “I vomited everything I just ate, fuck, what a waste,” Ayer habitually pulled out a cigarette from his jacket pocket, only to find that the cigarette was thoroughly soaked.

    Shan Ming opened his eyes and looked at the big hole in the cabin roof. Raindrops were falling on his face, and his whole body felt exhausted and sore, as if it had fallen apart. He couldn’t help but let out a laugh.

    Ayer glanced at him and also laughed.

    The two looked at each other and started laughing in a low voice.

    Pelle’s weak voice came from not far away, “Everyone get up, don’t soak in the water, it’ll be trouble if too many people got sick.”

    Everyone supported each other and stood up, then each found a place to recover their strength.

    Ayer went to check on the wounded.

    Shan Ming slumped in the chair, he felt that his right arm couldn’t move, which meant his tendons must have been injured on top of bruises and scratches of varying degrees in other places. Looking at the damaged items all over the floor, Shan Ming felt that his luck wasn’t too bad.


    The child came over to him and touched the wound on his temple, saying quietly, “Dad, does it hurt?”

    Shan Ming shook his head and closed his eyes wearily.

    After a while, something was stuffed into his mouth. Although it tasted a little salty from being soaked in seawater, it tasted like smoked meat.

    Shan Ming opened his eyes and looked at the child.

    The child quietly took out a fist-sized piece of smoked meat from his pocket, tore off a small piece, and stuffed it into Shan Ming’s mouth, saying, “Dad, for you to eat.”

    Shan Ming frowned but didn’t refuse it. After swallowing the meat, he asked, “Where did you get this from?”

    The child took a small bite of the meat himself and replied, “Took it from the kitchen.”

    Shan Ming knew that the child must have stolen it while the adults were busy. He took the smoked meat and took a big bite out of it.

    The child looked at him eagerly, feeling regretful as saliva flowed down from his mouth.

    Shan Ming stuffed the rest into the child’s mouth and said, “Finish it, don’t let anyone see.”

    The child quickly chewed up the meat and swallowed it, then wiped his mouth, still wanting more. Finally, he raised his head to show Shan Ming an innocent smile.

    Shan Ming felt the corners of his mouth twitching and wasn’t sure if he was smiling, but he definitely thought this little thing was too interesting.

    What goes on in a child’s head? They don’t seem to hold grudges, but they also don’t remember the good. If he’s nice to him today, he’ll stick to him like glue, but if he’s mean to him the next day, he’ll throw a tantrum. He’s as straightforward as he could be and doesn’t play any mind games.

    So, he really was quite amusing.

    The child crawled up to his ear and whispered, “Dad, I’m still hiding some. If you don’t make me angry, I’ll let you eat it.”

    Shan Ming almost burst out laughing.

    This sudden and unexpected storm caused them great losses.

    All the food was soaked, many weapons were also waterlogged, and there was no dry place for them to rest. Not a single person on board was not injured, and one person was even swept away by the waves.

    Fortunately, the important equipment wasn’t damaged by the shaking. When they checked the satellite positioning, they found that they had drifted seven nautical miles from their original location. The communication equipment was waterlogged, and they were unable to contact the Tiger Shark for a long time.

    After the equipment was repaired, they had already been at sea for eight days. After all the food reserves on board were consumed, they had to rely on fishing to satisfy their hunger. Due to the long-term lack of vitamin intake, everyone began to have different degrees of reactions. With insufficient medical supplies on board, Pelle was unable to attend to everyone, and more and more people collapsed.

    Ever since Ayer cut the rope binding Tang Tingzhi during the storm, he had not been tied up again. He began to voluntarily treat the sick on the ship in exchange for food, and Pelle became his assistant to a large extent.

    Two days later, Tang Tingzhi finally got the chance to give Shen Changze a body check-up. Although Shan Ming felt that his little baby didn’t need to be checked at all.

    Physically, Shen Changze was supposed to be the weakest, but he had always been the most energetic among them. Apart from feeling uncomfortable due to hunger, he showed no signs of physical decline, which was difficult for the adults to understand.

    Tang Tingzhi first convinced Pelle, and then convinced Ayer. Only then did Shan Ming reluctantly allow Tang Tingzhi to touch Shen Changze.

    In a state of frenzy, Tang Tingzhi conducted what appeared to be a normal physical examination on the child. However, when he touched the child’s tender skin, Shan Ming felt that Tang Tingzhi’s hands were trembling.

    If it weren’t because Tang Tingzhi didn’t have that disgusting look in his eyes as Jim did, Shan Ming would really have suspected that he was another pervert.

    After the examination, Tang Tingzhi made one final request, “I want to draw a bit of blood…”

    Shan Ming glared and shouted, “Get lost!”

    On the twelfth day of drifting at sea, on a day when everyone’s endurance was reaching its limit, Tiger Shark finally arrived.

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