Deep Kiss

Chapter 19. She Had No Idea How…

The slapdash kiss swept over him with a blaze of fire. Chi Xiuyuan’s eyes grew red at the end, his throat tightening as he wrapped his arms uncontrollably around He Shuyu’s waist.

The familiar and unfamiliar sensations rising in his body made him uncomfortable, but the sweet scent of the woman in front of him made him unable to stop.

The man, who had never had a girlfriend before, was still a young boy. He only knew how to rampage. While reason made him restrain himself, his body was completely out of control.

He Shuyu’s eyes were slightly closed as she took in the storm he was bringing.

She had been prepared for some things, so she did not feel it was abrupt. She was about to reach out when the doorbell suddenly rang.


The man who was kissing her impatiently stiffened instantly.

As if his soul had been taken back into his body, Chi Xiuyuan was suddenly awake.

When he realised what he had just done and how his mind had gone completely off the rails, he gasped heavily. The heat of his body almost burned him out.

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His voice was still muffled. Now he spoke like a grating hook, tantalising He Shuyu’s heart.


He Shuyu reluctantly stood up straight. She reached out and cupped his face, kissing him heavily on the cheek amidst the latter’s unsure gaze. She gave off a dominant and ambiguous sense of ‘you wait for me to clean you up later’.

Chi Xiuyuan’s face was already very hot, and his agitated emotions became even hotter under her action.

He turned away uncomfortably, covering up his little brother [1], who held his head high.

She laughed meaningfully, and obediently went out of the kitchen to answer the door.

Chi Xiuyuan, who was left in the kitchen, was extremely uncomfortable. He gritted his teeth and exhaled heavily, reaching out to turn on the tap and splash water on his face.

After calming down a little, he began to wonder who was coming to He Shuyu’s house at this hour.

As his mind wandered, he thought of the men’s slippers in the shoe cupboard in the foyer. With his lips pursed, he looked out of the kitchen.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t see anything.

The villa was too large. Beyond the kitchen was the dining room, and beyond that, the living room. It was so far away that he couldn’t even hear the conversation outside.

There was an inexplicable sourness in his heart. It was a subtle feeling that Chi Xiuyuan had never felt before, and naturally, he didn’t know why.

He moved towards the kitchen door, but he was afraid that He Shuyu would suddenly come over. He was afraid that she would find out and behave awkwardly.

When he moved to the door, he wanted to try to see if he could hear the people outside.


Seeing someone standing outside the door, He Shuyu frowned and did not hesitate to close the door behind her. The other party immediately stepped forward and blocked her movement.

He Jinshu was already cranky from ringing the doorbell for so long. When he saw her open the door and close it, he became furious.

“He Shuyu! Even if you don’t offer me a cup of tea when I come to your home, do you still want to keep me out? Is this how you treat your own father?”

He Shuyu did not feel any emotion because of his words and attitude. She stopped closing the door and stood at the entrance with her hands folded across her chest, saying coldly, “What are you doing here?”

Her attitude was so contemptuous and arrogant that He Jinshu couldn’t bear it. He pointed at her nose, “How can you speak to your own father like that?”

He Shuyu only gave him a faint glance, “Are you my father?”

Six simple words made He Jinshu’s face turn red. His lips clashed up and down, wanting to say something, but unable to do so.

He Shuyu let out a light laugh of unknown meaning, “Tell me, what are you doing here in the middle of the night?”

He Jinshu’s search for her definitely had nothing to do with the word “money.”

He Jinshu hated her arrogant attitude so much that his hands shook with anger. His harsh words came out without any power.

“He Shuyu, don’t you forget! From whom did you get everything you have now? As long as your name is He, I will always be your father!”

He Shuyu had long recognised the kind of man he was and didn’t care much about his attitude at all.


“My surname was given to me by my grandfather. What does it have to do with you? Don’t you forget that when Grandpa died and the He Group was at its most critical, you sold all the projects? You took away all the liquidity and threw me a shell. “

The black-hearted things he had once done were rehashed, and He Jinshu’s face turned red.

He Shuyu seemed quite satisfied with his reaction and said slowly and deliberately, “Let me guess. What did you come to see me for?”

She was like a cunning hunter, playing her prey for a fool.

“Ji Qiuyu’s coming back home, isn’t she? Looking for you, for what? The shares of the He Group? No, no, she studied medicine and boasted of becoming a national expert. What she wants should be the hospital held by the group, right? “

Looking at He Jinshu’s suddenly changed face, He Shuyu snorted and laughed. She said idly, “A biological daughter found halfway is really different. Just saying a few words and pouting can make Mr. He pull down his face to beg me… Oh no, Mr. He is not here to beg me with this attitude?”

“He Shuyu!” He Jinshu couldn’t take her sneering anymore and shouted.

He Shuyu didn’t even frown. She mercilessly shattered his illusion, “Mr. He, what makes you think that after you’ve killed my grandfather and ruined his heart and soul, I’ll still hold everything up to you?”

“There are limits to what one can dream of. Go back and tell Ji Qiuyu that the He Group’s surname is now He Shuyu’s He! It has nothing to do with her, Ji Qiuyu, …… and, of course, nothing to do with you, Mr. He.”

She said the words in the calmest tone, which made He Jinshu furious.

The latter could no longer suppress his emotions and raised his hands high, trying to show his “father’s majesty” as he had done ten years ago.

She was about to make a move when a sudden force came from the crook of her arm and she was pulled into his arms. The warmth of his breath hit her, and his hard chest was full of security. 


Chi Xiuyuan caught He Jinshu’s hand and pushed him out of the room without a second thought. He closed the door with a bang, not giving the latter any chance to react.

After doing all this in a crisp manner, he breathed heavily and whispered, “Are you alright? Did you get hit just now? “

The woman in his arms suddenly reached out to hug his waist and buried her cheek in his chest.

He didn’t know if it was because she was upset, but she didn’t raise her head or respond. She just quietly hugged him without saying anything.

When Chi Xiuyuan thought of the conversation he had just heard, he gritted his teeth and reached out to gently pat He Shuyu on the back.

Before this, he had never thought that he would come into contact with He Shuyu’s family so soon, nor had he envisaged what kind of person the other party would be at all.

And what had just happened told him that He Shuyu, who was the envy of everyone, was not as happy as he had imagined.

With pity, the heart caves in.

He let He Shuyu hold him and whispered, “Aren’t you hungry? What do you want to eat that you haven’t told me about yet? “

He tried to change the subject to make her forget the unpleasantness she had just felt.

The woman who had been lying in his arms, quietly inhaling and exhaling, finally stirred. She raised her head. Her face was slightly red and her eyes full of laughter. “How about eating you?”

She wasn’t at all as upset as he thought she would be. As she raised her head, her hands even lifted the hem of his shirt. Her fingertips gently rubbed the back of his waist.

A subtle electric current ran through him. Chi Xiuyuan stiffened for a moment. He pushed her away without hesitation, saying without thinking, “No!”

How could there be such a woman who was not only not shy, but also had the audacity to tease him? Was she not afraid of being eaten up by him and wiped clean?

Chi Xiuyuan didn’t dare stand with He Shuyu at all. He hurried back to the kitchen and closed the door with a bang, locking it from the inside.

He Shuyu, who had been left in the same place, laughed in a low voice. After she finished laughing, she gathered her expression again and went back to the living room. She took out her mobile phone to send a message.

He Jinshu tried to ring the doorbell again, but before he could do so, the security guards rushed in and carried him outside without a word. They threw him out of the neighbourhood amidst his curses.

It was not a peaceful meal for Chi Xiuyuan, but he managed to make it.

He Shuyu did not come over to disturb him, which gave him a long sigh of relief.

But soon, his calmed emotions were stimulated again.

The woman had changed her clothes. She was now wearing a V-neck night dress, which revealed her delicate, flawless collarbones and a delicate, soft bit of sheer white.

She seemed to have just taken a shower. Her hair was slightly damp, obviously rubbed but not blow-dried, and was casually draped over her shoulders. Her robe was not very tightly wrapped. The belt around her waist looked loose, as if it would fall apart if she was not careful.

He Shuyu, who looked gentle and soft after her bath, smelled the scent of rice and came over. Her nose twitched with her eyes closed, giving a facetious sigh, “It smells so good!”

She seemed completely unaware of how tempting she looked at the moment. Or perhaps she simply knew and was dressed like this on purpose.

Chi Xiuyuan meditated twice in his mind to calm down. He averted his gaze and then lowered his head to dryly serve her rice.

There was a small chuckle in his ear. It contained a teasing sound, and Chi Xiuyuan’s ears were burning as he listened. He felt profoundly that he should not have followed He Shuyu home tonight.

Despite what had just happened, things still seemed to be going in a direction beyond his control.

The chair was pulled back, and the woman next to him sat down calmly. The fragrance of the shower gel wafted over, and Chi Xiuyuan’s mind became confused.

[1] A euphemism for p*nis.

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