Deep Kiss

Chapter 20. Little Fool.


Exhaling a breath of hot air early in the morning, He Shuyu walked into the study with her coffee in hand. The phone on the table vibrated. When she checked, the caller was Luo Zhiyao. 

She raised an eyebrow, most likely guessing the purpose of the call.

She put her coffee on the table, half leaning against the desk and squinting as she picked up the call.

As soon as the call was answered, she was bombarded.


“He Shuyu!!! How’s it going? How was your night last night? I had to hold back and hold back to call you now.”

Luo Zhiyao couldn’t wait to gossip. She was always extra enthusiastic about such things.

He Shuyu snorted lightly, “What? You’re so energetic this early in the morning. Did you spend last night alone? “

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[HSY: Have you woken up yet?]


There was a quick reply.

[C: In the school library.]

A message from him while in the library in seconds?

With a faint smile on her lips, He Shuyu began to edit her message again, planning to ask him out for lunch. But before she could send the message, Chi Xiuyuan had already sent a message first.

[C: Have you had breakfast yet?]

The smile on He Shuyu’s lips became even deeper as she held her chin in one hand and tapped on her phone’s keyboard with the other.

[HSY: No appetite. I need my boyfriend with me to eat well.]

After the message was sent, she wondered more and more what kind of look her little friend had at the moment.

When the message box didn’t move for a while, He Shuyu guessed that Chi Xiuyuan was shy. She was about to send a message saying that she was joking when her phone screen suddenly twitched and a video request was sent over.

He Shuyu was slightly surprised, but still connected the video call.

The camera shifted a little, but soon she saw Chi Xiuyuan’s taut jaw. Then upwards, revealing the perfectly defined side of his face.

Looking at the background, it didn’t look like he was indoors.


Didn’t he say he was in the library?

Probably seeing the doubt in her eyes, Chi Xiuyuan pursed his lips and looked a little uncomfortable. But he still explained, “I’m on the rooftop.”

After one sentence, he hurriedly crossed over to the topic, “Have you had breakfast?”

He was still clinging to the inquiry he had just made.

He Shuyu had just been flirting with her little boyfriend. How could she know that he would keep thinking about it?

She said obediently, “I ordered congee from Lanting Xuan. It will arrive later.”

She was not in the habit of eating breakfast, and it was certainly impossible for her to order congee. Now, while coaxing her little boyfriend, she hurriedly opened the WeChat app and placed her order immediately.

As a platinum customer of Lanting Xuan, she could place her order at any time and the former would deliver it to her door at any time.

However, Chi Xiuyuan was not that easy to coax. He could see some clues from her expression and the movement of her eyes. He frowned and said, “Did you really order?”

He Shuyu hurriedly nodded and sent a screenshot to show that she had really ordered congee.

But within two seconds of sending the screenshot, she noticed that it also showed the time of the order. She instantly withdrew it, but unfortunately, it was still too late.

The man in the video raised his eyebrows high, “You just placed an order?”


He looked a little unhappy.

He Shuyu felt guilty. It had been a long time since her grandfather had passed away, and she hadn’t been governed like this.

She swept her chin with her fingertips, her mouth flowery, “I just want to eat the porridge you make.”

In terms of scheming, there probably weren’t many people who were her match.

After hearing her words, Chi Xiuyuan’s eyes, which rested on the phone screen, unconsciously moved to the side a bit. Obviously, the two of them were not facing each other, but he could not look directly at He Shuyu’s gaze.

Those tea-brown pupils had a fatal attraction that would take away his soul if he wasn’t careful, leaving him with a shell that was still enchanted by her.

His heart disobeyed, and his mouth followed suit.

“Then I’ll make it for you later.”

Only after the words had left his mouth did it dawn on Chi Xiuyuan what he had said, but it was too late to take them back.

He Shuyu was already leaping up, “Then it’s a deal. You’ll make me breakfast every day from now on.”

She continued to climb up the pole, “In that case, it will be inconvenient for us to be apart. Why don’t you move in with me? “

He Shuyu’s heart was known to everyone.


Chi Xiuyuan’s cheeks heated up. Knowing that any further conversation on this topic would definitely make him fall into her pit, he quickly said, “What are you doing now?”

You can’t push your boyfriend too hard.

While regretful, He Shuyu had no choice but to change the subject. “I have a meeting later, and I’m going to read the information first.”

For her, there was no clear line between weekdays and weekends.

Hearing that she had business to attend to, Chi Xiuyuan hurriedly said, “Then you go ahead and remember to eat breakfast.”

He admonished, like a family-oriented husband.

He Shuyu laughed lowly. It made him unsure of why and caused his ears to burn.

Chi Xiuyuan felt this was bad. He was too passive and completely overwhelmed by her. But when he pumped himself up to meet her gaze, his eyes started to dart indefensibly.

It was so cute that He Shuyu couldn’t hold back and gently kissed him through the screen. Seeing that he was at a loss and almost dropped his phone, she took a serious stance and said, “I’ll pick you up at noon and we’ll have dinner together.”

Chi Xiuyuan replied haphazardly. When the call finally ended, his entire body felt like it had been soaking in lava, hot and steamy.

Luckily, there were not many people on the library balcony, and he spoke in a low voice, so he did not attract anyone’s attention.

He dawdled back to his seat. He didn’t read much of the knowledge points from his book, but rather unconsciously drifted off.

Realising that his thoughts were jumping around too much, Chi Xiuyuan quickly patted his cheek to force himself to calm down.

With the He Group foundation’s support for his mother’s medical expenses, he had a respite. He no longer had to go out to work part-time whenever he could, as he had done before.

He focused all his attention on his studies. He knew that to go far, he had to outperform others in terms of grades, and the field of medicine he was studying took even more time.

But he didn’t quit his job at Infinity either; after all, he still needed money to live on for his studies.

Nor could he do it after already receiving so much help from He Shuyu and still clinging to her like a moth.

Two people who should have been on parallel lines crossed paths, and Chi Xiuyuan’s mind was uneasy. Until now, he felt like he was having an absurd dream.

Over the next half-month, Chi Xiuyuan developed a thick skin under He Shuyu’s mouth and was now basically able to keep his cool under her verbal onslaught.

The former, despite her flamboyant mouth, gave him a great deal of freedom and did not force him to take the bull by the horns.

Lanting Xuan was quite elegant. After finishing his lunch and rubbing his bulging stomach, Chi Xiuyuan sent a message to He Shuyu. She had suddenly received a call to return to the office for a meeting. Then, he prepared to leave.

He Shuyu was very busy, so she probably wouldn’t reply to his message too quickly. He didn’t mind, but he secretly wrote down the price list.

When he entered the luxurious restaurant, Chi Xiuyuan left behind the hesitation from his first visit.

He knew he would only be embarrassing He Shuyu if he cowered.

Suddenly, he was bumped on the back of his shoulder.

The person who bumped him made a small apology, but said perfunctorily, “Sorry I didn’t see you.”

The young man who spoke had short, dyed yellow hair. There was a row of earrings in his ears and a cigarette in his mouth, like a hooligan in the poor countryside.

Chi Xiuyuan frowned when he smelled the smoke. When he saw the boy’s appearance, he froze in place.

The other man was chewing on his cigarette as he walked past him, but then looked up at his stiffened gaze.

The teenager stopped in his tracks, his eyebrows bunching up high, “Little bastard-ass! What are you doing here?”

The near-insulting tirade made Chi Xiuyuan’s breath come to a halt.

Chi Yu! Chi Yu!

The wide-open back suddenly became cramped and the scene before him instantly distorted as sneers and insults swarmed from all sides, forcing him into a dimly lit corner.

“Little bastard! Don’t you want money? If you lick my shoes clean, the ten grand is yours! “

“Yo! Still got a temper? It’s okay if you don’t lick it. Your b*tch mother has a lousy life anyway. It’s good to die… “

“A mongrel, and you want to be my equal? Your mother is shamelessly dragging my father around and talking nonsense outside to smear my mother!”

“How dare you bite back after stealing my money? Aren’t you the police? Shouldn’t the police do justice to the victims?”

A deadly dizziness ate away at Chi Xiuyuan’s nerves. He tried hard to close his eyes to ease the anger welling up in his heart, but the voices in his ears grew louder and louder.

He shook his head to shake off the unpleasant and humiliating sight, but no matter what he did, it was in vain.

Someone was screaming in his ears-

“What kind of guests do you receive at Lanting Xuan? Throw him out, or I’ll close your doors today!”

“Brother Yu, who is this? Has he upset you?”

“Is this your father’s illegitimate son? How shameless of him to come here and harass you!”

Chi Xiuyuan suddenly opened his eyes and scarlet blood crawled all over his eyes. The few people around Chi Yu were startled by this, but quickly frowned and showed contempt.

“Didn’t you hear what Young Chi said? Don’t you still throw this ungrateful little mongrel-breed out?”

When He Shuyu arrived at the police station, she saw that her well-behaved little boyfriend had a coloured lip and a small bag for swelling on his forehead.

She took the bag, looking a little cold. Chi Xiuyuan lowered his eyebrows and twitched his lips, not knowing what to say.

“How long has it been since we last saw each other and you’ve learned to fight?” He Shuyu raised her hand to hold up his chin, forcing him to look at her.

Chi Xiuyuan, who had just punched someone in anger, dropped his eyes sheepishly. His long eyelashes twitched every now and then out of unease, bringing out a sense of pity.

He flexed his fingers and took He Shuyu’s other hand, which was carrying the bag. He wrapped it in his palm, whispering, “I’m sorry… for causing you trouble.”

“Trouble with what?” He Shuyu was about to laugh at his appearance at the moment.

Chi Xiuyuan was a little uneasy. He held her hand a little tighter. Thinking about it and feeling that it wasn’t enough, he simply leaned his head over and wrapped his arms around her waist.

I should not have fought…… I’m sorry…… I couldn’t stop myself……”

He whispered his apologies, not daring to look up at all.

He Shuyu, however, didn’t take his words and pushed his shoulders away. She forced him to meet her gaze and re-clasped his chin in her hand. Her thumb pressed up against the cut on his lip.

“What’s the apology for? Is it you who did the wrong? What’s with the weak heart? A fight is a fight. I can’t protect you anymore?”

Her overly righteous words made Chi Xiuyuan’s eyes widen slightly.

The former pressed his wound hard again and said viciously, “Little fool!”

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