Deep Kiss

Chapter 13. You Smell So Good, It’s All About the ….

After the New Year, He Shuyu was very busy. So busy, in fact, that she almost had a stomach bug again.

It was a good thing that Luo Zhiyao was always watching her eating habits, and Shen Yuen knew that she was too busy to care about anything. He would often call Secretary Qiu or order takeaway for her.

He Jinshu came to the He Group again. He made a scene, but unfortunately, he had never been a fatherly figure in front of He Shuyu, so he had to leave in disgrace.

On the night of the Lantern Festival, He Shuyu had a party at Infinity. She didn’t want to go, but changed her mind when she saw the cooperation plan.

Today she changed to a Porsche. It was still white, which she seemed to love. Most of the cars in the garage were white too.


As soon as her car entered, someone immediately informed the others at the dinner party. Several men, also business owners, came out to greet He Shuyu.

The woman surrounded by people was draped in a long trench coat. Her pale pink high heels were studded with diamonds, causing a beautiful hue to flow in the bright light of the corridor.

The secretary beside her, Qiu, carried her bag while others smiled and exchanged pleasantries. She responded to them indifferently. Occasionally, she would say a few words when a topic of interest came up.

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Secretary Qiu reminded her in a low voice that she should go to the right, but she stood straight in place, not saying a word.


Several of the bosses were unsure, but when they saw her smile disappear, they stopped and followed her line of sight.

As far as they could see, there was a waiter pushing a wine trolley.

In front of him stood two enchantingly dressed women. They didn’t know what they had said, but the young man took a step back.

One of the women suddenly sneered. She took a glass of unfinished red wine from the trolley and splashed it in his face.

Several of the bosses felt cold all over. Before they could react, He Shuyu, who was surrounded by them, had already walked out.

Narrow, high heels stepped on the red carpet. The pink diamonds glittered, and the cold light flowed.

Chi Xiuyuan closed his eyes and let the red wine splash on his face. It was cold and uncomfortable.

The red wine slid down his skin and into the collar of his coat.

It was cold and chilly in the winter.

Working at Infinity, one encountered all kinds of guests. Some were gentle and courteous, while others were arrogant and domineering.

The demolition had not yet come to fruition, and he was in no position to use it as a means of capital recklessly. He could only close his eyes and endure it.

“Aren’t you quite stubborn in front of me? Why do you take it meekly when people splash you with red wine? “


A cold female voice suddenly appeared. Chi Xiuyuan’s eyes widened, and he turned his head.

The corridor light haloed. The woman folded her arms across her chest, frowning unhappily, only two steps away from him.

He Shuyu ……

It was her.

Her appearance caused the two women who had spoken out of turn to look at each other.

He Shuyu glanced at the wine glass on the floor. She reached out and swept a hand over the wine stains left in Chi Xiuyuan’s hair and twisted it with her index finger.

She said softly, “Look, it’s all dirty.”

The four short words made the two women tremble a bit.

One of them opened her mouth to say something, but she saw He Shuyu casually pick up an unopened bottle of red wine from the wine cart and take the bottle opener.

The bottle was opened with a pop.

He Shuyu smelled the fragrance of wine overflowing from the bottle and smiled lightly, “I’ll buy you a drink. You don’t need to be polite. “

The two women’s hearts were faint, not knowing what she meant. The woman who had spilled Chi Xiuyuan’s wine carefully reached out her hand under her gaze.


Instead of handing her the bottle, He Shuyu lifted it high and tilted the top.

The sound of gurgling was extraordinarily clear in the silent corridor.

The woman’s eyes widened as the cold red wine drowned her clothes and seeped into her skin.

She didn’t dare say anything, let alone resist. She just waited as the wine seeped into her scalp. It trickled down her forehead, across her throat, and into her collar.

The scent of wine was overwhelming. All of the people passing by stopped in the corridor and watched the scene with caution. The other woman shivered with fear.

Secretary Qiu listened to the inhalation of breath around him and could not bring himself to look back.

Was this… President He?

After pouring the entire bottle of red wine, He Shuyu casually threw the bottle on the red carpet. After a thud, she drew the paper from the wine cart to wipe her hands.

“82-year old Lafite. How does it taste? “

The light rhetorical question made the air even more oppressive.

The woman’s eyes widened, and she sat down on her knees with a thud. Her voice trembled, “He… He… I didn’t know he was…… I…… sorry! I’m sorry!”

“Can someone who is not mine be insulted by you?”


He Shuyu glanced at her and saw the manager rushing next to her. She casually said, “Manager Wen, I don’t want to see her at Infinity in the future.”

With a single command, the woman’s face turned white with fear. Manager Wen smiled repeatedly, “President He, it’s because of our poor hospitality. We won’t have such a guest in the future. Please forgive me!”

He Shuyu replied indifferently. She looked at Chi Xiuyuan, who was thinking about something with his head bowed, and said, “Lend me your man for a while.”

After saying this, she grabbed Chi Xiuyuan’s wrist and pulled him to the private room she often went to.

Secretary Qiu pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose and calmly said to the few old bosses around him, “Sorry, President He has some important matters to deal with. Please come with me. The matter of cooperation.. “

Secretary Qiu was worthy of being the chief secretary of He Shuyu’s secretarial team. No matter what he said, no one would believe him, so he did not change his face. He simply took care of the aftermath for his boss. He simply led the bosses to another box to discuss cooperation.

Manager Wen sent He Shuyu away with a smile on his face. Then, he turned his head to look at the two people with pale faces, with the same smile on his face, and said, “I’m sorry, you two, but tonight your purchase is free on behalf of Infinity.”

The manager’s tone paused before continuing, “We just have to cancel your membership cards.”

He Shuyu pulled Chi Xiuyuan towards the box, and after a few steps, he held her wrist in turn.

She turned her head back to meet the latter’s dark pupils.

Chi Xiuyuan’s eyes were deep, like a mysterious galaxy in the dark night sky. Not just black and heavy, but full of starlight that one couldn’t help but fall into.

Now, his expression was complicated, and his gaze even contained a variety of emotions. It was as if he was torn, but he did not know what to say, so he was silent instead.

She raised an eyebrow and said, “I helped you. Even if you don’t have a thank you, why are you looking at me like that? “

“You…” Chi Xiuyuan’s mind turned to countless thoughts as she pulled him all the way into the box.

He Shuyu waited for him to speak. Her head was tilted in anticipation, a hundred thousand miles away from the cold face she had just shown when she poured out the wine.

It was hard to imagine that the detached He Shuyu would have such an expression.

Like a girl in love waiting for a response. While waiting for the person she liked to lower his head and give her a kiss on the lips.

This association brought Chi Xiuyuan back to his senses instantly. He averted his eyes and tried to organize his words. But even after trying for a long time, he couldn’t utter a complete sentence.

“Are you here to… work?” He had seen the people around her, all suited and booted. Their eyes fell on her, with her as the sole focus.

He Shuyu shook her head.

Chi Xiuyuan was a little surprised and suddenly wondered what she was doing over here.

For some reason, he had a vague sense of anticipation in his heart, but knew that couldn’t be.

“I haven’t seen you for half a month. Couldn’t I have just taken the opportunity at work to see if I could run into you by chance?”

The kid was a no-nonsense, shrinking violet. He clearly wanted to know, but was afraid to ask, so he beat around the bush.

Having not seen him for half a month, he seemed even more squirmy than before, when he was softened by her attitude.

Thinking of this, He Shuyu spat at Luo Zhiyao and once again criticised her for coming up with a bad idea.

She also questioned how she had managed to take down Shen Yuen.

Chi Xiuyuan didn’t know what was going through He Shuyu’s mind. He could only feel her gaze falling on his face, as if she wanted to see his heart through his expression.

He heard the sound of his heart pounding. It was not too obvious through the thick clothes, but he couldn’t fool himself.

He was much happier than he had been now that He Shuyu had vented his anger for him a moment ago.

Unaware of the subtlety in his mind, He Shuyu grabbed him by the arm and pushed him to sit on the sofa. Seeing his lips tighten, she burst into laughter.

“Don’t be so nervous. I wouldn’t come here even if I wanted to dominate. Sit down. There’s red wine all over your hair. I’ll wipe it off for you.”

For a while, Chi Xiuyuan didn’t know whether to get up or not. She didn’t give him a chance to hesitate. She picked up the paper on the table to suck the red wine out of his hair.

His face was also stained with wine. He Shuyu seemed to find it inconvenient to wipe it off standing up, so she simply sat down beside him. She forced him to turn around and face her before wiping the red wine off his face.

The cold fragrance of her body was transmitted to Chi Xiuyuan from within easy reach.

The enclosed room was large enough, but the warmth of the scent flowed through it, disturbing his heart and making him feel desperate for something to do to calm down.

As she rubbed, He Shuyu’s hands slowed down.

Chi Xiuyuan raised his eyes slightly and noticed that her eyes fell on his lips.

In an instant, his spine tensed up. He even hesitated about whether to dodge her immediately or push her away.

He didn’t know if He Shuyu could tell what he was thinking, but she pulled out another piece of paper and pressed it against his lips.

Chi Xiuyuan’s hand hanging on the sofa involuntarily curled up, and he heard a shallow tone in his ear.

“Chi Chi, you smell so good. It’s all the wine. I’m craving it.”

The woman gazed at him, a smile between her brows. Her tea-brown pupils gleamed so brightly that there was no escape but to fall.

Heat instantly popped up in his face with a poof.

Chi Xiuyuan was so hot that he burned. The teary mole at the end of his eye wavered, looking extraordinarily sultry against the few drops of red wine on the side of his face.

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