Dwarf in the Future

Chapter 27.4: Green Hat (4)


It was rare for Chu Rong to return home on time. As soon as he entered the door, he noticed the out of place wooden coffee table in the living room. He walked over, kicked it, touched it again, frowned, and looked for someone in the living room, but didn’t find the familiar figure. He looked at A1 waiting in the corner of the living room and asked, “Where is he?”

A1 pointed to the kitchen.

“Cooking?” Chu Rong’s knitted brows loosened.

The light on A1’s head flickered and gave an affirmative answer.

“Then why aren’t you helping?” Ancestor Chu was dissatisfied.

A1 stopped in place, and its program started to flash frantically— what should it do when the master asked it not to enter the kitchen while the second master asked it to help? It wasn’t written in the program.

“Nevermind.” Ancestor Chu took great compassion and did not continue to embarrass the simple housework robot, and walked towards the kitchen.

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“What’s wrong with my green hat?” Qiao Zhiya refused to accept it, knitted his eyebrows, and said, “Green is the most beautiful color. It’s the color of nature and very beautiful! You can’t reject my aesthetics!” And the aesthetics of all elves and dwarves!

Elves liked green the most while dwarves liked green and brown the most! And so, he liked both! He wasn’t accepting objection and negation!

Incurably stupid.

Chu Rong gave up explaining to him the popular meaning of the green hat here1[A “green heat” signifies that a man’s spouse or lover has cheated on him.] and put him on the sofa. After sending A1 to the kitchen, he gestured to the wooden coffee table and asked, “Where is the original one?”  

Qiao Zhiya wanted to find some reason to fool him, but dwarves were born with no ability to lie. After struggling for a long time, he still bowed his head and honestly replied, “I broke it… I’m sorry.”  

The specially-made composite metal table— fire-proof, explosion-proof, and earthquake-proof— was actually broken?

Chu Rong looked at him from head to toe, sat on the wooden coffee table, and asked in a deep voice, “How did it break?”  

“It accidentally split into half…” Qiao Zhiya looked at him carefully, put his hand nervously on his knee, and said, “I was going to buy an exact same one, but the product identification scanner seems to be broken. It can’t scan the material of the table and can’t match the same kind of commodities. I had no way, so I bought this… If you don’t like it, I’ll change it again. There’s still a 7-day warranty for returning and replacement…” After speaking, he looked at him cautiously.

It was a special coffee table. To be able to scan it would be odd. He even knew that the item had a 7-day warranty… Wait a second.

Chu Rong suddenly became serious and reached out his hand, “Give me your communicator.”  

Intimidated by his stern expression, Qiao Zhiya, who was already guilty of making a mistake, gave him his communicator obediently, leaned over slightly, and carefully asked, “What happened? Is there a problem…?”

After checking his account balance with an admin authority, Chu Rong’s expression turned dark. He returned his communicator and replied, “It’s a big problem. Be honest. What have you bought at home? Why is there no money left in your account?”  The habit of indiscriminately spending money had already formed before entering the society. What would happen to him after entering it? It’s not good, how could the child taught by Chu Rong become bad!

Unexpectedly, what he asked was this. Qiao Zhiya paused, his eyes were empty, and he was afraid that he would check his own transaction records. Thinking of his haircut, he became bold and confidently replied, “I bought a jade for you and this hat… Am I wrong for buying it? These were all bought because of you! Then give  the jade back to me. I’ll sell it and get the money back!”  

“No way!” Chu Rong immediately rejected. He thought of the jade with beautiful patterns hanging on his space button, and he was once again in a good mood. “The money that should be spent still has to be spent.”  

Qiao Zhiya covered his messy hair and dared not speak in anger— what did he mean about the money that should be spent? Originally, these two clusters of money should not be spent!

Seeing his dissatisfaction, Ancestor Chu felt strangely better. He pinched ears, connected Qiao Zhiya’s communicator with his, drew 10, 000 Federal Units, and said, “You can’t always buy jade even though you like it. One piece a month is enough. You’re responsible for the money that exceeds your budget. The children of the Chu family should learn how to reasonably consume.” He couldn’t be the same as that prodigal Lao San2[He’s referring to the ‘third child in the family.’].

Chu Rong’s face turned black when he thought of his naughty brother who didn’t know where he was going,3[It might mean that he couldn’t peacefully stay in one place.] and his elder brother who unconditionally spoiled him. He suddenly felt that Qiao Zhiya’s hobby of playing jade was very good, saving money and free from worry.

My Chu family’s child…

Qiao Zhiya’s ears shook, and all his anger disappeared. He looked at him brightly, suddenly rushed to hug him, rubbed against his chest, and said in a low voice, “I won’t recklessly spend money. I’ll try to make money.” …and earn a lot.

“Don’t act like a spoiled child.”  

In just a few days, Chu Rong had become accustomed to his way of expressing intimacy. He naturally pulled him out of his arms. His tone was full of disdain, but he gently touched his head with his hand and said, “You’re going to the junior college right away. Study hard. It’s an adult’s business to earn money. You don’t need to worry about it.”  

Qiao Zhiya’s ears shook and continued to nuzzle in his embrace.

Why wouldn’t he worry? He wanted to make a lot of money and repay the White-Haired Monster.

Weekend came. After thinking about it for a few days, Qiao Zhiya uploaded the giant sword to the commodity library of the Famous Brands. He contacted their customer service, assigned the giant sword to the mecha model weapon area, and participated anonymously in a single auction of machine armor model accessories at the weekend.

He gave all the valuation and weapon identification to the Famous Brands for processing. The necessary expenses would be deducted together with the handling fees after the product was sold. He only sent the goods and waited for the money to arrive.

After dealing with all this, he reluctantly took the dark blue hat Chu Rong bought for him and went out with him.

“I’ll first take you to buy some school supplies.” Dressed in casual clothes, Chu Rong turned over the list that Fan Xiangnan had made for him in advance and arranged today’s itinerary, “After shopping, go to the office, share the transportation card, have lunch, buy a mecha model in the afternoon, take a walk, have dinner, and then go home.”  

Qiao Zhiya objected, “Let me have a haircut first.”  

Chu Rong’s hand flipping through the list paused, and he looked at him. 

“I want to cut my hair first.” Qiao Zhiya raised his head and looked at him, again emphasizing his statement.

The atmosphere between them was in a stalemate for two seconds. Chu Rong pressed a hand on his face and compromised, “Fine, let’s have your haircut first.” After speaking, he took a look at the list on his hand and irritably turned it off— raising a child was really troublesome.

After finding the best barbershop in the nearest commercial district, Chu Rong stuffed Qiao Zhiya inside and said to the hairstylist who came over, “Give him a neat short haircut.”  

The hairstylist nodded to express his understanding. After arranging Qiao Zhiya to sit down, he first admired his beautiful appearance and then took off the hat on his head.


How could this dog-gnawed hairstyle spoil such a beautiful face?!

Noticing the hair stylist’s constipated-like expression and Chu Rong’s instantly cold expression through the mirror, Qiao Zhiya moved and asked, “I accidentally made this. Can it be remedied?”  

Chu Rong looked at him through the mirror, his mouth twitched, and he was very satisfied— this child was raised well. Very good.

“…It can be fixed.” The hairstylist regained his senses. Maintaining a polite smile, he touched his head, gently brushed the short hair that felt good, and when he was about to praise the luster of his hair, his attention was attracted by a small tip that had been poking out of his hair, and his hand could not help moving there.

Eh, this is

“Don’t you dare touch it.” Ancestor Chu coldly warned.


The hairstylist swished back his hand, but his gaze was still stuck on the small pointed ears which were different but beautiful, and his eyes were shining.

Qiao Zhiya’s back was numbed by his fixed stare, his ears couldn’t help shaking, and the hair stylist’s eyes became even hotter.

“Don’t cut, let’s change shop.” Ancestor Chu ran out of patience. He strode forward and put on the hat for Qiao Zhiya. He grabbed him and went straight out of the barbershop. He quickly left behind the hairstylist who was about to stop them.

Qiao Zhiya regretfully fixed his hat and asked, “Where shall we go to cut it?”  

“Let’s go to…” Chu Rong frowned, looked at the people coming and going to the very busy shopping mall, turned around, walked towards a slightly deserted corner, and said, “You don’t need a living person to cut your hair.”  

Ten minutes later, Qiao Zhiya was seated in front of a robot, scared witless as he let it cut his hair.

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