Dwarf in the Future

Chapter 27.3: Green Hat (3)


After buying a lot of high-grade earth magic stones at a great price and confirming that his magic supply would be sufficient, Qiao Zhiya spent two days painting magic arrays on all sides of the jade.

On a night after dinner, Chu Rong, who was about to go to the study, was stopped by Qiao Zhiya.

“What’s the matter?” He asked, reaching for Qiao Zhiya’s long bangs.

Qiao Zhiya gripped the pendant in his hand, reached out, and handed it over. He said, “This, I made a new one, which is a bit more beautiful than the last one. Can you return the old one to me and put this new one in your small pouch to carry with you?” The old one has been worn for a while, and the magic power had been consumed a bit. The color must had become lighter. In order to prevent the other party from discovering this anomaly, it was better to take it back.

Chu Rong raised his eyebrows, lowered his head, picked up the diamond-shaped jadeite from his hand, and looked at him again. He then took out the small pouch containing the old one from his chest pocket, put it inside his space button, and tied the new jade pendant to his space button. He rubbed his hair and said, “That mecha model has a good gift in return.” During his series of actions, there was no intention of returning the old jade in his small pouch to him at all.

“But, but…” Qiao Zhiya was anxious, staring at the space button he was holding, and then glanced at the jade hanging on his space button. He couldn’t help taking a step forward and wanted to reach out, “Let me put it into your small pouch. Hanging it directly this way and it may fall—”

“Jade is not as easy to break as you think.” After receiving a gift, Chu Rong was in a good mood. He unexpectedly pushed aside the bangs covering his eyes, picked him up, and said, “Your hair has already grown so long, I’ll cut it for you.”  

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He was so clumsy. He couldn’t even control his own ears.

Ancestor Chu stretched out his hand to rub his hair again and pushed the machine down without warning.

“Ah!” Qiao Zhiya, whose broken hair swept her neck, was so surprised that he almost jumped up.

Chu Rong quickly held him down and said, “Stay still, I’m just helping you fix the ends of your hair.”  

“Oh, is that so?” Qiao Zhiya swallowed his saliva and sat back properly, suppressing his urge to cover his head and avoid. He raised his hand to grab his clothes, closed his eyes, and said like a strong man dying, “You, you cut it. I won’t move.”  

Chu Rong glanced at the paw on his clothes and sneered, “Childish.”  

Qiao Zhiya pretended to be deaf.

The next day, Chu Rong, who was about to go out after eating breakfast, looked back at Qiao Zhiya who was lying on the sofa. He paused and said, “I’ll take you out this weekend.”  

Qiao Zhiya gave him a blank look and turned his head.

…His temper was quite big.

“I’ll buy you another set of mecha models.” Ancestor Chu added conditions. After receiving a mockery from the back of his head, he turned his eyes around his dog-gnawed hair, moved his eyes away, and added, “By the way, I’ll take you to have your hair cut again.”  

Qiao Zhiya was finally willing to directly look at him this time. With a sullen face, he moved his lips and whispered, “Drive carefully. Go early and return early.”  

After finally hearing what he wanted to hear, Ancestor Chu nodded reservedly, turned around, and went out.

After he left, Qiao Zhiya got up from the sofa and ran to the bathroom to look at his messy hair. He frowned and adapted to it for a while. In the end, he turned his head away and ran back to his room, and bought himself a hat using the light brain.

After learning today’s course, Qiao Zhiya studied the method of magic potion production for a while. Seeing that it was still early, he touched the hat on his head lifelessly.

The money for selling sapphire was almost gone. In the future, he had to make magic potions, buy herbs and pharmaceutical tools. The number of magic stones with other attributes in his hand was limited and would run out sooner or later. Just sitting and eating was not a long-term plan, he had to find a way to make money as soon as possible. 

He didn’t dare to move the mutant red tin ore anymore. The magic consumption needed to sort out the ore was too much. Selling all the magic stones in his hand and replacing them with earth magic stones might not be enough to resolve mutant red tin ores that reached the sale standard quantity.

What should he do now and what should he use to make money?

After lying down for a while, he sat up and poured out all the things that could be sold in his storage ring. His eyes scanned around and finally landed on the space button when Tan Shengwei sent him things for the first time. He hesitated on several metal boxes, but still shifted his sight away.

Those boxes were filled with jewels and other items found on the warship. They were valuable, but he didn’t want to sell them. After all, they were things of unknown origin, and they weren’t like magic stones that could be used to change shapes and sell them. There were still certain safety risks. Furthermore, selling them was just another way to deplete a mountain of wealth1[坐吃山空 means to spend one’s money without generating any income.]. What he was looking for now was a way to make money.

Looking around again, he thought about it and finally picked up the secondary mutant red tin ore.

The customer service representative said that this thing could be sold as mecha model weapons or jewelry… It seemed too impractical to make jewelry, but integrating it into mecha model weapons seemed okay? Moreover, making model weapons somehow had something to do with mecha manufacturing, which was good for his future study.

Once this idea came out, he couldn’t stop himself. He hurriedly put everything on the table away, took out the two mecha models that Chu Rong gave him, and removed the weapon of one of the mecha models.

The mecha models that Chu Rong sent were the best. If he had spiritual power, he could even use it to control them for battle. If he didn’t choose to use spiritual power, he could do some tricks through manual operation using the remote control.

A good mecha model was like a scaled-down mecha, with most of the functions of a real mecha. Also, because of the model’s fun size and nature, certain weapon designs that seemed very unreasonable on real mechas could be used on models. The field of mecha designing weapons for various types of mecha models was a very popular branch of gameplay.

Mecha driving was limited to those with B or above level spiritual power, which caused most humans to only drive mechas in simulation cabins for their entire lives without having a chance to drive a real one. Their enthusiasm for mechas had nowhere to vent in reality, so they turned to mecha models. In short, the mecha model industry was a well-deserved hot spot in the Federation and the Empire.

Qiao Zhiya studied the original weapons that were dismantled from the mecha model. He also searched for the types of weapons with the light brain, and eventually set his sights on the category of handheld cold weapons. He didn’t understand the thermal system and energy system required by hot weapons at all, but he had done forging of cold weapons thousands of times and was already proficient.

Since he decided to do it, he could only do his best. After deciding on the direction of weapon production, he logged into the mecha model weapon design forum with his light brain and saw the cold weapons designed by others, as well as various refined production tutorials.

After learning these, he searched the existing classic productions of various types of cold weapons, looked at the cold weapons battle videos recorded by online mecha model enthusiasts, and carefully studied the attack rhythm of the mecha models.

Finally, he turned his gaze on the two models of the weapons that had been dismantled. He turned his gaze around and picked up the heavier mecha model— it’s you! 

He touched the empty handheld weapon slot of the mecha model and squinted happily.

He built a forging platform with a low-level big earth magic stone first, drew an acceleration magic array, put the fire magic stone in the center of the array, waited for the temperature to rise, and then drew a strengthening magic circle on the other side, and activated it with gold magic stones. Ultimately, he drew a stable method array at the bottom of the basin next to it, activated it with a water magic stone, and filled the basin with water.

When he was ready, he took out the secondary mutant red tin ore and put it on the forging table. He took out a small hammer, imagined the outline of the weapon in his head, and hammered it accurately.

It took half an hour to produce the embryo of the weapon and another hour to draw the precise weapon size based on the illustration and refine it. The array in front of him exuded bursts of heat. Although there was no open flame, the heat generated when forging the weapon still made him sweat on his forehead.

After the weapon was cooled down, he quickly took out his magic pen, condensed the magic power on his fingertips, and drew a magic array on the weapon’s surface. He initially did not activate it and then put the formed giant sword into the strengthened magic array that was relying on the gold magic stone to be continuously active.

A soft light rose and the magic array on the giant sword surface emitted a golden light, which quickly swept across the entire sword body and then sank into the weapon.


He happily turned off all the magic arrays, put away the temporary casting table, carefully picked up the deep purple giant sword with the golden magic array pattern engraved on its body, and wiped the sweat from his forehead.

He hadn’t made a weapon for a while. His hands were somewhat raw, but fortunately, he still successfully made it.

He couldn’t wait to see the power of this weapon. He took out the mecha model and installed the giant sword. He remembered the beautiful light effects and sharp strike effects of the cold weapons in the video, took out the unused mecha model remote control, found the attack option, and pressed it.

Upon receiving the attack command, the mecha model immediately moved, waved its arm, and viciously slashed towards the air in front of it!

After a sharp blast through the air, with a bang, the giant sword sliced through the air and landed on the table. The tabletop cracked, and it grew deeper and longer. With a rumble, the metal split in half and fell apart. The self-protection mechanism of the mecha model was turned on and flew into the air for standby. 

Qiao Zhiya was dumbstruck, tightened his hand holding the remote control, and froze in place.

How— how could it be like this?  He made the forging table temporarily. The magic array on it was only the primary magic array he drew, not the advanced ones. He didn’t inject magic when forging. The last magic array was only added because it was his first time to forge weapons after having magic power. He wanted to practice his hands… How could this weapon be so powerful? This was not right! It was only a simple brandish, he didn’t even increase the attack intensity of the mecha model!

Something’s wrong! That wasn’t shown in the video!

He stretched out his hand to pull down the mecha model, touched its arm, looked at the giant sword, looked down at the broken coffee table on the ground, and he was so scared that his ears were stretched straight. What—what should he do? How should he explain the coffee table being broken to the White-Haired Monster?

Was he going to honestly say that it happened because he tested a new weapon for the mecha model? However, how could he explain that he had a mutant red tin ore in his hand? He couldn’t expose his storage ring.

With all kinds of thoughts churning in his head, his body became increasingly stiff. Eventually, he collapsed and hid in the kitchen— first, make something delicious to please the White-Haired Monster…

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