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  • Daydreaming About Me

    Chapter 16.2 How did you manage to advance into senior high (2)

    She originally thought they would get into another war of words.

    In the end, nothing happened. The people in the front seats were very quiet, not a single word was uttered on the road, it was just that the knit brows hadn’t unfurled from start to end.

    Half an hour later, the car arrived at the street before Eighth High. Lin Yujing patted her seat. “Drop me off here. I can walk over myself. Otherwise, you’ll have to make a detour.”

    Fu Mingxiu gave her a glance and parked the car on the road side. He paused for a moment before coughing twice loudly, “Hey.”

    Lin Yujing had just opened the door, turning her head back and shooting him a questioning look.


    “The food in the fridge,” Fu Mingxiu looked at her before turning his head away, “can be eaten. You don’t need to think too much about it”

    Lin Yujing was dumbfounded.

    Fu Mingxiu clicked his tongue in irritation and glared at her. “That’s it. Hurry up and get off. Don’t you see how the road’s getting congested up front? Do you think I don’t need to hurry to school?”

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    Li Lin, who was seated behind her, looked at her as though she was a ray of light in his life, his eyes twinkling, “Jing’er, have you done the physics assignment?”


    Lin Yujing let out an “ah” and took out the physics paper from her bag to give to him, even asking, “Do you want math’s as well?”

    “I do I do I do,” Li Lin took it, feeling so touched he was nearly going to snivel. He quickly copied it at tremendous speed and said without lifting his head, “I’m too fucking touched. My entire life’s luck must’ve been used to meet such a considerate seatmate like you. You are my bread and butter, the light of my life.”

    Li Lin was only able to say this stuff in Shen Juan’s absence. His mouth was akin to a juicer that could squeeze out obscenities, however, the moment Shen Juan arrived, the power would be cut off.

    Li Lin copied homework while chatting with Lin Yujing, though most of the time, she was only listening to Li Lin as he drank chrysanthemum tea, “It’s true. I admire you. You can fearlessly confront the school tyrant who kills without blinking an eye. Such courage and guts makes commoners like me have a whole lot of respect for you.

    Lin Yujing held her head, recalling the expression the boy had after the slap.

    Stupefied, blank, surprise, and disbelief were all mixed together, making it very complicated to the extent that he had even forgotten to get angry.

    Lin Yujing had assumed that her little life was going to end right there.

    The school tyrant had been slapped, and by a girl at that. If this news were to spread out, would delinquent bro still have face?

    Lin Yujing decided to treat Shen Juan to a meal if she had the time in order to solemnly show her regret.

    In the end, she waited until lunch break had arrived yet Shen Juan did not turn up.

    Lin Yujing ate lunch outside by herself before returning, biting on the straw of a milk carton as she walked back to school. Just as she reached the school entrance, a figure dashed towards her.

    And crashed into her arms.


    There was even someone throwing themselves into people’s arms in school now?

    The milk carton in Lin Yujing’s hand nearly got knocked away as she took two steps back. She looked at Little Marshmallow anxiously staring up at her, looking as if she was going to burst into tears.

    Her school uniform was all wrinkled and her hair was in disarray, chalk marks of every color were all over her clothes, covering a large area and looking very conspicuous. One look was enough to know that someone had deliberately smeared it on her. There was even a bruise at the tail of her eye as though she had knocked onto something.

    Several students in the surroundings cast glances at her.

    Lin Yujing’s face turned cold. “Who did this to you? Was it Red Bracelet?”

    Little Marshmallow didn’t speak and only shook her head, her eyes red, “Th-They’re l-looking for y-you downstairs, d-…don’t go back.”

    Lin Yujing smiled, “They’re looking for me? That’s great. Saves me the effort to look for them.”

    She said, walking towards the school building. Little Marshmallow tried to stop her, bursting into tears and sobbing, her body quivering, “It’s because of me. Don’t go. She h-has a l-lot of people w-with her…d-don’t go….”

    Lin Yujing paused and looked at her.

    She was about 1.68 meters tall whereas Little Marshmallow was short, thin and frail. She was a head shorter than her so when she looked down, the girl’s quivering shoulders and messy hair entered her view.

    Lin Yujing sighed, raising a hand to tidy her collar. “Even though I still don’t know your name, I really like you.”

    Little Marshmallow lifted his head up, her face streaming with tears. Her nose had turned red from sniffling, cutting a sorry figure.


    Lin Yujing bent down slightly, patting down her disarrayed hair and saying, “I won’t let anyone bully the people I like.”

    Lin Yujing pulled Little Marshmallow towards the second years’ building, seeing a group of people standing at the entrance. Little Marshmallow had told her that Red Bracelet’s name was Li Shiqi. At this moment, the person herself stood in the center, talking to a guy at the side.

    Lin Yujing swept them a look. There were four to five girls and one boy. They were too far away to identify clearly but she could see that he was very tall and strong.

    They didn’t know which class Lin Yujing was from and Little Marshmallow definitely wouldn’t spit it out so they simply waited by the entrance. Lin Yujing didn’t understand why such a trivial matter that happened half a week ago couldn’t have just ended back then, and also didn’t know why they had to come looking for her on a Monday.

    Was it because the school’s flag raising ceremony was held on Mondays? So it’d look very ceremonial?

    Li Shiqi also spotted her and the whole group stood straight. Among them was a beefy and burly guy, who had a school jacket draped around himself, yet was still clearly unable to blend in as an Eighth High student.

    Lin Yujing walked closer and the moment she saw the guy’s face clearly, she chuckled.

    She couldn’t help but feel it was such a coincidence, bumping into the same people she had met back then.

    It was Muscle Bro.

    The Muscle Bro from outside 7-11.

    The Muscle Bro who retched from taking two hits to the guts by Shen Juan.

    This was also probably fate.


    Muscle Bro must’ve not recognized her. After all, she was only part of the backdrop back then. He must’ve turned stupid after that punch by Shen Juan but the others hadn’t noticed because he still had that cool expression on his face.

    Lin Yujijng turned to Li Shiqi. “Sister, what is this?”

    Li Shiqi crossed her arms at her. “It’s what it looks like. My brother was free today so I brought him here to greet you,” She took one step closer to her, “Kneel down, give me an apology and let me return the slap you gave me. We’re only here to say hi.”


    Lin Yujing started to doubt the ascension rate of Eighth High, wanting to ask this delinquent girl whose thought process operated as if she was still in the second year of junior high. How did you manage to advance into senior high?

    Lin Yujing licked her lips and smiled, saying, “Let’s do it like this. I don’t feel as if that matter was that big of a deal and I have a few ways to settle matters. Have a listen and see if you agree.”

    She spoke very softly, her voice infused with amusement and completely devoid of the arrogant and vicious air she had back at the rice noodle shop.

    Li Shiqi also smiled, looking at her with a high and mighty air and a smug face, feeling as if she had the upper hand.

    There were several people on the playground during afternoon break, the people in the surroundings looking their way. Lin Yujing raised a thumb, “First, I’ll beat you up, you call me dad and then apologize to my friend.”

    She then raised her index finger, “Second, I won’t hit you. You’ll be more conscientious, call me dad and then apologize to my friend.”

    Lin Yujing looked at her calmly and very democratically sought her opinion. “At present, I have these two solutions. If you have any other proposals, we can negotiate but you must fulfill these two conditions.”

    Having never met someone like her, it took Li Shiqi a few seconds before she could react. Li Shiqi had a good appearance, appearing like the type that belonged to the dance department, a fashionable girl with a bit of a temper.

    At this moment, the fashionable girl’s face twisted, appearing as though she couldn’t wait to peel her skin off, “You sure are a bitch. Is your hobby getting beaten up?”

    Lin Yujing tilted her head and smiled, “I’ve never taken a beating in my life before, “Her eyes were curved and she smiled gently and pleasantly, “My hobby is making other people call me dad.”


    The author has something to say:

    Shen Juan, your wife’s going around and recognizing sons, do you mind?

    Shen Juan says I don’t mind, I also like sons

    Thank you for everyone’s vote. Thank you thank you. It’s time to spend money. This author is going to take this money and quickly go to the supermarket to add a small container of meat to my bok choy rice noodles.

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