Daydreaming About Me

Chapter 17 His pants were fucking worn inside out

The part about never having to take a beating was a lie. In truth, Lin Yujing had suffered many beatings since she was young.

Back then, when she was still wet behind the ears, her temper was really bad. She would put on a cold face every day and with her stubborn, nasty temper, with no one to look after her, she was like a little wild brat. She acted like a boy all day and would go home covered in scars.

When Lu Jiaheng and Cheng Yi weren’t present, she and a group of children got into a fight. She got pressed down on the ground but was still unwilling to admit defeat. Even if she couldn’t move her hands or feet, she would still try to bite them like a small beast gone wild.

A very willful child, completely the opposite of who she was now.

The accumulation of quantity leads to a qualitative leap. Fighting was an example. The more one endured getting beaten up, the more one’s body will remember.


When Lin Yujing realized that her own parents indeed didn’t love her, her character started to undergo change. Her sharp edges became round and smooth. The thorns covering her body gradually retracted without a sound. When she was 12 years old, she learned judo for a year together with Lu Jiaheng and ever since then, she was the one doing the beating.

Later on, Lin Yujing became very low-key. Everybody had become mature junior high students, no longer as impulsive and reckless as they once were. After all, what will violence solve? There’s nothing more important than one’s studies. Only through studying was she able to feel delight.

And so, in the end, when Lu Jiaheng and Chengyi got involved in fights, Lin Yujing wouldn’t join in on the fun. The youths’ hot-blooded, young and healthy bodies were intertwined with curse words and she crouched at the side, reciting ancient prose to them.

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Nw Kkybldt: “…..”

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The neighborhood was quite old and there was a shed for bicycles to park at the side. The blue shed top was very filthy, covered in marks of having undergone hardship. In the corner was a calico cat. Upon hearing noises, it raised its head and let out a languid meow.


Little Marshmallow was already too frightened to even speak. She held onto Lin Yujing’s sleeve tightly, wanting to pull her back.

Lin Yujing patted her hand as if to comfort her and pulled her to stand behind her before sweeping a gaze at the surroundings.

She also understood something. The reason why Li Shiqi came to look for her today was because her “brother” also had time today. No matter how mean she tried to be, a girl like her would definitely be afraid when confronted with a strong looking person of the opposite sex. Li Shiqi must’ve still felt fear towards Lin Yujing which was why she didn’t look for her alone. She had to have someone as her supporting ground.

As long as Muscle Bro was here, she would assume a high and mighty attitude. However, if she were to lose her supporting ground, she would be nothing more than a piece of prop.

“Let me be clear. This matter will end here.” Lin Yujing looked at the beefy brother. “Let’s settle this matter cleanly today. No matter what the outcome is, there’s no need to return it.”

Li Shiqi didn’t speak, turned her head to look at the people beside her.

In truth, Muscle Bro was just here as a supporting ground and didn’t have plans to make any move towards a girl. Whatever fights went on between girls should be dealt by themselves, even if it was taking revenge. Otherwise, if he were to let it leak that he had beaten up a little lady, it would’ve been very embarrassing.

Muscle Bro looked at her and nodded. “Fine.”

Just as he finished, Lin Yujing immediately rushed up to him.

Muscle Bros’s line of thought was still in the middle of thinking about letting Li Shiqi deal with her own matters and didn’t think she would charge at him directly at all.

Lin Yujing moved very quickly. The two people originally didn’t stand very far from each other so in what felt like the blink of an eye, the young girl had already arrived by his side. He was very tall, Lin Yujing not even reaching his head, and so, she raised her arm, pulling on his collar, sending a knee to the man’s third leg.

The boy instantly froze and couldn’t even make a sound. His body hunched over, his knees pressed together. Lin Yujing swifty turned to the side, grabbed his elbow and propped it on her shoulder and with a loud thunk, threw him over.


Little Marshmallow shrieked.

Muscle Bro laid on the ground, the back of his head intimately kissing the ground. He let out a low groan, the sound terrifying.

He couldn’t even get back on his feet, his hands covering his crotch as he twitched on the ground.

Lin Yujing rubbed her right shoulder. To tell the truth, she didn’t have assurance and felt uncertain about her chances of winning. After all, the opposing side was a beefy man who towered over her. Shen Juan punching him like he was punching butter didn’t mean that she could achieve the same effects.

Li Shiqi’s face had gone pale and she stood there without saying a word. Lin Yujing turned her head and at this moment, she still had a calm look. “I’m still offering the same two settlements.” She looked at her indifferently, “You can join him on the ground like this—Don’t just assume that you have the upper hand because you have more people on your side. All your legs combined still won’t be as thick as your brother’s arm. You can either take a beating and after you’ve had enough laying on the ground, you’ll apologize to my friend. Or, you can be more conscientious and apologize directly. In the future, you’ll focus on preparing for your college entrance exams while I focus on my studies. Everybody will be happy that way.”

Yesterday, Shen Juan drew until 4am in the morning. He didn’t have much time after school started. There was a lot of work in the studio and this time, the customer had requested a sketch design, scheduling an appointment on Saturday.

It was already 11am when he rose. Shen Juan took a bath and had originally decided not to attend school. After having lunch, he continued to draw. However, just as he came out of the bathroom, he picked up He Songnan’s call.

Shen Juan bit his toothbrush and picked up the call but didn’t say anything.

He Songnan: “Hey, bro. Stop sleeping and get your butt to school as soon as you can.”

Shen Juan finished gargling.

He Songnan: “Li Shiqi brought in backup to intimidate your little desk mate. This is happening at the entrance of the academic building.”


Shen Juan paused, and put back his toothbrush. “Who?”

He Songnan: “I don’t know. I don’t recognize him. He doesn’t seem to be a student. He might be from one of the vocational schools.

“Help me take a look.” Shen Juan then immediately hung up.

He Songnan listened to the busy tone and put down his phone, taking a picture to send to him.

Shen Juan arrived after half an hour.

Lunch break had already finished so there was no one on campus. He Songnan paced around the school gates in wait and with a turn of his head, saw a Ducati parked behind.

The youth rode a motorbike and parked right there, a long leg propped up. He wore an eighth-grade rustic to the bone school uniform, with a campus hipster town-and-country vibe.

Fortunately, he was at least good looking.

He Songnan parted his mouth and saw that Shen Juan had taken off his helmet, shaking his head, his hair still damp. “Where is she?”

“They went that way. I asked someone to watch over them. They can’t stay at school.” He Songnan looked at him, “Boss Shen, do you have to wear your uniform when you ride the bike? Can’t you wear anything cooler? You’re the hero coming to save the beauty.”

Shen Juan walked ahead while glancing at him. “I’m a good student and good students wear their uniform.”

He Songnan smiled. “Have you watched the short video I sent you?”



“Why haven’t you watched it,” He Songnan was very anxious, “Your little desk mate is truly a queen. She’s so skilled and handsome I can’t gather my legs together. If she continues to remain in Eighth High, your glory as the school tyrant will be taken away from you.”

They walked very swiftly to their destination, Shen Juan taking such big steps that He Songnan’s legs nearly couldn’t catch up. They passed through the street of shops to another street. He Songnan stopped at the entrance of a neighborhood courtyard and beckoned Shen Juan over.

Shen Juan walked over and entered the courtyard, spotting a bunch of people standing not far from the bicycle lot.

Li Shiqi and a few other girls were standing beside the bicycle lot, a body lying in the way.

He Songnan was taken by the sight in front of him. He raised a leg about to walk towards them when Shen Juan suddenly pulled him. He turned around and stood by the entrance.

“She put down such a big ferocious man?” He Songnan pressed his voice down and pointed at Muscle Bro on the ground, his expression exaggeratedly forming an O-shape, “A little lady-”

Shen Juan didn’t speak.

Yu Ruyi stood in front of her with her back to the entrance. Li Shiqi was currently apologizing to her, her voice so soft they couldn’t hear it from where they stood.

“Sister, let’s speak a little louder.” Lin Yujing crouched on top of the ceramic tiles, lazily holding her head while looking at her watch. “I’m really running out of time. Our first class in the afternoon is physics. You probably know who Dinosaur Wang is right? I heard he’s very strict.”

Li Shiqi glared at her.

Lin Yujing pressed her finger against her lips and raised an eyebrow.

Shen Juan turned to the side, leaning against the entrance wall.

The pale yellow wallpaper was damp and peeling, a cobweb present in the corner. There were small spiders slowly climbing up the thread above.

Shen Juan stared at it for a while before hearing a girl’s voice ring from the inside, spitting with dominance.

He suddenly felt like a fool.

He clearly knew that her personality didn’t allow her to be easily bullied, even if she didn’t have a chance of winning, she wouldn’t try to show that she was brave and definitely wouldn’t let herself eat a loss.

But he still immediately put on his clothes after hanging up and rushed over here without even drying his hair.

Afraid that he would get stuck in traffic, afraid that the metro would be too slow, he rode his bike like a whirlwind here but for what?

Even his pants were fucking worn inside out.

When Lin Yujing returned, half of the first class in the afternoon had already passed and she had come across Shen Juan and He Songnan at the school gates.

The gates of Eighth High weren’t locked but once lunch break was over, one had to register their name upon entering or leaving. The eyes of the uncle in the security booth twinkled brightly, unwilling to let even a little chick off the hook.

Lin Yujing and Little Marshmallow Yu Ruyi went to register their names and the moment they stepped in, they saw two people seemingly taking a stroll in a neither fast nor slow manner. They walked towards the court, completely without the urgency of having missed out half of class.

He Songnan was even cracking jokes. When he turned his head for a look, he spotted them and greeted them.

Lin Yujing had never met such a carefree third year student. In her previous school, even as hunger haunted them, the third years had their noses buried in their books.

Yu Ruyi and He Songnan were in one class in another academic building. Shen Juan and Lin Yujing were together. The two people walked in the direction of the second years’ building.

Lin Yujing was in a good mood. She glanced at the youth beside her and extrapolated that he was in a good mood as well, perhaps from having had his fill of sleep.

During this period of time, Lin Yujing had made an observation of her desk mate. He basically only had three modes. When he woke up, when he hadn’t woken up and when he was currently sleeping.

The two people entered the academic building which was very quiet. The sound of teachers lecturing sounded from within the classrooms. Lin Yujing turned her head, “I thought you weren’t coming today.”

“Hm?” Shen Juan seemed to have been thinking about something as he looked blank climbing up the stairs. After being vacant for a while, he reacted, “Ah, I originally planned to do that.”

Second Year Class 10 was on the fourth floor. Lin Yujing took big strides up the stairs. The physics teacher was called Wang Ran. His character fitting his name quite well as he would easily blow up with a light. His nickname was Dinosaur Wang and he was their assistant class teacher.

Lin Yujing was unwilling to be late to his class, but not only were they late, they had missed out on most of the class.

As expected, just as they reached the classroom doors and entered after knocking, Wang Ran turned his head to them and asked, “You two really are desk mates, getting along very well. Why did you two come back after leaving? Did you really dare to play hooky in my class?”

Lin Yujing didn’t speak and kept her head lowered. Her hands were behind her back as she obediently stood there and received admonishment.

She was usually quite attentive in class and even sat in the first row. As such, every teacher had a good impression of her as a good and gentle little lady.

“Are you going to start playing hooky on your second week of classes? If I had to say something, it’s that Teacher Liu is too lax with you. If you were under my supervision, you would have been disciplined.” Dinosaur Wang held a triangular ruler in hand and smacked it on the other, emitting a ‘pa’ sound. “Now speak one by one. Why were you late, what were your reasons, and what were you thinking? If you can’t answer, copy Ohm’s law 500 times.”

Lin Yujing’s hand shook and she raised her head, turning to look at Shen Juan.

Shen Juan lowered his eyes at her and slightly raised a brow.

The young girl’s eyes were brimming with sincerity as she read out three words and a punctuation mark-”I’m sorry, brother.”

Before Shen Juan could even react.

“Teacher Wang, he wanted to skip class,” Lin Yujing quickly turned her head back and pointed at Shen Juan, solemnly saying, “As his desk mate, I felt that it was my responsibility to drag him back.”


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