Daydreaming About Me

Chapter 16.1 How did you manage to advance into senior high (1)

This slap sounded loud and clear, rendering Shen Juan stunned.

He didn’t think that he would get slapped, and was caught completely unprepared. The slap was even carried out with substantial strength, his head turning to the side, and his hair sweeping through the air.

“What the fuck?” He blurted from the shock.

Shen Juan recalled that in the classroom, every time Lin Yujing had been woken up from her nap by the class bell, she would always have a frown on her face, expressing her displeasure. Then, she would take at least 3-5 minutes to daze before slowly recovering her senses.

He suddenly felt glad that he had never called her awake, otherwise, he would have probably received his second slap in the classroom.


This girl sure was easily irritable.

He turned his head back.

Lin Yujing was completely stupefied, her mouth agape as she looked at him.

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This little lady sure had guts.


He leaned closer to the sofa, looking at the girl with puffed cheeks trying very hard to muffle back her laughter and was unable to muster any anger, looking a bit helpless, “Enough, is it really that funny?”

“No, it’s not that funny,” Lin Yujing massaged her face that had turned sour from laughing and looked at him, “I’m sorry, I didn’t do it on purpose. Please don’t get angry.”

“I know, I’m not angry.” Shen Juan was really feeling helpless.

After dispelling her vigilance, Lin Yujing cleared her throat and pulled down the blanket covering her, taking her time to fold it neatly, “The look in your eyes was really scary earlier. I almost thought you were going to slap me back in the next second. Isn’t the last person who slapped you no longer in this world?”

Shen Juan raised his hand, his thumb rubbing against the corner of his mouth that still felt numb, “The last person who slapped me hadn’t even been born. You’re the first to do so.”

He looked a bit captivating when he did this, his indifferent sexiness really seductive.

Lin Yujing looked at him and blinked, clicking her tongue and shaking her head.

Shen Juan didn’t notice it and stood up, seeing her put the folded blanket at the side. “It’s quite late, shall I send you back?”

Lin Yujing also stood up, taking out her phone to look at the time. It was half past 10, meaning she had slept for two hours.

The nap she had this time was so deep that even she herself had been taken by surprise. It seemed as if it had been a long time since she had such a sound sleep.

There’s no need. My house isn’t far.” Lin Yujing smoothed her hair down, biting on a hair tie and retying her braids.

Shen Juan looked at the black tie for a while before shifting his gaze away, “It’s close?”


“Yeah,” After Lin Yujing tied her hair up, she shook her head, “It’s just around the corner.”

Shen Juan didn’t say anything more, sending Lin Yujing to the doorway. The little lady turned around and waved at him. “Deskmate, see you Monday?”

Shen Juan leaned on the black steel doors. Jiang Han and the others were nowhere to be found. The string of lights that were hung had been turned off, leaving behind only the dim porch lights, casting a shadow on the youth’s features.

His lip arched up, giving a faint smile. “See you Monday.”

The chirps of cicadas still rang in the city in early September. The difference in temperature between day and night was large. When Lin Yujing came out, she hadn’t worn a jacket. And so, she couldn’t help but rub her arms.

And it wasn’t because it was really cold, it was because the air was damp, the chill in it making one’s teeth chatter.

She passed by a 7-11 and went inside to buy some snacks. This time, leaving a lot more leftovers in her oden, however, because she had eaten too much tonight, she didn’t buy anything else, only picking out a blueberry flavor gum in the cashier area and paying for it before sticking it in her mouth.

By the time she arrived home, it was nearing 11pm yet the house remained empty. Lin Yujing went up the stairs and just as she was about to go to her room, the neighboring room’s door opened.

She paused for a while and just as she was about to greet him, Fu Mingxiu had already expressionlessly turned and walked away.

Lin Yujing also turned around. She opened the door and was about to enter when Fu Mingxiu abruptly spoke up. “Can you be a little quieter in the future?”

Lin Yujing turned her head back. Fu Mingxiu was standing at the head of the stairs, staring at her with a frown. “What time is it? Just because you’re not asleep do you think others aren’t sleeping at this time? Your late return was so noisy, it annoyed me.”



Lin Yujing nearly laughed. If his bedroom doors were shut, there would’ve been some soundproofing. She could be hurling abuses at him for being an idiot at the door and he’d probably be unable to hear it, so how could the sound of her going up the stairs be that loud?

With such lazy nitpicking, he might as well write ‘I don’t like you. That’s why I’m picking a fight with you, you got a problem?’ on his face. Lin Yujing certainly wouldn’t argue with him, sensibly nodding her head. “Alright. I’ll buy you some earplugs tomorrow.”


Fu Mingxiu: “What?”

Lin Yujing glanced at him. “Didn’t you hate being disturbed? If the soundproofing isn’t good, you should get earplugs.”

Fu Mingxian turned around and took two steps forward. Lowering his head to look at her, he said with a gloomy face, “Lin Yujing, I don’t care what life you used to live before, whether you went home in the middle of the night or never returned but since you’ve come to my house, and you’re now acting as my ‘sister’, then you better behave. Otherwise, I won’t spoil you.”

Lin Yujing stood there, appearing obedient. She raised her hand and shook the bag of snacks in her hands at him.

Fu Mingxiu frowned. “What are you doing?”

“It’s to eat,” Lin Yujing said, “I’m hungry, so I went to buy snacks.”

Fu Mingxiu scoffed, “Is the fridge empty? Is there nothing for you to eat or drink?”

“There is. There’s a lot.” Lin Yujing looked at him and calmly said, “But I don’t know who those belong to. I don’t want to be talked about behind my back and be called a thief, stealing things in the middle of the night without asking who it belonged to.”


She lazily raised her eyes, “Or be pulled into questioning by someone who will ask why I ate his things without permission. You might not understand it but as someone living under someone else’s roof, I have to be careful of my actions.”

Fu Mingxiu stood blankly in place and couldn’t speak for a long time.

Lin Yujing shot him a sweet smile before blowing a bubble with her gum. “I’m going back to my room. Goodnight, brother.”

The weekend passed by very quickly. After the tense exchange on Saturday at 11pm in front of their rooms, Lin Yujing and Fu Mingxiu no longer spoke to each other. Even though he would shoot her glances every time they had a meal, perhaps because Aunt Zhang and the servants were in the way, he didn’t speak up.

Lin Yujing also pretended she didn’t see anything, withdrawing after she finished her meal and not even sparing him a single glance.

One Monday morning, when she arrived downstairs, Fu Mingxiu was already present. The two people ate breakfast together and just as Lin Yujing headed out the doors, Fu Mingxiu also followed along.

Unexpectedly, Old Li was nowhere to be found. Lin Yujing stood by the doorway and shot Fu Mingxiu a glance.

The boy hardened his face and didn’t speak, walking away.


Lin Yujing really didn’t want to get to know him and she didn’t understand how a second-year university student a couple years older than her could act so childish.

She rolled her eyes and passed through the garden, leaving the courtyard doors, pushing the gates open and walking ahead.

Halfway through her journey, the honking of a car sounded abruptly behind her. Fu Mingxiu drove a car and stopped beside her. He wore his usual expression, a frown, and said, “Didn’t I say you’re with me today?”

“Didn’t you leave ahead?”

“I went to take the car.” Fu Mingxiu was very unhappy, “Are you throwing a temper?”


“I’m not.” Lin Yujing sighed, “I thought you changed your mind on the spot and didn’t want to send me.”

Fu Mingxiu coldly harrumphed, “Get on.”

In resignation, Lin Yujing obediently climbed in.

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