CEO Is Being Abnormal

Chapter 91

Night time gradually loomed, enveloping all the pedestrians who were scurrying across the streets into the darkness.

At night, the neon lights in the streets were shining brightly and colorfully, thoroughly exhibiting the clamor and chatter of the city. It was at this time that night life started.

In a luxurious bar in T city, all seats were occupied. A big group of young men and women were here, living off their either boring or interesting night.

At the bar counter, a woman was drinking alcohol depressingly. The black and tight short skirt showed off her hot and sultry body completely, creating a major contrast with the adept and capable look on her face.

Behind her, a young man was accompanying her silently, but he did not say anything.


The blaring music could be heard all over the place. The woman downed the alcohol in one last swig, then shouted at the bartender. “Give me two more glasses, I won’t go back until I’m drunk today.”

Her voice was crisp, but the words she shouted did not sound valiant, more towards throwing a fit. Her melancholy and dispirit made her initially good-looking face look less attractive.

The bartender quickly served her what she wanted after he heard her words, then went back to his position to continue working.

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After she said that, she stood up and walked onto the dance floor, then danced together with the men and women inside. Her movements were daring yet enchanting. She looked striking when mingling with the group of people.


Tang Yuening amplified her movements with all her heart. Her black, short skirt fanned out a little because of her motions, making everyone around her keep staring at her.

After holding it in for so long, she finally couldn’t resist to vent it out, so she came to this bar then to this dance floor.

As she was venting, she literally didn’t care about the consequence. She twirled and danced around carelessly. But her body was soft, so even these few simple movements could make others become attracted to her. She was so beautiful that a few men surrounded her in the area, flashing glances of pursuit in their eyes.

“Beautiful girl, you dance very well.” A man who looked quite handsome went towards her to dance together with Tang Yuening.

Seeing this, Cu Tianxiang walked in front of Tang Yuening calmly, then broadened the distance between the two of them.

Tang Yuening pushed him away disgruntledly, then continued dancing.

Cu Tianxiang bit his teeth. He stretched out his hand to forcefully pull her away from the dance floor without caring about Tang Yuening’s defiance.

“I said, that’s enough, Cu Tianxiang what are you doing? Let me go.” Tang Yuening hit him, but because of the difference in strength between a man and woman, she wasn’t able to break free.

He only let her go after they reached a secluded corner, making Tang Yuening glare angrily at him.

“Are you done with throwing your tantrum? Who are you doing this for? Will Tan Jingmo know about this? If you really like him, why don’t you tell him clearly, why make yourself so unhappy?” Cu Tianxiang said in a low voice.

These words were the words in the bottom of Tang Yuening’s hearts. She never dared to tell others that she’d actually fallen in love with Tang Jingmo. She liked that proud man who always had an indifferent face. Ever since the first time she laid eyes on him, she’d never stopped crushing on him.

But Cu Tianxiang never cared about what she felt and directly voiced out these things that she never dared to tell others. It was the same as casually exposing someone’s carefully, well-hidden secret, leaving them with embarrassment.


Tang Yuening pushed him away at once, “Enough, who do you think you are? Why do you think you can tell me what to do? Take care of yourself first, don’t follow me anymore in the future. Don’t appear in places that I’m in.”

Cu Tianxiang looked at her, feeling hurt as he grabbed her hand without letting go. “Xiao Ning, listen to me, Tan Jingmo is not suitable for you, why do you have to hurt yourself like this? This is not worth it, isn’t it?”

Tang Yuening acted like a small beast after she heard his words. Her face became sad immediately. “What can I do? What else can I do after I fall for him? I don’t want to, but is this something I can control? There are so many other men in this world, but why him?”

As she said that, she laid her head on Cu Tianxiang’s shoulder to cry quietly, smearing all her tears on his body.

Cu Tianxiang felt more agony after he heard the words from her heart. He didn’t know how to start consoling her.

Tang Yuening thought about what happened in the company while crying. When she remembered how special Bai Bao Er was to Tan Jingmo, the jealousy in her heart grew crazily like weeds. She only just started noticing this but that person suddenly resigned, while Tan Jingmo became colder towards her after what happened last time. How could she not be sad?

At this time, a group of people came into the bar. All of them were dressed wealthily and each of  their arms was hugging a woman. Their movements were very indiscreet.

Cu Tianxiang pulled her away to one side to avoid blocking their path. In between the music, Tang Yuening could hear a few words, South East Asia, jewelry, Tan Jingmo.

She wanted to listen more clearly but they had quickly entered a room in front. She only heard the sarcastic tone that he slowly said afterwards, to let Tan Jingmo know what’s good for him.

She would be concerned about all things involving Tan Jingmo. Tang Yuening couldn’t help but to start worrying about him after she heard that. She went round Cu Tianxiang to walk towards that room. She leaned against the door to try listening in, but the door was firmly closed so she couldn’t hear anything.

Tang Yuening leaned against the wall, feeling lost. Her love was so petty, she cared and loved him silently behind his back, but she never dared to take a step ahead, afraid that Tan Jingmo would be disgusted at her.

Cu Tianxiang didn’t hear those people’s words. Looking at her actions right now, he only thought that she was just feeling sad for what he said just now. While hesitating, he stretched out his hand to hold hers. “Let’s go, let’s go back first, or else your grandpa will be unhappy. Don’t forget, except Tan Jingmo, there are still a lot of people who love you and are standing behind you, caring for you.”


Tang Yuening raised her head to look at him after she heard that. She coincidentally looked into Cu Tianxiang’s eyes before he could look away. There was longing but also exhaustion in his eyes.

Turning her head away, she said lightly. “Then let’s go.”

Soon after that, both of them left the bar together.

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