Brothel Open For Business (H)

Chapter 89: Spying at Older Brother Being Fvcked by a Muscular Man Until He Cried and Squ!rted


Wang Yang asked as he held his shapely a$s and cruelly thrust his cr0tch.

“Ah, ha— Don’t… It hurts…”

“Little B!tch… It’s tightening so much… Does it really feel painful here? Look at how much you squirt.”

“Ngh… Ah!… My t!ts were eaten clean by Yifu… Ha, ah… No… I don’t want to be fvcked anymore…”


Xiao Yu pushed Wang Yang’s firm chest, tilted his neck, and bit his thin lips. His round, milk-filled mounds jiggled in rhythm with the man’s movements and sprayed out streams of fragrant milk. The father and son seemed to like the scene where he was forced to secrete milk. This stimulated them to get deeper and rougher in his cvnt…

With a beauty that could incite a man’s blood to boil in lust, he rode on Wang Yang’s huge member, placed his hands on his younger brother’s chest to support himself, and mindlessly sprayed his milk — squirting in powerful force, reaching a far distance… 

His insatiable insides felt restless. Moreover, two massive c0cks were rearing to penetrate his w0mb. Xiao Yu felt so comfortable that he cried in extreme bliss. He held Wang Yang’s stiff chest muscles with both hands, and his body reeked with a layer of sweat that wanted to tempt a man to devour every inch of his body, arousing a man’s hunger.

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“Ty… Gb! Gb! Gb!… Cwknjzu qhnj vbkp zkvvzl c!vnb okvb uswa ckt rkzzya… Rxxlekyvlzu ayx vbkp zkvvzl pzhv vs vbl elrvbp sq blzz… Rv’p kvnbkdt kdpkel… Zkqw… Gb Zydt… Whnj xl byaela… Yu pzhvvu b*zl oydvp vs cl elpvasule cu uswa bwtl e!njp…”

“J!vnb… Gp usw okpb!…”

Both father and son, Wang Xiong and Wang Yang, were large men of more than one meter. They were tall and muscular and had formidable bronze physiques. Their muscles were bulging and prominent. They each had a 26cm hefty long phallvs brimming with vitality and valiantly towering.


Two robust men pulled up the enthralling beauty displaying his bountiful melons, slender waist, and plump bvttocks. They situated him in between them and hoisted his lily-white legs that could capture anyone with their eroticism. Together, they entered his delicate w0mb.

They were both extremely tall, which made the beauty dangle in the air as he was trapped in between them. One of them supported his white, tender, and slender thighs. Afterwards, one after another, they began to thrust hard!

“Ah!… Ha… Ah… It’s so good… This little slvt feels so amazing being fvcked by two hefty rods… How can you do it so well… Your c0cks scratch this sensitive h*le so good… Yifu… Ah Yang… Don’t pity this little slvt… Fvck me without care…”

“Wu… Ah… Ha, Ah—!… You guys are so good at ramming… my little h*les… Little B!tch is cvmming again… No… Don’t… Don’t thrust together in my w0mb… I’m going to be ripped apart…”

Xiao Yu was fvcked standing by the two tough men; his toes hanging off the ground. He was solely supported by the two pillars spearing him in his pvssy. He felt like he would fall at any time; his anxiety caused his h*le to tighten. The tighter he clamped, the more pleasure the men received, the fiercer they wanted to bang him to smithereens.

Xiao Yu was ruthlessly banged by the two massive c0cks — up and down. His weight directly led him to the men’s thick, dark stems that thrust into him in quick succession! The feeling of being thrown in the air and falling down, as well as the soreness and pain of his libidinous cvnt being instantly invaded by the colossal member below, stimulated Xiao Yu to just open his mouth but was unable to voice anything!

His internal organs may be screwed apart by the fiery and hard members continuously drilling his insides! Before Xiao Yu could recover his strength, the men quickly lifted him up again through their brutal upward thrusts, and then allowed him to fall down, landing on their c0cks and ramming him through again! He was fvcked up and down, repeatedly and incessantly…

Feeling unbearable, Xiao Yu’s eyes widened, his seductive lips parted wide with saliva hanging at the corners, columns of milk erupted from his mountainous milk, and his shapely a$s rubbed against a man’s well-proportioned abs.

Xiao Yu wrapped his legs around his adoptive father’s waist and hugged his neck. Simultaneously, he leaned back against Wang Yang’s muscular and warm chest. He sent his bvttocks to the tremendous lengths. The carnal h*le was pierced with the men’s erections covered in slick juices, rendering their scalps numb in pleasure.

“Yifu… Suck this little b!tch’sb0obs… They’re full of milk… They feel so swollen… They’re full of milk for Big C0ck Geges to drink… Ha… Mn… Ha… Yifu… must drink this little b!tch’smilk… I’ll give it to Big C0ck Geges to drink every day… Ah!… Don’t go so deep… Little Slvt will squirt milk… Ah, ah, ah!!…”

Wang Yang felt so good thrusting into Xiao Yu’s sensuous core from behind. Xiao Yu, who was still complaining just now, was pounded into nullity and could only open his luscious mouth as he stared at his adoptive father’s fiercely handsome face.

“Little B!tch…”


Being seduced by the insatiable vixen, Wang Xiong had no reason to refuse. As soon as he bowed his head, he held a naughty n!pple. Xiao Yu was hugging his adoptive father’s neck, and his legs were wrapped around his mighty waist. He leaned back against Wang Yang’s hot and solid chest, raised his neck, and screamed with his mouth open. “Ah… Ha… How amazing… Ah Yang… My G-sp*t gonna be fvcked into pieces… Gege’s saucy depths will be ripped by the both of you…”

His adoptive father could only suck one of his t!ts, suckling one for a while and then moving on to the other one. What wasn’t suckled for the time being was kneaded by Wang Yang.

The little slvt constantly came. His milk splashed everywhere in the room, on the wall, on the floor, on the sofa, on the dining table… He was showered with men’s s*men, who fvcked him again and again. His genital juices were mixed with cvm, bursting out along with the men’s pumping. 

Xiao Yu, who had just been fvcked to the point of incontinence, now had empty eyes. His rosy thin lips were apart, and his appearance completely indicated that he had been fvcked to oblivion. Meanwhile, his milk was sucked clean by the duo.

Wang Xiong kneaded Xiao Yu’s upturned bvtt, kissed his petite mouth, and stroked his delicate c!it with his rough fingers. After a while, Xiao Yu writhed with his eyes closed in climax. His bountiful t!ts began to swell and regenerate milk.

Xiao Yu was like a plaything who only knew how to be promiscuous. He held up his two, soccer-sized, full, and round chest brimming with milk. It felt uncomfortable. He really wanted someone to suckle the milk out. Naturally, the two men standing on his left and right wouldn’t miss the invitation of the beauty. Like hungry wolves, the two men bit Xiao Yu’s pair of erect n!pples, sucked them into their mouths, nibbled, and teased them wantonly. Xiao Yu struggled, shook his slender waist, and emitted tempting moans from his mouth.

“It’s so good… Little B!tch’s massive t!ts are so pleased to be sucked by Yifu… Ah!… and Ah Yang… Little B!tch feels so good getting fvcked…”

Xiao Yu closed his eyes, and let his adoptive father and younger brother sucked his milk. The men were spurred by their primitive desire, groping his tender bvtt and sucking his big t!ts. They gulped all his creamy ambrosia, strengthening themselves to ravish this little bi!ch. They wished nothing more but to destroy this little slvt, sticking their members into his little h*le.

Wang Xiong and Wang Yang have already sent the baby to the childcare center last night. Today, they planned to have a blissful day with Xiao Yu, have a good drink of his milk without pause, and planned to only pick up their baby the next day.

Xiao Yu wore a sexy bellyband with two round h*les on his chest, revealing his large t!ts, with also a d!ck crevice underneath it. His pen!s was being controlled by the ejacvlation device done by his adoptive father. Meanwhile, below the bellyband was a laced string inlaid with c!it-massager steel balls. It passed through his fleshy lips, in the middle of his perky bvtt, and was tied with the bellyband’s ribbon at his slender waist.

Wang Xiong and Wang Yang said that it was a lactat!ng suit. When the baby was away, he would wear such a shameful outfit to feed the men at home.

Xiao Yu thought this was already embarrassing, however, his adoptive father also took out a pile of erotic devices to play with him. He shoved a vibrating egg in his vag!na and set it to the maximum level. Another vibrating egg was stuffed into his chrysanthemum. In addition, he took out two humongous dark members , which were adorned with steel balls. Both were pushed into Xiao Yu’s pvssy and a$sh*le, and were set to the maximum.


Xiao Yu had trouble standing due to being played so much with these toys. He felt sore and restless. He begged him to fvck him instead, but his adoptive father asked him to firmly stand up and walk around downstairs. He would only be fvcked once he came back.

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