Brothel Open For Business (H)

Chapter 90: Spying at Older Brother Being Fvcked by a Muscular Man Until He Cried and Squ!rted

It was already late at night. Xiao Yu knew that if he went outside with this appearance, he would be ganged-r@pe by various men. With tears in his eyes, he begged his adoptive father not to let him go out.

Nonetheless, his adoptive father insisted on dressing him in a miniskirt and a low-cut top. Given the short skirt, it couldn’t cover his plump bvttocks, especially the seductive h*les looming underneath. When he bent over a little, the v!brators in his slvtty h*les would be exposed. Moreover, Wang Xiong put him on a pair of lacy thongs that securely held the v!brators pushed into his lecherous caverns.

Before Xiao Yu left the house, his enormous t!ts continued to secrete milk that drenched his clothes. His low-cut garment outlining his erect n!pples looked extremely titillating. He was afraid that the moment he stepped out the door, he would be pounced on by a passerby.

Furthermore, Xiao Yu’s face full of spring evidently showed that he had just been showered with a man’s love. He had misty eyes and a slightly open mouth— such a thrilling beauty would be plundered by untamed beasts if it appeared somewhere in the dark night.

He even had trouble firmly standing up, therefore, he was supported by his adoptive father to barely get on his own two feet. After taking a step, he limply fell against his adoptive father’s muscular body. 


Wang Xiong decreased the intensity of the love egg and the v!brators. He held Xiao Yu and carefully walked out. As he took a few steps, Xiao Yu’s consciousness increasingly became blurry.

With each step, the steel balls in the seams of his flesh rubbed against his aroused c!it. The egg in his w0mb was torturing his stimulated w0mb . His fluids continued to gush and soaked the v!brators that persistently throbbed. Not even an inch of his insides was spared; as the several toys shoved in his cvnt and a$s were rubbing all his sensitive areas. Each step was like being fvcked by several large c0cks at the same time.

His lacy thong was soaked, and filthy cvm was seeping down the insides of his thighs. Moreover, his body was aching and weak. He gasped and nestled in the arms of his adoptive father, who pulled him into the elevator. 

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“Ew… Ew, ow…”

Dkys Zw eked’v byhl vkxl vs alprsde obld bl oyp pweeldzu bskpvle wr. Tl pnayvnble bkp yesrvkhl qyvbla’p cynj kd rykd yde pwarakpl.

“Ekvb xl blal, lhld kq svbla xld oydvle vs qhnj usw, vblu oswzed’v eyal nsxl…”

Gp bl pyke vblpl pollv osaep, bkp yesrvkhl qyvbla alynble cldlyvb bkp xkdkpjkav yde jdlyele bkp chvv.

“Ah… Ha… Yifu…”


Xiao Yu groaned and wrapped his arms around his adoptive father’s shoulders. He bore his adoptive father’s obscene assault. His bvttocks were rubbed, groped, and fondled, causing increasing fluids to flood between his thighs.

“Little Slvt… You’ve just been fvcked yet you’re already gushing this much juices…”

Wang Xiong kneaded the lascivious vixen’s bvtt with one hand and reached under his clothes with the other to fondle his soccer-sized mounds.

Xiao Yu was pleasured by his adoptive father. His small mouth emitted tempting moans. In the distance, the two men seemed to be waiting for an opportunity. Xiao Yu shrank into his adoptive father’s arms in fear. Wang Xiong whispered in his ear, “Little B!tch, do you want your yifu to fvck you in front of other men…”

“Wu… Ha…”

This insatiable b!tch’s little h*les spasmed, seemingly as an answer to his question. Wang Xiong cursed, “Slvt,” in a low voice. He grabbed his white thighs and looped them around his waist. Simultaneously, Xiao Yu circled his arms around Wang Xion’s neck. He let out a seductive gasp, and his pair of generous melons wobbled violently with every breath. 

“I’m going in…”

Wang Xiong pulled his thongs apart, held his hulking manhood , and pushed it into the depths of his pvssy that was already housing a v!brator. He grabbed his a$s, fixed his body in place, and thrust his hips forward!


Xiao Yu’s pained voice caused the men in the distance to get excited.

“Yifu… No… Don’t… Ha…”

Xiao Yu’s w0mb was still stuffed with a love egg. Furthermore, two giant v!brators were still embedded in his front and back h*les. His adoptive father persistently shoved his shaft in. 


He had never been simultaneously penetrated by three pen!ses. Worse, Wang Xiong also rammed into his uterus which was also enclosing an egg. If his adoptive father insisted on even thrusting to his abyssal depths, he didn’t know what would happen to him. He might just lose consciousness.

Far from the area illuminated by the street lights, in a dark place, a sultry beauty was being humped against the wall by a hulking man with bulging muscles, who was holding the beauty’s a$s and pounding hard with his massive rod. The lecherous succubus bit his thin lip and tried to suppress his resounding cries. His clothes were lifted and voluptuous t!ts were bouncing along with the man’s thrusting. Bursts of milk streamed from his n!pples. His body — composed of a slim waist, upturned bvtt, and lithe legs wrapped around the man’s waist — squirmed enchantingly in a weak struggle.

The men from afar noticed their own c0cks harden and were unable to help themselves from pulling their own shafts out. They watched the little wh0re be fvcked in the distance, imagining that the little beauty was sucking their manhood.

Wang Yang emerged from a corner and saw the promiscuous scene before him. 

Today, he and his father, Wang Xiong, vowed to fvck this little b!tch into unforgettable 0rgasms and water the bushes with his milk. They wanted to fvcked him until he faints.

Xiao Yu was once again pregnant. Naturally, he still didn’t know whose it was. After the second baby was born, the two babies occupied Xiao Yu’s plump melons together. Once they were full, their small hands also grasped their daddy’s large n!pples, and no one else was allowed to touch them. When asleep, the two babies — each occupying Xiao Yu’s swollen n!pple — slept soundly without letting go.

Wang Yang and Wang Xiong looked at the delectable dish in front of them but couldn’t be eaten. They were anxious to carry the two sleeping babies to their cribs. As soon as the two babies were picked up, they cried so loudly until Wang Yang and Wang Xiong placed them back next to Xiao Yu. The little guys’ chubby hands grabbed Xiao Yu’s large n!pples and sobbed to sleep.

After that, Wang Xiong and Wang Yang could only repeat their previous trick by sending their two babies to the daycare center, so that they fvck Xiao Yu to their hearts’ content again. However, after the babies came back, if Xiao Yu’s plump chest smelled of cvm, the two babies would only cry and not drink his milk. Finally, Xiao Yu didn’t allow them to cvm on his generous chest anymore. They could cvm everywhere in his mouth, luscious h*les, and thighs, but they couldn’t ejacvlate on his massive t!ts. In the end, Xiao Yu even forbade them from holding his large t!ts.

The delicacy was right in front of them, but they couldn’t taste them at all. The father and son felt suffocated, therefore, they could only fvck Xiao Yu harder. They screwed Xiao Yu to the point that he was unfailingly cvmming and secreting milk all over the place. Covered in mixed fluids, they licked and cleaned every bit of his skin.

Translator’s Note

After half a year, this whole arc is going to conclude soon. Next chapter is going to be the last (warning: 5P, real incest). What are your thoughts so far?

Uncensored version may also be released.

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