Black Moonlight Holds the BE Script

Chapter 53.1 War

Su Su thanked the woman and was about to leave, but the woman’s face fell and she hurriedly stopped her.

Discontentedly, she said, “I saved you, struggled to carry you back from the wasteland, and you really want to leave just like that?”

“Then what does Aunt want?” Su Su asked.

The woman looked over her figure and said, “Regardless, I saved your life, you’ll have to listen to me from now on. I have a son, who happens to be unmarried……”

Su Su’s lips slightly curled up, she said with amusement, “You want me to marry your son?”


Based on what Curved Jade said, Su Su knew that the woman had lied, as she’d collapsed under a big tree not far from the small town. The woman had found her and first took her earrings, but gave up on the bracelet when she couldn’t take it off.

She was about to leave, but when she saw how beautiful Su Su was, she had other thoughts.

Su Su didn’t expect that these other thoughts were to have her be her daughter-in-law.

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Su Su turned back, finally angry. She looked at the woman with a cold and sharp expression, “Are you sure?”


For a moment, the woman was frightened by the look in her eyes, “What’s not to be sure of!”

A pale purple circulated in Su Su’s left eye. The leaves in the courtyard turned into sharp arrows and flew towards the woman. Never having seen such strange sights, she covered her head and screamed——

“Demon, you’re a demon!”

Su Su slightly turned her fingers, the leaves immediately chased after the woman and she fell to the ground, grunting in pain. 

The leaves also lightly fell to the ground.

The woman’s soul hadn’t yet returned when the young girl’s face appeared in front of her. Su Su said with a smile, “Aunt, I’ve thought it through. I’ll be your daughter-in-law, what do you think~”

The woman’s eyes rolled back and she fainted.

Su Su clapped her hands and got up, intending to leave. It was just a very minor illusion spell, and she didn’t even use any magical power, so the woman’s mind was clearly extremely inferior.

She hadn’t left the courtyard when a figure worriedly ran over and helped the woman up, looking at her angrily, “What have you done to my mother?”

The man looked decent, but his thick eyebrows made him look fierce. He should be the “son” the woman was talking about.

Su Su remained silent and frowned at the man.

The man was surrounded by murderous Qi, and it was clear at a glance that he’d killed many people. She turned around and the man who had sternly scolded her froze, obviously not expecting such a beautiful young girl to have appeared in his courtyard.


Remembering that his mother had sent word that she’d found him a wife, his gaze towards Su Su instantly turned complicated. 

“You’re a soldier in Cangzhou?” Su Su asked.

“Precisely,” the man loudly said. His name was Kang Ting, and he was still a small commander who guarded the city gate.

“How’s the war between Great Xia and the Zhou Kingdom?” Su Su asked. 

Kang Ting was stunned. The young girl in front of him looked comely, and somehow gave him the impression that she shouldn’t be blasphemed.

Her voice was gentle, but her gaze towards him was icy cold.

Kang Ting angrily said, “You beat my mother! Don’t think you can leave today!”

Su Su shook her head, “I didn’t harm her. If she didn’t have any malicious intentions, still wanting to detain me after taking my things, I wouldn’t have scared her.”

Naturally, Kang Ting was familiar with his mother’s behavior, but he narrowed his eyes at Su Su, “Stay and apologize to my mother!”

His mind moved, wondering where his mother had found such a beautiful lady, although…… she wasn’t as devastatingly beautiful4倾国倾城 (qīngguó-qīngchéng) – (of a woman) lovely enough to cause the fall of a city or a state (an idiom); as King Xuan’s imperial concubine, but the young girl in front of him was extremely pure and smart, not any less than5不遑多让 (bùhuángduōràng) – lit. to have no time for civilities (idiom); fig. not to be outdone; not to yield to one’s opponents Imperial Concubine Xuan.

Seeing that Kang Ting wasn’t going to give up without a fight, her eyes grew colder and she fought back without mercy.

Moments later, she stepped on Kang Ting’s back, the face of the tough and stocky man on the ground turned livid.


“Let me tell you, you wild woman! I’m Imperial Concubine Xuan’s direct personal guard, you won’t be able to leave Cangzhou today!”

“Imperial Concubine Xuan?” Su Su looked at the person on the ground with a complicated expression, this person is actually Ye Bing Shang’s personal guard?

Kang Ting thought she was afraid, “If you hurt my mother, Her Highness will definitely not let you go!”

“I’m really scared, but it’s too late. Why don’t you take me to meet H-her H-highness, so she can help your mother vent her grievances?”

Kang Ting: “……You!”

Su Su kicked him, “Let’s go and meet Her Highness.”

It was effortless, she didn’t even have to figure out how to get inside the Cangzhou Official Residence.


While Kang Ting was being forced by Su Su to find Ye Bing Shang, he thought about all the tragic ways she could end up and revealed a cold smile. 

What an ignorant6不知天高地厚 (bù zhī tiān gāo dì hòu) – (lit.) not know the height of the heavens or the depth of the earth (idiom); have an exaggerated opinion of one’s abilities; think one knows everything wild woman who thinks that she can do whatever she wants in the Cangzhou Residence just because she has some skills.

Now, there was no one in Great Xia who didn’t know that Her Highness was kind hearted, owned a spiritual weapon, and protected Cangzhou City. 

No one would delve into the fact that Ye Bing Shang was just a Side Imperial Concubine, everyone now tacitly approved of her as Xiao Lin’s wife, and praised her and Xiao Lin as a match made in heaven.


She’s beautiful and extremely defensively loyal7护短 (hù//duǎn) – to defend sb (a relative, friend or oneself) despite knowing that that person is in the wrong; shield somebody’s shortcomings or faults, so when that wild woman goes in, I can tell her that the young girl insulted my mother, then say that she’s a spy from Zhou Kingdom, and Her Highness will definitely punish her severely!

With this in mind, Kang Ting brought Su Su to the Cangzhou Residence.

The Cangzhou Residence was quietly secluded8曲径通幽 (qūjìng-tōngyōu) – A winding path leads to quiet seclusion. (an idiom), and the maids were fanning Ye Bing Shang.

She was sitting under a tree, and her arched eyebrows were slightly furrowed as if she was worried about something.

Someone came to report, “Your Highness, something has happened to Commander Kang! A woman beat up him and his mother, and she even arrogantly asked him to take her to Cangzhou Residence.”

Ye Bing Shang was surprised, “What?”

“The woman is right outside.”

Ye Bing Shang lifted the front panel of her skirt, frowned and said seriously, “During such times, there are still those who dare to cause trouble in Cangzhou and harm my Cangzhou commander?”

Ye Bing Shang walked around the rockery and saw Su Su at a glance.

It had been a long time since she’d last seen her. Wearing a white flowy dress with light gold trim, she was looking out at the lake in the Cangzhou Residence.

As they had said, she was indeed detaining Kang Ting, looking completely unafraid. Her little face was fair and clear with a faint flush of pink.

Tantai Jin…… didn’t torture her.

When Kang Ting saw Ye Bing Shang, his eyes glowed with reverence and he immediately greeted her respectfully, “Your Highness!”

He expected Ye Bing Shang to arrest the young girl behind him and avenge him.

Unexpectedly, Ye Bing Shang was briefly stunned, then gently pursed her lips and softly called out to the young girl behind him, “Third Sister.”

There was a hint of respect in her courtesy.

Kang Ting was suddenly dumbfounded, then his face paled.

T-third Sister?

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