Black Moonlight Holds the BE Script

Chapter 37.1 To Offer Sacrifices

Su Su was a newcomer and shabbily dressed, so the group of noble ladies obviously didn’t intend to bring her along to seduce the new emperor.

Yan Wan, who was dressed in green, said, “Yun’er, I’ve already inquired that the new emperor doesn’t have any concubines. He’s young and vigorous, so it’s impossible for him not to react when he sees beauties. As long as we seize the opportunity, we won’t be sent as sacrifices to the demon.”

There was no doubt that Zhao Yun’er was the most beautiful among them.

She was dressed in a pink ruqun and was the most eye-catching in the crowd. Even her sadness didn’t reduce her beauty.

Zhao Yun’er nodded as she agreed to Yan Wan’s idea.


A hint of unwillingness flashed across Yan Wan’s eyes. She wished that she could do it, but her appearance was ordinary. As it was a matter of life and death, she could only proactively give advice to Zhao Yun’er. 

“Yun’er, when the time comes, you must save us sisters and put in a good word for everyone.” She mustn’t forget about them after being favoured.

Zhao Yun’er said seriously, “Of course, I won’t let anything happen to you all.”

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Tantai Minglang was lecherous, and he kept a few of them alive for two reasons: First, he was excited to play with beauties; Second, even if he was uninterested, he could offer them as sacrifices to wake the great demon in Mo River. 


Unfortunately, before Tantai Minglang could carry out his plan, he was killed by Tantai Jin. After he died, Zhao Yun’er and the rest of the ladies from the generals’ houses had all become Tantai Jin’s prisoners.

Tonight, Tantai Jin planned to continue Tantai Minglang’s plan and let Zhao Yun’er and the rest be offered as sacrifices.

In their heated discussion about throwing away their lives, Su Su gave them a concerned reminder, “The new emperor is cruel and won’t be any kinder than Tantai Minglang, your beauty trick won’t work on him.”

It would’ve been fine if she didn’t remind them, but once she spoke, it was like poking a hornet’s nest2捅马蜂窝 (tǒng//mǎfēngwō) – stir up a hornet’s nest; bring a hornet’s nest about one’s ears; bring trouble upon/to attack a difficult task resolutely/provoke somebody/something.

Yan Wan immediately said, “How do you know it won’t work? You’re aware that you’re going to be offered as a sacrifice, yet you aren’t anxious at all. Could it be that you’re thinking of seducing the new emperor yourself?”

Even Zhao Yun’er expression turned ugly. After all, Su Su’s looks were clearly visible. If they were to compete, it was uncertain who the new emperor would choose.

Several other women also said, “That’s right. Do you know who Miss Zhao is? If you’re well-behaved, when she’s favoured, perhaps she might even plead for you.”

Su Su became more serious and said to Zhao Yun’er, “Your father died battling for Mohe. Are you really willing to stay by the side of the enemy’s emperor?”

Zhao Yun’er warily said, “You don’t need to instigate me. What Yan Wan said is right. Everyone is just trying to survive and you’re no exception. This is my opportunity, and I’m also doing this to save everyone.”

Everyone was very touched and looked at Su Su as their hated enemy3同仇敌忾 (tóngchóu-díkài) – anger against a common enemy (idiom); joined in opposition to the same adversary/share a bitter hatred of the enemy.

“Alright, I admit defeat,” Su Su said.

You can just go and try. Since you can’t be persuaded, there’s no point in advising you any further.


This time, they even avoided Su Su while they were discussing their plan, for fear that she would overhear them. She didn’t bother to pay attention to them and sharpened her peach wood sword that she had hidden. Being the daughter of a hero didn’t necessarily mean she had a backbone.

When the sky turned dark, the momo came to the courtyard.

“You few, change your clothes and follow me,” the momo expressionlessly said.

An attendant handed over a few sets of white clothing.

Su Su took a look. Good God, sacrificial ritual patterns were embroidered on the clothes with golden thread. They were indeed garments worn by human sacrifices. The white ritual dress looked pure and beautiful. The small group of ladies looked at each other in surprise at the opportunity to wear such good dresses.

Su Su was pushed by the momo, “All of them have already changed their clothes, what are you still standing there for?”

Su Su thought to herself, once the golden thread on these beautiful clothes lights up, we’ll die. Under the momo’s disgruntled stare, she could only change into the white clothing.

Looking at the slim and graceful captive girls, the momo nodded in satisfaction.

“I’ll say the rules once again. In a moment, you’ll be taken to the Mo River bank. The person in front will be holding the jade mirror, and the rest will be holding the golden hairpin, flower twig, morning dew, bright lamp and pond silt. Present the jade mirror to the emperor, no mistakes are allowed. If you do well, you may even be pardoned, or else, hmph……”

The group trembled.

Once the things were brought out, everyone tacitly agreed to let Zhao Yun’er hold the jade mirror.

Since only the person who was holding the jade mirror had the chance to make contact with Tantai Jin. After Zhao Yun’er took the mirror, the rest of them snatched the items they wanted to hold. Yan Wan was satisfied to get the golden hairpin.


In the end, Su Su only had the utterly insignificant pond silt left. 

She wasn’t angry though, and carried the pond silt. It was a little smelly.

They got into the horse carriage and everyone spontaneously moved away from Su Su in disgust.

Su Su carried her mud, unconcerned. Ignorant people had no fear. Who would still care whether the thing they were holding was pretty or not when they were already treated as sacrifices.

Other than the jade mirror, the rest of the items were of gold, wood, water, fire and earth elements. The five elements alone couldn’t awaken the great demon, blood was still needed.

They’ve already put on sacrificial clothing but they still expect Tantai Jin to show mercy and let them go, do they think they’re Ye Bing Shang?

The carriage swayed along the way. Zhao Yun’er took advantage of the jade mirror and checked her reflection from time to time to see if her hair was messy.

Su Su closed her eyes and leaned against the corner of the carriage, thinking about how she’ll later stop the demon from awakening.

Although the restless girls didn’t speak to her, at this point, they couldn’t help but look at her.

The young girl was dressed in white with two ribbons tied in her hair, hanging down to her shoulders. Her eyelashes were long and curly. The moonlight shone through, illuminating the golden threads on her body with holy light. 

The girls stared at her in a daze while the young girl sat upright. They had to admit that out of the six of them, she was the only one who could bring out a feeling of holiness from the solemn sacrificial clothing.

Even Zhao Yun’er, who was holding the jade mirror, didn’t have this aura.


Zhao Yun’er also realised it. She bit her lips and couldn’t help but straighten her back.

Su Su was oblivious to all of this. After an unknown amount of time in the rocking carriage, someone said, “We’re here.”

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