Baby’s Breath

Chapter 2.1: I was wrong, that’s a girl (1)

Title: Baby’s Breath

Translator: System Yaoi

TLC: Little Potato aka My Wifey


Chapter 2 I was wrong, that’s a girl


“You kid, what’s the matter! Didn’t I tell you to wait for your mother in the hospital?! Why did you run away alone!” He Xiaoyou hooped her arms around her son’s shoulders, bending over to stare at him face-to-face.

Xue Youka’s face blushed hard when he saw his aunt who stood behind the door.

He had not taken his dress off yet. 

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He Xiaoyou sighed with sweat on her forehead: “He is sometimes too sensible, and really makes people worry. I’m going to the kitchen and ask Qingqing to bring Gaogao out for dinner. Mimi can’t walk like this.”  


Xue Youka took off his dress, closed the curtains, and turned on the lamp, looking at his wounds in pain.

Is it going to get bigger?

He spread his legs on the bed, looked down at his younger brother who was wearing a paper cup, and sighed like a stressed adult.

It’s so hard to be a man.

Dazed and about to fall asleep, Xue Youka took off his headphones when he heard the sound of a door closing, thinking it was his father who had come home, however just then he recognized the voice of his cousin Fang Liqing.

“Did the last one he wore suit well? I picked up a few more, aunt, let Mimi try… He is about the same height as me and should be able to wear them.”

“Right, the one he took from you that day was worn today and fit him well. Our colleague in the department saw Mimi today and said that he is beautiful and looks like a little girl.”

Aunt: “That Mimi inherited the good genes of you two. His nose is like you and his eyes are like my brother’s…”

Her voice grew smaller and smaller until it could no longer be heard clearly through the door.

Until their footsteps reached the door, the doorknob made a “click”, Xue Youka pulled the quilt to cover himself, annoyed: “Mom! Can you knock on the door first when you come in!”

“I am here to tell you to come and eat, and I haven’t come in yet.” He Xiaoyou stood outside and opened the door slightly. “Get up, your sister is here.”

“Close the door, I’m changing my clothes!” He usually never talked like this, but today he felt wronged and deceived, surprisingly irritable. He Xiaoyou knew he was uncomfortable, and tolerated it helplessly.


“Change into this,” He Xiaoyou stuffed a handbag through the little gap of the door, “Your sister Qingqing brought this specially for you.”

Xue Youka saw a few more dresses and collapsed: “I don’t want this, let her take it back!”

“Your sister Qingqing is also being considerate of you, she hasn’t worn these even a few times.” Her voice fell with the sound of the door closing, and Xue Youka groaned miserably. When he heard He Xiaoyou urge him once again, he slowly got up and turned on the lights, rummaging through his small closet, and found the loosest pair of shorts he had to put on.

He looked normal, but in the end, only he knew how painful it was, he didn’t even dare to move, feeling pain every time he did, this pain felt like five-horses dismembering his body apart in different directions, could only be understood by a real man who went through the surgery.

The weekend at the end of June was the Dragon Boat Festival in the lunar calendar. He Xiaoyou changed shifts with her colleagues. Early in the morning, his aunt’s family drove over to pick them up and went back to their hometown to make rice dumplings.

“Mimi, can you walk now?” asked his aunt after entering the door wearing thick heels. “Does it still hurt?”

“I don’t feel anything at all.” Xue Youka had changed into a pair of loose shorts and came out, opened the door, and sat in the back seat of the car. In the back seat, his five-year-old little brother cousin Gaogao held a KFC family bucket while pointing at him and smiled: “Brother, why aren’t you wearing a dress!”

“You are the one who should wear a dress!” Xue Youka glared at him. He knew that his cousin Fang Liqing had exposed him but she didn’t seem to be in the car, so he didn’t say anything. He got into the car and could clearly feel the cloth fabric of his pants rubbing against the wound.

He pulled at his pants uncomfortably, and his uncle in the driver’s seat asked Gaogao to offer chicken wings to his cousin. Gaogao reluctantly grabbed a piece of French fry for Xue Youka and then ignored him.

Xue Youka knew that this child was still young, however he was very protective of his food, but this cousin of his was the treasure of the whole family, Xue Youka would not compete with him for snacks no matter how unhappy he was.

His uncle asked with concern: “Mimi, how long ago did you get it cut?”

“Just… A few days ago.” He shook his head, a little embarrassed.


His uncle laughed: “Mimi has become a big boy! How tall are you now?”

“I am almost 1.7 meters.” In fact, he was only 1.635 meters tall. He was among the average boys in the class, not tall, but not short.

His uncle was surprised: “You grew so fast, not bad, in a few years when you get to high school, you will be taller than your uncle.”

He Xiaoyou took a few newly bought clothes, snacks and protein powder for the elderly and sat in the back seat. Xue Youka was squeezed in the middle.

His aunt saw the youngest son holding the whole family bucket, as if he was protecting the food, and asked him: “Gaogao, how did your mother teach you, how can you eat so many things by yourself? Give it to your aunt, and pass it around to your brother Mimi to eat, hurry up “

Gaogao hesitated, feeling very reluctant.

“Don’t reprimand the child, I don’t like to eat this. Mimi can’t eat it as well. He has to eat light food these days to heal his injuries. He has to eat healthy, not fried food.” He Xiaoyou changed the subject of the conversation and asked about Fang Liqing. Aunt sighed: “She has make-up lessons, and really couldn’t come. Hey, where’s Xue Tianliang? Hasn’t he come back yet?

She had asked about Xue Youka’s dad.

“Tianliang is still in Beihai*, and can only come back in the afternoon, we don’t need to wait for him.” [TN: is a prefecture-level city in the south of Guangxi, People’s Republic of China. Its status as a seaport on the north shore of the Gulf of Tonkin has granted it historical importance as a port of international trade for Guangxi, Hunan, Hubei, Sichuan, Guizhou, and Yunnan.]

His hometown was located in the upper area of Linghe River, which was actually not too far away. They reached there after driving for about half an hour. After entering the narrow road near the river, the car drove more slowly.

The adults in the car were talking about academics, and about Fang Liqing’s good grades and what materials she used. She went to calligraphy classes on weekends and also studied for the Olympiad so they suggested that He Xiaoyou also enroll Mimi for an Olympiad class as well. He Xiaoyou refused: “He only got 90 points in the math test at the beginning of his junior year, and his classmates all had 98 to 100 points in the math test. He can’t become a Mathematical Olympiad.”

With this topic of studies, Xue Youka had shielded himself by putting on his earphones, and listened to his mp3 pretending he couldn’t hear them. He didn’t want to mix with the adults. Gaogao stretched out his hand and tugged at him: “Brother, what are you listening to, I also want to listen, I want to listen too.”


Gaogao couldn’t help but take off one of his earphones, plugged it into his own ear, and pouted: “What are you listening to, it’s so bad.”  

“It’s Japanese, you won’t understand.” Xue Youka pulled the headphone cord back.

“I don’t want to listen to Japanese!” Gaogao stuck out his tongue in dislike, “Your worn-out  mp3 is too bad, I have Sony’s latest music player in my house!”

Xue Youka took a deep breath and closed his eyes in dismay, then he turned up the volume of his worn-out mp3.

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