Baby’s Breath

Chapter 2.2: I was wrong, that’s a girl (2)

Title: Baby’s Breath

Translator: System Yaoi

TLC: Little Potato aka My Wifey


Chapter 2 I was wrong, that’s a girl


His uncle continued driving the car, turned around into a smaller dirt road, and they had to drive down the path for another seven or eight minutes to get to the door of their house. Unexpectedly, just when the road had just been paved, rain had fallen yesterday so the road was full of potholes and the car bumped and swung up and down. As the car jolted, Xue Youka, who was sitting in the centre, suddenly changed his face and whimpered.

“What’s wrong with Mimi? Did you get hurt?”  His uncle made an emergency brake, causing Xue Youka’s body to involuntarily fall forward, tears leaking out from the corners of his eyes.

“No…No, I’m just a little motion sick.” He was unwilling to admit that it hurt him down there.

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Dwl Zswjy’p nsxrzlmksd nbydtle ytykd, bkp pxyzz qynl vwadle ryzl: “Bdnzl, R oydv vs tlv swv sq vbl nya.”

“Ps usw oydv vs vbaso wr?”  

“Bb-bwb, R osd’v vyjl vbl nya yduxsal, R okzz oyzj bsxl.”  

“Mbl bswpl kp pvkzz y oyzjkdt ekpvydnl sq vld xkdwvlp qasx blal. Uyd usw oyzj?”  

“Yes.” He said  


He Xiaoyou wanted to get down and accompany him, however Xue Youka insisted that he could do it alone.  

“I will walk back slowly by the river, you don’t have to worry about me.” He opened the door, bowed his head, and gasped for air in his heart.

It hurts too much. Wuuuuu.

I can’t cry!

Holding back his tears, Xue Youka watched as the car drive off.

The chirping of birds outside the window woke Cheng Yu from his sleep. The sunlight seeped through the leaves and fell on one side of his face through the window. He half-opened his eyes and squinted at the bright sky and few clouds under the sun.

Sitting up from his sleeping mat, the dark blue pyjamas he wore inadvertently parted in his dazed state, revealing the youth’s fair and healthy body. Proper exercise made his limbs slender. Starting from the shoulders, there were noticeable thin muscle lines.  

The mugwort leaf hanging on the wall of the room exuded a faint bitter fragrance of herbal medicine.

After changing clothes and going downstairs, he saw his grandfather, who was watering the flowers in the yard. The parrot in the cage, Yue Lun, fluttered its wings at the sight of Cheng Yu, and sneezed: “Atchhoo!”

It sounded exactly the same as his grandfather’s sneezing.



Grandpa held the watering kettle and straightened up: “Xiao Yu, I see you’ve gotten up, I have heated up some zongzi1is a traditional Chinese rice dish made of glutinous rice stuffed with different fillings and wrapped in bamboo leaves, or sometimes with reed or other large flat leaves. on the stove for you.”

He put down the kettle he used to water the flowers, turned back to the stove on the left, and opened the lid of the pot. Picking up a bundle of zongzi, he gestured a scissoring motion: “How many? Four or five?” 

Cheng Yu picked up the red beans in the zongzi with chopsticks to eat. His grandpa peeled off the zongzi leaves and took a bite: “Who eats zongzi like you? When are you going to finish eating the rest of it?”

“I will eat slowly.” Cheng Yu said.

The grandpa sat opposite to him: “Is it boring to live with Grandpa? Should I take you to the county town to play today?”

“Is there a shop which sells musical instruments?”

“Want to play drums?”

Uncle Wei who had just bought a basket of native eggs from outside immediately interrupted: “You can’t play drums anymore, with what almost happened last time is already big enough!”

His grandpa replied, “Yes, yes, you can’t play drums. You can rest in the countryside for a while and then play again.”

Cheng Yu’s eyebrows scrunched up slightly.

“Then grandpa will arrange some other activities for you. Later, let’s go catch some fish in the river and see how many we can catch. We will have a whole fish feast at noon!”

Uncle Wei still had some disapproval in his heart, thinking it was a strenuous exercise: “When we came here, at that time, I told Xiao Yu that there are orchards everywhere in this place. Let’s go pick lychees.”


“Alright, let’s pick lychees. This kid must have never been there. After catching fish, accompany this old man with chess in the afternoon. Tomorrow, grandpa will take you to the orchard to pick lychees.”

The house which was built by his grandpa was very close to the river, and one could go down in it just by stepping on a few stones.

The river was not wide, about three meters long, the stream flowed shallowly, the pebbles underneath were washed by the water for a long time, and a layer of moss grew on the slippery cool bottom.  

At first, Cheng Yu refused to go down. Seeing his grandpa take off his shoes and roll up trousers under the river, he couldn’t help himself and said, “Be careful.”

The old man took out a few snails from the gap between the stones and held them high in the air. The sun shone on the water surface, reflecting a shimmery light.

Grandpa asked Uncle Wei to get a bucket and asked Cheng Yu: “You really don’t want to come down and play? This water is cool and comfortable!”

“Oh! Caught another crab!”

Cheng Yu watched his grandpa squat and stand up multiple times, and was worried, after a while, he took off his own shoes and went down.

The stream was submerged to the middle of the calf, the water was cold, and the stones were slippery. However, Cheng Yu didn’t bend over to catch the fish. With one arm stretched out, he was in a posture of protecting the old man, if he were to ever lose his balance.  

Not long after, his grandpa caught a few crabs and a crucian carp with short fins, throwing them into the bucket.  

Uncle Wei stood at the shore and watched with trepidation for a while, and found that the young man’s movements were very small and would not cause any burden to Cheng Yu’s body. He also felt relieved in his heart and went back to the vegetable garden in the front yard to pick out green onions.  

Just as his grandfather bent down to catch the tail of a big fish, a rock flew over and hit the surface of the water. The water splashed on the trousers, and the fish flew away flexibly.  


“Which child is that!” Grandpa yelled, raising his hand to cover the light in front of him, and looking towards the other side, “How could you throw rocks in here!”

Xue Youka didn’t notice anyone at first. He walked by the river, playing with stones as he did before. But one stone was thrown away and bounced in the water, making stirring waves.

When he heard someone yelling, he thought he had hit someone, so he hid subconsciously, shrinking behind the shade of the tree, and sticking his head out to observe.

After several seconds, he came out slowly from behind and apologized guiltily: “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it. Uncle, are you… okay?” He then looked into the river, and saw an old and a young man standing side by side.

The boy was standing in the water, wearing a large T-shirt with his trousers pulled up to avoid water, his calves were smooth, and half of his body was glowing in the sun.

Xue Youka quickly recognized him, ah! It’s the eldest master who gave him a lift in his car!

Meeting the gaze of the young man that had moved over, Xue Youka quickly moved his gaze away and touched his pocket and found himself without a coin.

But the boy seemed to recognize him.

“You.” Cheng Yu pointed at him.  


Cheng Yu called out: “Repay the money.”

Xue Youka was so embarrassed that he couldn’t speak immediately: “I, I didn’t bring any money…”

Cheng Yu seemed to be deliberately making trouble, staring straight at him. This child, however, Grandpa was very surprised and curious. He looked up at the youngster, who seemed to be a boy yet looked a bit like a girl. In any case, he knew that he was a native of the mountain. How could this kind of country kid know their family’s Cheng Yu?

Xue Youka flushed with anger.

Isn’t it just a dollar?

He didn’t intentionally fail to return it.

“I will pay it back. I am not someone who owes money and does not pay it back. I will come over to return your money back tomorrow, no, this afternoon. You just wait!”

He ran away after speaking.

His grandpa was pleased and asked Cheng Yu: “Whose kid is this?”

“I don’t know.”

“You don’t know? How could that little boy owe you money? It doesn’t make sense!”

“Grandpa, you recognized wrongly.” Cheng Yu squinted because of the bright rays of the dazzling sun, “That’s a girl.”

“Is it? No, that’s obviously a boy.”

Cheng Yu insisted: “It’s a little girl.” 

A little boyish little sister.

The author has something to say:

It is not necessarily only a girl who can wear a skirt, it may be a younger brother!


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