Baby’s Breath

Chapter 1.2: Being a man was really tough (2)

Title: Baby’s Breath

Translator: System Yaoi

TLC: Little Potato aka My Wifey


Chapter 1 Being a man was really tough


They were already out of the city, and there were very few people who owned cars. Uncle Wei pulled the car to the side, and Cheng Yu nodded at him as a response.

Uncle Wei got off the car to buy the lychees by the weight. Cheng Yu looked out of the window on the other side and suddenly caught a glimpse of a girl at the roadside.

The girl was wearing a white floral dress and had short hair. She walked very awkwardly, as if her leg was injured. She cried as she walked, stopping in the middle of the bridge, and looked at the flowing river under the bridge in confusion.

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He Xiaoyou had taught him this.


He Xiaoyou thought that her son loved to laugh, and smiled at everyone, and he also liked to shout at people, his mouth was also very sweet, which was very good, but she would always be worried that his son was too unsuspecting and careless and could be abducted by human traffickers. So she indoctrinated a belief of “don’t talk to strangers, don’t eat things given by strangers” to him since he was young.

Seeing her cuteness, Uncle Wei smiled: “Uncle is not a bad person, don’t be afraid, uncle lives there.” He pointed his finger at a house built by the river, far upstream, with only the tip of the house visible.

Xue Youka’s eyes opened wide. He knew that the mentioned house was across a river from his grandfather’s little orchard, and was on the opposite side, but he had never seen the owner of the house.

Xue Youka used to swim to the opposite side with friends. He was very curious about the house across the wall because he found the infrastructure very beautifully done. Two elegant stone lanterns stood outside the door. Behind were two rows of lush green shades, there was also a small well-kept yard. Wisteria flowers poked their heads from the edge of the wall.

Uncle Wei bent down to level his sight with her, and said in a coaxing voice: “Uncle drove by and saw you crying. I thought of my granddaughter when I saw you and was worried that you were lost. Where do you live? Where are your parents? Is someone coming to pick you up?”

“My family lives…next to the police station.” Xue Youka could no longer walk. He looked up and saw the black car parked on the opposite side. The old man in front of him did not look like a bad person, but rather like his grandfather. He was a little less vigilant, but still remembered what his mother had said.

Uncle Wei: “Do you remember the phone number of any of your family members? You can borrow uncle’s cell phone to call your parents and come pick you up, otherwise I think you have a leg injury? How will you be able to go home?”

“I…” Xue Youka wanted to say that it was not because of his leg injury, but because of the pain in his nether regions, but he was very embarrassed and couldn’t bring himself to say it.

He didn’t want to walk home, but at this time, his mother was working over an operation and his father was not at home.

His uncle was in a meeting outside, and his aunt might mostly be playing mahjong. Who would come to pick him up?

He hesitated for a while, looking up at the kind and gentle uncle, fighting against his mother’s words in his heart. He was no longer a child, and could not be so easily abducted, but now he had injuries, and he would not be able to run even if he was in trouble… A few seconds later, he thought of a compromise, and said shyly: “Uncle, can you lend me a dollar? There is a bus stop in front of me. I can go home by myself. I will pay the money back next day…. Don’t worry, I’ve been to your house to play, and I’ll return the money to you another day!”

“Hahaha,” Uncle Wei heard his words and directly took out a pair of keys, “A dollar is not enough to ride a car. The bus stop is still quite far, isn’t it? And look at the sun, it’s so hot. Uncle can drive you over. The car also has air-conditioning.”


“That’s enough, thank you Uncle.”

The door opened and the car felt so cool. He couldn’t wait to get in. He stepped with his short legs and got into the car – only then did he see a person was also sitting in the car. The boy seemed to be older than him. When Xue Youka looked up at him, both of their eyes met.

Cheng Yu was wiping his hands with his expression filled with his usual indifference. The tear shaped mole on his cheek became the finishing touch to his cold temperament.

Cheng Yu glanced at the little girl.

Xue Youka didn’t recognize the child, but he was still a little timid, looking in the teenagers direction with his big watery eyes.

The car was filled with the aroma of fresh lychees.

Uncle Wei got in the car and explained: “Xiao Yu, this little girl is injured on her leg and is going home. I will drive her to the bus stop.”

“I am not a little girl.” Xue Youka argued unhappily, wanting to explain that he was a boy, but there was no way he could think of to clarify why he was wearing a dress on his body. Speaking of this, it would be necessary for him to talk about the operation he had. If they knew that he had cried so much because of the pain of his ‘little brother’, it would be too shameful.

Thus he was embarrassed to say that.

“Hahaha.” Uncle Wei felt it was funny. He saw that the little girl was clearly young, but her speech was very clear and logical, and was different from many children, so he asked, “Then you are not a little girl, but an adult? How old are you?”

“I…I will be fifteen years old soon!” He shamelessly reported that he was four years older than his current age. His mother had said, children are easy to be targeted by fraudsters, since fifteen years old seemed smart, the trafficker had to weigh whether to kidnap him or not.

Uncle Wei was a little surprised: “You are fifteen years old?”


“I will soon be!” He felt a little guilty, his head churning. 

Uncle Wei laughed and didn’t tear down his lie: “We have lychees here, do you like to eat lychees?”

“I do…” Xue Youka wiped the corners of his eyes with a paper towel, but when he saw the lychee bag on the boy’s side, he immediately shook his head, politely thanking him and said he did not want them.

“My grandfather grows lychees at home. I eat them all day long, and it would be a waste if I can’t finish them.”

“Are there still lychees being grown at home?” He motioned to Cheng Yu to pass some to the girl.

Cheng Yu pinched a lychee and handed it over, but didn’t look at him. Xue Youka looked up at him quietly for a few seconds, reached out and took it, quickly saying a ‘thank you brother’.

Cheng Yu didn’t reply, however he kept the lychees on the central armrest of the car’s back seat, indicating him to take and eat it by herself, with his most common expression of indifference.

Xue Youka didn’t touch them. For him, lychees were not uncommon at all. He said: “Uncle, you can come to my house to pick lychees, which are cheaper than the ones sold on the streets.”

“Okay, where do you live?”

When he asked this question, Xue Youka immediately flinched: “The police, next to the police station…”

The old and the young chatted amiably, Cheng Yu’s eyes turned to him inadvertently, looking down at the girl, her eyes were red, maybe because just now she had cried too much, her eyes were still covered with a layer of watery mist, the eyelashes were drooping down like a small fan, the small nose was also tinged red, the white and tender face was small, it looked soft with the baby fat still present, she was less than 1.6 meters tall, maybe because she hurt her leg, her sitting posture was not elegant.

Soon, the car arrived at the bus station, Uncle Wei smiled and asked him: “Is your house far away? Should Uncle send you back?”


“Thank you, Uncle, but there is no need.” He felt relieved when he saw the station. Fortunately, the uncle was not a human trafficker. Xue Youka immediately opened the car door and said to Uncle Wei politely and obediently: “Goodbye, uncle, I will go to your house another day and return the money to you personally. I will definitely return it to you.”

“It doesn’t matter. Next time, go out carefully, don’t fall again.”

Xue Youka nodded and closed the door. Just after taking a step, he was dragged back by a resistance. The paper cup hanging between his legs shook a few times, and his face turned pale and he instantly cried out.

“Your dress is stuck.” Cheng Yu opened the door, and the hem of the floral skirt fell from the edge. Xue Youka looked up at him, pressed the skirt with tears, and whispered thank you.

The teenager’s cold face softened for a while, and he replied with a ‘welcome’.

The black car drove side by side with the bus.

“This little girl is beautiful. Shanling is a nurturing place and has produced quite a number of beauties.” Uncle Wei casually mentioned the name of a female star. “She is also from Shanling.”

Cheng Yu listened to him absentmindedly. He couldn’t help but think about the little girl who did not pay attention when she got out of the car, revealing a sneak of her white legs, which were as shiny as the peeled lychee in his hand.

How nurturing indeed.

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