After The Sweet Ending

Chapter 4: Cr*ampie (H)

Yu Shizou’s thick r*d quickly emerged from c*nt, and only a fleeting image visible from the outside. The sound of their body slamming against each other seemed endless. Xu Wei’s p*ssy contracted. Her p*bic hairs were slick with glistening honey. 

In the bathroom the woman’s whimpering mingled with the man’s ragged gasps echoed and intensified as Yu Shizhou pistoned inside her, thrusting dozens of times before finally releasing with a final, hard thr*st in her c*unt.

Xu Wei was spent, her body hot as she leaned against him. Yu Shizhou rubbed and tucked her sweaty hair behind her ears, cleaned her up, and carried her into the room. She slept with her legs wide open on the bed. Her snowy-white skin was full of his marks and traces of bruises. 

Fresh from a violent lovemaking session, she lay still, calmly breathing. Her beautiful p*ssy was exposed to the light. The hair on her private part was sparse. The part where it had been f*cked for the first time was swollen, flushed with ruddy pink, looking lovely.

Yu Shizhou half kneeled between Xu Wei legs, watching. His eyes darkened with l*st. He just org*smed, but his c*ck was hard again. She was still dazed and asleep, mostly because she wasn’t sober yet. 


She loved to go out with her colleagues and friends and used to come back drunk. He always prepared honey water for her, but Xu Wei did not like him and did not like his closeness. If he showed he wanted to get closer to her, even for a bit, she would alienate him. 

He could only bitterly endure and show that he didn’t care. But as a person, it was very difficult to do. He was more frantic to understand everything about her. Although he was emotional, in front of her he was mostly warm, but today he was a bit domineering. It was for their own sake, and it was quite good. 

If he always respected her ideas, he was afraid that in this life he wouldn’t be close to her. Yu Shi Zhou slowly lowered his head, lovingly kissed her c*it between her p*ssy lips. The place was slightly red and swollen, a bit hot. It shrunk a little when he moved closer to it.  

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Her inner c*nal was numb and sore. It felt like her body was being split open, and she frowned in discomfort. “Get it out, it’s too deep!”


He lovingly and carefully kissed her, while lightly rubbing her waist and downwards. He whispered, “Soon it will be comfortable, baby.”

Yu Shizhou didn’t allow her to speak when he suddenly increased his force and speed. Her p*ssy heated, and the juices were unstoppable, gushing out in abundance.  

He slowly pulled out, leaving the pleasure place. He was reluctant to give up her c*nt, and entered into her depths again. He had never experienced such breathtaking s*x. 

Xu Wei’s entire body flushed red. He ruthlessly banged her, again and again. Xu Wei moaned and sobbed.  

Suddenly her voice sharply rose, face filled with pleasure with a little pain. 

He unintentionally hits her G-sp*t. She bit her lips, “Do not… do not, do not touch there…..Oh!”

She hadn’t finished talking, and he already changed his angle to hit it again, bullying it. He accelerated his ramming. Xu Wei sobered up a little, moaning, “Yu Shi Zhou, you bastard, do not …… too deep …… “

Realizing that she knew who was in her body, he burst with hidden excitement and joy. He became more vigorous and placed Xu Wei’s legs on his shoulders. He firmly held her thin waist to facilitate his ramming.  

The tingling pleasure rose from her tailbone to her body. His r*d pushed in and withdrew in less than a moment to send her to the cl*max. She sharply gasped, and her slender waist arched.

 Yu Shizhou panted in her ear, “Let’s come together.” 

Yu Shizhou thrust faster, his c*ck quickly moved in and out. Their p*bic hair glistened with their juices, almost frothing because of the constant friction. She couldn’t stand so much stimulation. Her body quivered, legs buckling, and she screamed in pleasure. 

He loudly groaned, almost roaring, and thrust harder inside her. His c*ck hit so deep into a place that hadn’t been touched. He hit the entrance of her womb. Her inner walls contracted, sucking his c*ck. The sensation was unbearable, and he released a thick stream of his c*m inside her as if emptying himself.    


The person under him was entirely spent. His eyes and brow were rarely gentle, carefully watching every detail of her features. His semi-hard c*ck didn’t want to leave her warm, moist p*ssy. The contraction of her inner walls from time to time made him feel her presence. He was inside her, and he didn’t want to ever come out. 


Xu Wei slept like a log, only to wake up feeling sore all over her body with tearing pain in between her legs. She moved and felt something inside her. 

A muffled grunt came from behind her. Yu Shizhou woke up because of her movement. Within moments, both of them felt his c*ck slowly swell inside her. She laid in Yu Shizhou’s arm, using it as a pillow.

The memory of last night slowly came back to her. Xu Wei was suffering from a headache, and for the first time, she thought getting drunk was a mistake. She actually slept with Yu Shizhou. 

Her throat was dry and sore. With a hoarse voice she said, “You go out first.”

After a few seconds of silence, she felt his c*ck withdraw from inside her, scraping against her inner walls. It felt painful, and she felt empty. As he pulled away, the s*men inside her p*ssy gushed out to her thighs, hot and sticky. 

Xu Wei pulled the covers up to cover her head, feeling awkward. She thought about how to deal with this when she heard the sound of the door opening, then closed. Yu Shizhou just went out like that, and so she lifted the quilt covering her.  

Suddenly, she felt really angry. Although the s*x wasn’t planned, he didn’t even say a word to her. He left just like that! Her heart was numb and painful, along with seething anger.  

Before her imagination could go wild and make up a scene of eating and wiping away, the door suddenly opened again and she froze on the bed. 

The snow-white beauty on the bed showed a skin full of traces of being ravaged—bruised red—and he still didn’t know of the situation under the covers. There should be more.  

Yu Shizhou stood in the doorway, wearing a bathrobe. His hair was a little messy, eyes shining. He had a glass of water in his hand. He walked to the bed and sat on the edge as he handed it to her. Xu Wei stared at him with wide eyes, looking a little confused.


His voice’s laid-back and dazed, he sounds so magnetic, seducing her, “How are you going to drink water lying down?” 

Xu Wei blushed, slowly sat up, and as a result, juices gushed out of her p*ssy. He must have emptied himself inside her last night. She blushed even more. Just how much did he shoot last night?

Her slender white arms were covered with love marks and her chest was even worse. Her right n*pple was slightly swollen. The quilt slid down, exposing her n*ked body to her thighs. Yu Shizhou’s eyes darkened, filled with turbulent desire. He looked away, staring at the ceiling, and waited for her to finish drinking, “Does it still hurt?”

Xu Wei almost choked out the water, and with one hand speedily grabbed the quilt to cover herself. She found traces of love bites and marks on her arms to her chest. Xu Wei was embarrassed, and scolded him, “You dare to ask? It hurts like hell!” 

Her scolding sounded coquettish in his ears, as if she was actually not berating him. Yu Shizhou’s heart softened. Seeing that the water almost spilled, he grabbed the glass and fixed her messy hair. Then he moved closer, inhaling her scent from her neck. 

His smiling face hidden from view, “Well, it’s all my fault, you can blame me all you want. I promise to be gentle next time.”


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