After The Sweet Ending

Chapter 5: Heart to Heart

Xu Wei felt comfortable. She was used to being cold, and especially often frustrated with Wan Lijue. She almost forgot that she also liked to be pampered and cared for.

Yu Shizhou looked at her full of affection as if she was the only one in his eyes, making her want to avoid him a little. Her body still felt very uncomfortable. She felt hot below, her legs were sore, and she was suffering from waist pain. Avoiding his gaze, she pursed her lips and said, “I want to take a shower. You leave now.”

He lifted the corner of the quilt, picking her up. It surprised Xu Wei, and she grabbed onto the lapels of his robe.

“What are you doing?”

He firmly held her with a smile on his handsome face. “Carrying you to the bathroom.”


Putting her gently on the toilet seat, he set the water to hot in the bathtub. Then, he adjusted the temperature and turned around, “Wash up. Come out for breakfast when you’re ready.”

Yu Shizhou opened the door and walked out, the tall figure disappeared from her view. Xu Wei was a little confused. This was the first time that they were so close. Before, they didn’t share a bed and slept separately.


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His eyes were so oppressive especially when he focused on me. It was as if I offended him by digging the  ancestral grave of his family.


When he came back with the medicine, she felt that his eyes were too sullen and aggressive. Turning away, she drank the medicine. He cleared the table and sat next to her again. 

Xu Wei felt tired. She felt that today’s Yu Shizhou was an impostor. She stood up. “Aren’t you busy? Go and I’ll stay to watch this drama to the end.”

His long, slender fingers paused on the glass, and his Adam’s apple rolled as he spoke in a low baritone, “I’m ready for the next class next week. I’ll accompany you.”

Xu Wei’s strength left her, and she could only push him softly. “You’re standing here, how can I watch TV?”

He caught her hand, and she tried to twist away. She felt really soft in his hands, and he thought of last night—her extremely soft and wet core. Also, her enchanting, swinging waist. At this moment her soft and boneless hand was held by him, and he liked it very much.

“I’ll accompany you.”

“I do not need you to accompany me, and you won’t understand the drama.”

“Idol drama should be easier than the average translational kinetic energy of ideal gas molecules in relation to temperature.”

Xu Wei has nothing to say and could only glare at him.  Her skin was clear and smooth like a peeled egg with delicate features looking so youthful. 

Satisfaction filled Yu Shizhou’s heart, he pinched her face, and said in a warm voice, “Go change your clothes. We’re going out for dinner.”

She didn’t want to move at all, but at home, she couldn’t drive him away. He also mentioned the restaurant that she liked to go to, so she obediently changed clothes and put on light makeup.



It was getting late, red and orange hues painted the sky, and numerous people were walking along the busy road. She wondered if these people thought of the man or the woman of their dreams. There were many students on the road. Xu Wei saw a boy and a girl, two high school students, walking side by side. The boy was tall and handsome, the girl looked up at him.

She remembered her high school days with Wan Lijue. He was actually quite cold and did not care about girls, only interested in basketball and games. His mouth was also poisonous. She didn’t even know when she fell in love with him.

I thought he wasn’t into girls, but how did he fall in love with Su Jing?

She didn’t see any of Su Jing’s good points. Wan Lijue was popular in the university, there were so many pretty girls chasing him. He could just choose one.

She was content that Su Jing was inferior to her in every way, but was greatly dumbfounded when he had chosen Su Jing as his girlfriend. Xu Wei liked Wan Lijue but her modest and prudent temperament couldn’t let her pursue him shamelessly. 

She wouldn’t let go of her pride. She wasn’t outspoken about her feelings for him, but how could he not see it? He really treated her as his buddy for more than ten years.

The last time we met, his words left a bad taste in my heart. She was treated as a joke again. She shook her head and sighed, “It’s difficult to get.”

Then she heard the faint voice of Yu Shizhou who was driving, “What is hard to get?”

Looking at him, she thought that men knew what other men thought. She inquired, “Why would a guy like another girl when there’s a better woman beside him?”

He didn’t raise his head, answering, “Better? Maybe the guy prefers the other girl. It all depends on the person.”

Xu Wei nodded thoughtfully, so it seemed that she was narcissistic. She thought she was better than Su Jing, but not so in the eyes of others.

Yu Shizhou glanced at her at the corner of his eyes. His eyes were bright, his nose perfectly arched, and his beautiful eyebrows were slightly knitted. “You graduated from a famous school. At such a young age, your career is successful, you’re beautiful, and cultured with strong capability. You’re a rare and excellent girl.”


Although she felt like she was talking to a fortune teller, Xu Wei’s heart was slightly proud. She smiled. “So, am I better than Su Jing?”

However, he replied, “Su Jing only went to a second-rate university. She is easily confused, disordered, has a weak temper, and not so smart. But she is kind, has a soft heart, strong and motivated. She has a tough bone in her body, maybe, that’s why he loves her.”

Xu Wei was very angry. “In front of your wife, you praise other women! Enough!”

Yu Shizhou softly said, “I only helped you analyze the differences between you two. You wanted to know why Wan Lijue likes Su Jing that he almost left his family for her.”

“He was confused. It would have been easier if he married me. At least, our family matches. The elders also like me,” she said in an exasperated voice.

It was quite a while before Yu Shizhou continued, “Then why did you lend him money after he had his card suspended by his family? Why help to relieve the situation between Aunt Wan and Su Jing? Shouldn’t you have taken the opportunity to approach him? You’re so smart, you would have definitely succeeded.”

She despised getting the love she wanted in a vile way. Xu Wei was so noble, she didn’t want to diary her hands with those vile things.

Yu Shizhou felt relieved and very happy in his heart. Xu Wei was too clean and upright, she didn’t care to use such means. She wanted a clean and honest love for a lifetime, however, she bet her all in the wrong treasure.

She was surprised. “How did you know?” These things, Wan Lijue didn’t even know.

Yu Shizhou’s heart was sour. The woman he loved devoted a lot to another man. Wan Lijue didn’t know but he knew everything.

Even Su Jing, for Wan Lijue to love her more, concealed some of the things Xu Wei did for him. Only Xu Wei foolishly believed that it was enough to love someone silently. Fortunately, he was the only one who saw it.

He didn’t answer her question, but instead asked, “Why do you like Wan Lijue? I don’t see anything good about him. You’re surrounded by better men.”


Xu Wei looked back, “He’s handsome. I met him when I was young, and he mesmerized me since then.”

Yu Shizhou rolled down the window, and let out a sigh. He felt weary.

Xu Wei spoke again in a much more serious tone, “My parents died when I was thirteen due to a car accident. A lot of people attended the funeral, they all went through the motions. He was the only one who cried and said to me, ‘Weiwei, you must be very sad and scared, but it’s okay. I’ll watch over you in place of my uncle and aunt.’”  

When she was the most helpless, he held her and said these warm words.

Because of that one sentence, she was so desperate for him for so many years, and she handed her heart to him without something in return.

Yu Shizhou’s heart was flustered and frustrated. Why did he not meet her earlier?

She was young, only thirteen years old. The small Weiwei must be so pitiful and cute.

If he had met her at that time, he would have taken her home to raise her up in brocade garments and jade meals.1 a life of luxury and extravagance.  His heart hurts so bad. Jealousy, chagrin, and powerlessness surged in his heart. It felt sour, bitter, and spicy, never sweet.

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  1. Monia Bolletta

    Honestly, I didn’t like Yu Shizhou much in this chapter. Not because of the smut scenes, but rather when he went on about Su Jing in front of his wife: by telling her “but she is kind, has a soft heart, strong and motivated” it doesn’t sound like he’s indirectly saying “she’s like that, unlike you. you may be smart and clever, but you are neither kind nor soft-hearted”? this is rather unpleasant to hear : (

  2. *O

    Can I just say that it frustrates me so much when characters take the morning-after pill but then suffer none of the side-effects. I am 100% for the morning-after pill being easily accessible and do not discourage anyone from taking it, but it is irritating to see novels glossing over the very real side effects that can come with it. For the record, it can cause heavy bleeding, cramps, nausea and vomiting among other things. It promotes the idea of the morning-after pill as a primary form of contraception rather than a back-up and also disregards women’s health (again, the morning-after pill is not bad, just to make it clear: I’m irritated at how novels deal with this and not how anyone handles it in real life)

    Anyway, thanks for the chapters! Stay safe!