After The Sweet Ending

Chapter 3: First Time (H)

Warning: This chapter contains dubious consent and disturbing scenes.

Before he could react, she had already pulled open the car door and left. Yu Shizhou immediately chased after her, wanting to say something to ease their relationship, but Xu Wei’s words just now had really hurt him unintentionally. He was not a talkative person, the more careful he was, the more he dared not say much for fear of making a mistake.

He stubbornly pulled her to not go. The night was cold; the road was full of traffic, and the two of them were standing tall and elegant. People passing by couldn’t stop looking back at them. Yu Shizhou took her by the hand and lowered his voice, “Let’s go back, you must be hungry.”

Xu Wei glanced at him and smiled, “Let’s go.”



Today the department completed a big order and had decided to celebrate, going out to dinner, and afterward, they were going to go singing. Xu Wei liked to have fun and left everything else behind as soon as she went out with her friends.

He called three times, and she didn’t answer any of the calls. The fifth call went to voicemail, and he threw the phone on the table casually. His friend, seeing his face, tapped him on the shoulder and clinked his glass of wine with his, “Tch, out for a good time, but you look resentful. Who put you out of business?”

Yu Shizhou slapped his friend’s hand away. The colored lights swept across his face. His side profile was cold and hard, and his faint gaze fell on his phone. There was a sense of elusive distance all around him. A few girls next to him looked over and laughed, and one of them in a daring outfit came forward.

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She leaned against the doorframe, impatiently lifting her eyes as Yu Shizhou dropped his hand in a disheveled manner. His whole state was a little off as he bowed his head and said, “I’ve called you seven times today.”


 “So what?” She didn’t force him to call.

One hand clenched into a fist, restraining himself with great effort. Xu Wei let go of the door, a little unsteady on her feet as the wine kicked in. She had drunk a lot today. Then she turned around and took off the clothes she wore and pulled the shower curtain, not caring at all that there was someone outside.

Heat filled the small bathroom, the sound of rushing water reached his ears from less than a meter away. It was like something exploded in his head as he lifted the curtain, and it startled Xu Wei.

She was naked, so she turned her body away. Xu Wei wanted to utter a curse, but before she could do that, Yu Shizhou’s tall figure advanced towards her. The small bathroom space became even hotter as he touched her slim shoulders.

Then kisses fell haphazardly on her face, his soft lips brushing up against her neck. Xu Wei reacted with her hands against his chest, and he blocked her mouth. All she could do was whimper, and there was nowhere to vent her frustration.

He ripped off his shirt; the buttons bouncing off the wall with a crisp crunch. Xu Wei gasped for air, alcohol eating away at her sanity, and her mind was in a daze.

Hot breath rolled over her neck and kisses fell on her body. A hard patch of muscle was within reach while hot water poured down on her head. Everything was a blur, the smell of alcohol strong between her breaths.

Xu Wei didn’t know whether it was her breathe that smelled or whether Yu Shizhou had also been drinking. He cupped the back of her head with one hand and slid the other up along her waistline, bringing shuddering sparks all the way up. His palm gently trailed on the soft flesh—her breast—twisting her n**ples and gently rubbing it.

Electricity ran through Xu Wei’s body, and her legs were a little soft. She wanted to retreat, but he held her tightly by the waist.

Like a dying fish thirsting for water, a tidal wave of lust rushed up in her body. Her hand went weak, she didn’t have the strength to push him away. His hands passed over her flat belly and through the sparse, luxuriant grass beneath. 

Suddenly caressed in a place that no one touched in over twenty years, it startled her. She stepped back only to be immediately pulled back. Her long fingers gently dug into his cr**ch, and she could feel his c**k slowly bulging. Xu Wei gasped for air. Her eyes dazzled and her face flushed crimson.

Yu Shizhou restrained his hard, aching, rising c**k, which was about to explode. His eyes flashed with struggle before finally stopping, and his thing grew harder and harder. Her body became hot under the play of his nimble fingers, and he could clearly feel a stream of heat seeping out of her p**sy.


Xu Wei felt an irrepressible longing of wanting something thick and hard inside her wet p**sy. An unbearable cry escaped from her lips, signaling that she wanted more. His fingers picked up speed, playing with the red and engorged n*b in her c**t. A long, slender finger suddenly reached in and the soft, luscious flesh wrapped around it like a snake, holding it tightly. 

Inside, it was moist and warm, there was a continuous stream of heat. Yu Shizhou tried to push his fingers deeper. Xu Wei sobbed while her inner walls squirmed, pushing out the foreign object. This was a path that no one had invaded before.  

She was now weak and completely incapable of resisting because of the shallow thrusting of his fingers. The shower was long turned off, and the squelching sounds from her private part were obvious. One finger suddenly turned two, and her c*nal became tighter. 

Her c**t had become wetter and hotter, it became slippery with her juices. A hot, hard object suddenly rubbed against her p**sy that could no longer take the slightest bit of stimulation. A tear slipped from the corner of Xu Wei’s eye.

Yu Shizhou lifted one of her legs and hung it on the crook of his elbow. Wave after wave of heat filled her body, and her back pressed against the cold tiles. The icy and fiery sensation mixed. Xu Wei couldn’t stand the stimulation and leaned forward, but she didn’t expect his huge c**k to suddenly poke in. 

A stinging pain came from her p**sy and she sobered up a little. She grunted in pain and tried to back away. But Yu Shizhou had just gotten a taste of her, so how could he let her go. He held onto her voluptuous a*s and pressed it towards him. His long, thick, and hard thing pushed, refusing to pull out. 

Xu Wei clawed at Yu Shizhou’s back. It stimulated him to thrust hard, moved forward, and went all the way in! Her warm, wet c**t wrapped around his monstrous sh**t. The skin around her entrance stretched out and turned pale, the cl**oris red and squeezed to one side.

The sensation of being stretched out was like a knife slicing her v**ina. Xu Wei’s eyes were red. Her drunkenness had sobered up a little, and her bottom was on fire. She choked on her sobs, and her p**sy contracted a little, causing his s**ft to swell a few more inches, scaring her from moving around.

Yu Shichu grunted with pleasure as he entered. It felt like his d**k was inside a three-hundred-and-sixty-degree container without missing an area. Her inner walls surrounded his c**k like a million little mouths sucking on it. Not a single gap in between. Their private parts entwined against one another.

When he thrust forward, he seemed to have broken through something else. He realized that this was Xu Wei’s first time because of the faint smell of blood. The fire in his heart made him want to rush hard, but she was in pain, and it made him not move any further.

Yu Shizhou carefully kissed Xu Wei’s sweaty hair and blocked her mouth before slowly thrusting forward and backward. The pain gradually dissipated and a tingling sensation started from where they were joining—her p**sy.    

Gradually the sensations spread throughout her body and Xu Wei moaned in pleasure as she lay on Yu Shizhou’s shoulders. He lifted her legs with both hands and pinned her to the wall. Then, as if he had installed an engine in his body, his hips thrust hard, pushing in as deep as he could with each stroke.


Pausing for a second, he slowly withdraws to take his d**k out. Her p**sy clung to his c**k, not wanting the huge object to leave. Then, his stick entered inside her again. Xu Wei was lost in pleasure with the giant poking hard into her c**t.

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