After Rebirth, I was Entangled by a Second Generation Rich Guy Again

Chapter 63

Ji Anning couldn’t quite understand why Wen Yu was targeting Sun Yaxian. Even in their previous life, Wen Yu had never orchestrated such a plan against her. In this lifetime, she was no longer silent herself, and Sun Yaxian couldn’t harm her in any way.

Wen Yu, what is your true intention?

She grabbed his sleeve. “Wen Yu, you can’t do this!”

“What am I doing?” Wen Yu smiled slightly. “Did I enchant her, or did I force her? I simply gave her an opportunity.1This reminds me of the devil Mephistopheles in the play, Faust.

He had asked Ji Anning, his official girlfriend, to go out with him so many times, yet, every time she rejected him and never went out with him. But with just a few words, Sun Yaxian had dressed up and hopped into his car.


Was it his fault?

Was it because he was good-looking?

Was it because he had money?

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“Bad people can truly be terrible.”


“So, I hope, Wen Yu, you won’t turn into a bad person.”

On this day, Ji Anning was hit by both Sun Yaxian’s boyfriend and the news of Yu Xia’s return.

Her emotions were in turmoil.

She certainly didn’t like Sun Yaxian, and of course, she resented Yu Xia. But when news came that Yu Xia was returning to their school, more problems followed.

In this lifetime, just like the previous one, Sun Yaxian was jealous of Wen Yu’s affection for her, and she attempted to use verbal violence against her.

Of course, this is actually because Sun Yaxian only has this much courage to support her malicious intentions. To give her a chance to do what Yu Xia did to Ji Anning, Ji Anning actually had a great certainty—she wouldn’t dare.

Sun Yaxian truly lacks that kind of courage.

However, Sun Yaxian was indeed repeating the actions she had done in her previous life, actions she had experienced and deeply reflected upon. This time, Ji Anning didn’t remain silent; she fought back.

The change it brought was that the circumstances from the previous life didn’t repeat themselves. Those classmates who used to gossip behind her back, casting disdainful glances, now left her be and even treated her well.

Life’s course is not predetermined; it’s more like a stream that can change due to external forces.

And then there’s Yu Xia, a significant problem. Because in this life, Yu Xia hadn’t done anything yet.

Ji Anning deeply resented the Yu Xia from the previous life, but in this life, she felt lost regarding Yu Xia. This Yu Xia, who hadn’t done anything yet, should she hate her? Or should she do something about her?


She saw through Wen Yu’s malice towards Sun Yaxian, which stirred up her confusion even more.

If the situation in this life had deteriorated to the extent of the previous one, with Wen Yu opening Pandora’s box for Sun Yaxian, tempting her to fall, Ji Anning might have even found satisfaction in it.

But similarly, Sun Yaxian hadn’t reached that level of wrongdoing in this life.

Especially when seen from Wen Yu’s perspective, she was merely a girl who liked him, at most displaying jealousy towards his girlfriend and exchanging harsh words a few times.

She wasn’t likable in character and had moral flaws. But that was about it.

Wen Yu’s malice towards her was excessive!

This malice sent shivers down Ji Anning’s spine.

Her intention to stop Wen Yu wasn’t driven by her dislike for Sun Yaxian; it was her fear of Wen Yu’s inexplicable malice. She dreaded that Wen Yu would become something she didn’t want to witness.

Wen Yu’s expression grew colder; his eyes were pitch-black, like an unfathomable abyss.

“Are you talking about Zhao Chen?” unexpectedly, he asked abruptly.

His question wasn’t without reason. In fact, when Ji Anning said, “Just thinking about it makes me scared,” every instance of Ji Anning’s encounters with Zhao Chen flashed through his mind.

She was afraid, avoiding. She feared Zhao Chen. This “fear” definitely had reasons behind it.


He stared at Ji Anning, unwavering, clearly witnessing her pupils contract sharply.

Ji Anning was taken aback!

Did Wen Yu seem to know something? It couldn’t be!

Ji Anning had long decided she would never tell Wen Yu about what happened in her previous life.

Because if he knew, he would kill someone.

Truly kill someone!

A tremor ran through Ji Anning’s heart, yet her eyes didn’t blink, and she almost instinctively denied, “No!”

In a sense, a quick denial can be equivalent to affirmation.

Of course, Wen Yu hadn’t formally studied psychology, but that didn’t prevent him from becoming astute in life, nurtured by his father’s guidance.

Ji Anning saw a faint distortion on the side of his cheek, realizing it was the result of clenched teeth causing muscle movement.

She took a deep breath, striving to control her emotions, and said, “What are you thinking? How did Zhao Chen cross your mind?”

Wen Yu kept his gaze on her face and said, “I just felt like you’re quite afraid of him.”


Ji Anning replied, “Because the first time I saw him, I felt like he looked like a bad person. Didn’t he once try to force someone in the past? My intuition is really sharp.”

After saying a few words, her emotions eased considerably, and she spoke more naturally.

“You’re just imagining things,” she even managed to summon a smile and said, “I didn’t even know Zhao Chen before. If you don’t believe me, go and check.”

Her final sentence was very convincing. If it were true, it would negate all of Wen Yu’s suspicions.

“Alright, alright, the moment you mentioned him, I just naturally thought of him,” he said, reaching to open the kitchen door, preparing to leave and end the conversation.

Ji Anning grabbed hold of him. “Sun Yaxian…”

Wen Yu sighed to the sky.

“Am I supposed to control Qian Haoran’s belt or control Sun Yaxian’s spending?” he asked.

Ji Anning pursed her lips.

They were both adults, and no one could really intervene in other people’s matters. Besides, someone like Sun Yaxian, if you really tried to stop her, she might think you’re trying to block her path.

“Why do you have to target her?” Ji Anning asked.

Wen Yu had been avoiding explaining this question. He wanted to end the topic, to evade the question.

He couldn’t possibly tell Ji Anning that it was because of a vivid, blurred line between reality and dream that he had done this, right? That would be too absurd.

It would sound like he was a lunatic, or maybe a lunatic who bites people.

“Just simply don’t like the way she is,” Wen Yu casually said. “She’s always scheming in secret, plotting little things, which is especially irritating.”

“That’s it?” Ji Anning asked.

Wen Yu swore, “Really, that’s it. That’s just how my temperament is. Don’t provoke me; no one who provokes me ends up well. Of course, you’re an exception.” He grinned mischievously.

Ji Anning didn’t find it funny at all; she sighed and asked, “Can you not do this in the future?”

“What exactly?” Wen Yu pretended to be naive.

“Life actually has many variables. Depending on the direction you exert force, the direction you move in changes,” Ji Anning said. “I know you dislike Sun Yaxian, and I wish she’d have some misfortune outside. What she wants to become is her own business, but Wen Yu, you know very well that she can’t resist temptation. Still, you’re bringing temptation right in front of her, and that’s not right.”

“You’re sounding like a guidance counselor,” Wen Yu complained, reluctantly compromising. “Alright, alright, I got it. I won’t do it like this anymore. But with Sun Yaxian and Qian Haoran already involved, it’s not something you or I can control.”

“I can’t control her. Why would I control her?” Ji Anning said. “I’m only concerned about you.”

A single sentence made Wen Yu’s eyes light up, and he was overjoyed.

“Alright, alright, Miss Manager, you’re right about everything,” he said, happily pinching her cheeks on both sides, kneading them playfully.

“Don’t be annoying!” Ji Anning pushed his hands away and playfully scolded, “It’s windy; you better go back soon.”

“I’m driving, what’s there to fear about the wind… Hey, don’t push me…” Wen Yu muttered and eventually left, nudged out by Ji Anning’s persistence.

Although there was a grandmother in the house, she was suffering from dementia, effectively leaving Ji Anning alone with a single man. It was too risky; Ji Anning wouldn’t let him stay here any longer.

After locking the door and turning around, she sniffed and realized that the lingering odor in the house had disappeared. The air was truly fresher now.

Ji Anning looked at the air purifier.

In her previous life, she wouldn’t have associated an air purifier with Wen Yu. He certainly wasn’t so down-to-earth back then.

In her previous life, Wen Yu had done something particularly quirky—he had blocked her on Nanlu Bridge on her birthday and forcibly dragged her to his car.

When he popped open the trunk, a flurry of pink balloons flew out. Then an exquisitely unbelievable birthday cake, a large bouquet of roses, and… around the trunk, there were a total of nineteen gifts.

There were inexpensive items like phones, laptops, and bags, as well as expensive ones like jewelry, accessories, and even a bank card tied with a bow.

“I got to know you too late. For the past nineteen years’ worth of birthdays, I’m making up for it now,” Wen Yu back then had transformed into a domineering CEO straight out of a romance novel, embodying the cool and handsome domineering type as well as the aloof and unruly king.

Unfortunately, in Ji Anning’s eyes, he was nothing but a genuine lunatic.

Of course, Ji Anning decisively declined all the gifts without hesitation. She wouldn’t even accept a single flower, let alone eat a slice of the cake.

She just wanted to draw a clear line between herself and this wealthy lunatic and have nothing to do with him.

One was obstinate and unyielding, the other was fierce-tempered and grew more determined with setbacks. During their arguments, he pinned her against the car door and forcefully kissed her.

Looking back now, Ji Anning could still remember the amount of strength she had used back then, and she could recall the pain in her palm at that time.

Later, she ran away, hopped on a public bus, her hand swollen, shedding tears all the way.

Back then, how could she have imagined that one day, the arrogantly aloof young master Wen would show up at her door with an air purifier in hand?

Ji Anning couldn’t help but stifle a laugh.

Wen Yu returned to the car and pondered for a moment.

In his circle of friends, there was a deep connection to Qian Haoran’s family in a certain aspect. He made a phone call to Qian Haoran.

“Do you have a reliable person to recommend?” he asked, “I want to investigate something.”

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