After Rebirth, I was Entangled by a Second Generation Rich Guy Again

Chapter 62

“Where’s Grandma?” Wen Yu peeked in and asked.

“She’s lying in the bedroom, using that varicose vein massage device,” Ji Anning said.

“Where’s the outlet?” Wen Yu looked around.

Ji Anning pointed out the location to him. He moved the air purifier and plugged it in. Standing upright, he crossed his arms and listened to the purifier’s soothing airflow sound.

“You can sit down first,” Ji Anning pointed to the sofa and said, “I’ll finish tidying up the kitchen, then we can go over together.”


Now she had some free time. Occasionally, she would go to the boxing club for training during other times, but Monday was her fixed training day, a routine she had grown accustomed to.

“Where are you going? Haven’t you checked WeChat?” Wen Yu said, “Today, there’s a level seven gale. No one wants to leave their nest. Everyone is huddled up in the dorms. Chen Hao sent a message in the group, saying the club is closed today.”

“Oh? I haven’t checked my phone. I’ve been busy,” Ji Anning said from the kitchen.

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These scenes flashed through his mind, and Wen Yu’s Adam’s apple bobbed up and down. He walked into the kitchen, hooked a foot around the door to close it, then approached Ji Anning, seizing her delicate waist. He pressed his body against hers.


As soon as Wen Yu made a move, Ji Anning knew exactly what he had in mind. She felt truly helpless.

Wen Yu’s body was like a dormant volcano, always ready to erupt… anywhere!

So, she tried her best to control the time and space they spent together, not giving him a chance. Who knew he would suddenly show up today?

“Don’t mess around; Grandma is here!” she whispered, scolding him softly.

“Grandma is in the bedroom, and she can’t move now, right?” Wen Yu smirked, lowering his head to kiss Ji Anning’s snowy white nape.

From her ear to her neck, a thin layer of goosebumps immediately formed on Ji Anning’s skin—this was her sensitive area.

Her uncontrollable reaction immediately captivated Wen Yu.

He chuckled softly in her ear, lightly nibbling on her neck. After spending several months together, Wen Yu knew exactly how to tease Ji Anning.

Indeed, Ji Anning’s breath faltered for a moment, her body trembling slightly as she leaned forward, trying to evade.

In the winter, she was dressed a bit more heavily. Wen Yu pressed on, making her feel the intensity of his desire.

“Why are you avoiding me all the time? Always hiding!” he complained, nibbling on her earlobe.

Wen Yu’s hormones alone were enough to fill the small kitchen to its bursting point.


“Stop it, seriously!” Ji Anning felt his tongue slide into her ear, her voice trembling, “I, I have something to tell you.”

Wen Yu held onto her earlobe, mumbling, “Say it.”

How were they supposed to have a conversation like this?

Hastily drying her hands, Ji Anning tried to push his arm away. “Let go of me first.”

Wen Yu was unyielding. “Nope. I’m in the prime of my youth. You want me to hold it in forever?”

Ji Anning exclaimed, “Wen Yu!”

Wen Yu became even more audacious. “Shout louder.”

Annoyed, Ji Anning had learned after months of getting to know Wen Yu that he responded better to being gentle rather than forceful. She lowered her voice and said, “Seriously, stop it. Grandma might call me in a while, and I won’t be able to hear her.”

“Nonsense,” Wen Yu said, “I could clearly hear Grandma cough just now.”

In this old house, the partition walls were as thin as paper, and the soundproofing was particularly poor.

Ji Anning stopped struggling and said in a low voice, “Please…”

Indeed, Wen Yu had a soft spot for Ji Anning. When she lowered herself like this, speaking softly and imploringly, he would relent, feeling sorry for her and not wanting to continue “teasing” her.


However, Wen Yu wasn’t satisfied yet. With a mischievous smile, he turned her around and reached to hold her hands. “Then, can you at least comfort me a little…”

The kitchen was so small that both of them had difficulty turning around, and it was filled with pots, pans, utensils, and clutter. There wasn’t much they could do in there. Wen Yu wanted Ji Anning to use her delicate hands a bit and help him relax.

He had a nice idea, but reality was… icy.

“Oh my goodness! Why are your hands as cold as ice cubes?” Wen Yu exclaimed, shocked, his fanciful thoughts immediately shattered by the cold reality.

As soon as he touched the tap, he understood. “You used cold water to wash the dishes?”

There was a hot water heater hanging on the kitchen wall, and Ji Anning was surely reluctant to use it. He felt both angry and heartbroken.

Seeing his frustration subside, Ji Anning let out a sigh of relief. “It’s fine, I’m used to it.”

“Used to what? Used to suffering?” Wen Yu’s anger flared up. “Do you even have to get used to suffering?”

In this world, of course, many people had grown accustomed to suffering, but Wen Yu might never truly understand.

With a helpless smile, Ji Anning was about to say something when Wen Yu lifted his clothes, tucking her two ice-cold hands into his own clothes!


Even Wen Yu, the ironclad tough guy who wouldn’t even make a sound when hit in the ring, inhaled sharply from the cold! He grimaced!


“Cold!” Ji Anning hurriedly tried to pull her hands back.

“Don’t move!” Wen Yu held her hands and pulled her even closer into his embrace, squeezing her. “Just consider it a mix of ice and fire.”

“?” Ji Anning asked, “What’s that?”

“…,” Wen Yu said, “It’s somewhat like an ice and fire pineapple bun.”

“…?” Ji Anning asked, “And what’s that?”

Wen Yu fell silent for a moment and sighed, “I’ll take you to try it one day, and you’ll know.”

“Liar,” Ji Anning didn’t believe him, “It must be something inappropriate, and you’re teasing me.”

Wen Yu laughed, his chest vibrating. “It’s only half inappropriate… huh? No, wait! Pineapple buns are also yellow, and butter is yellow too, hahaha!”

Ji Anning wasn’t sure what was funny, but she knew she was probably right. She gave a dismissive “hmph.”

This coquettish and slightly annoyed “hmph” entered Wen Yu’s ears, making him feel ticklish. His dear Ji Anning, she never realized how unintentionally charming she was.

His mind wandered, and he lowered his head to nuzzle Ji Anning’s forehead, speaking in a sticky tone, “What shampoo are you using? It smells so good.”

Ji Anning was determined to break the ambiguous atmosphere and said, “There must be something wrong with your nose.”

Wen Yu: “?”

“Clearly, the whole room smells like laundry detergent,” Ji Anning said.

Wen Yu’s heart was as tough as iron. He clicked his tongue, knowing that Ji Anning was deliberately being playful. He ignored her attempts to disrupt the mood and continued nuzzling her.

But now, the atmosphere was much safer.

“Wen Yu,” Ji Anning leaned against his shoulder and remained quiet for a couple of seconds before asking, “Is Qian Haoran your friend?”

Wen Yu paused, stood up straight, and let go of his grip on Ji Anning’s arm.

Finally, Ji Anning had a bit of independent space and lifted her head to look at him.

Wen Yu raised an eyebrow and asked, “Did Sun Yaxian show off in front of you?”

He suspected that Sun Yaxian might have said something, intentionally misleading Ji Anning to make her misunderstand their relationship.

“No,” Ji Anning denied, “I saw a photo she posted, and there was a person in the background of her selfie who seemed quite familiar. After taking a closer look, it should be Li He.”

Li He was much older and had a mature demeanor that left a lasting impression. Ji Anning recognized him instantly from the photo.

Li He was Wen Yu’s friend, and Qian Haoran hung out with him. Ji Anning put the pieces together. She wondered why, if Qian Haoran knew Sun Yaxian from a previous life, she had never heard of him.

So that’s the reason.

“You’re quite clever,” Wen Yu laughed, pinching her cheek. Seeing her serious expression, he laughed even more joyfully. “Jealous? Don’t overthink it. Yes, I did introduce Sun Yaxian to my friend, but we’re not involved.”

Ji Anning asked, “Then why did you introduce her to your friend?”

“She kept bothering me,” Wen Yu said nonchalantly, “I mean, even though I’m not too bad-looking, it’s not like I’m irresistible. Ultimately, she probably wants to connect with a higher social circle, right? So, I gave her a chance. We all hung out together on the weekend, and that’s how she clicked with my friend.”

Wen Yu felt that this explanation was reasonable and aligned with his character and style.

However, Ji Anning looked into his eyes and said, “I don’t believe you.”

Wen Yu felt a bit helpless. He placed both hands on the cabinet, slightly leaning forward, and spoke seriously, “Believe me, there’s nothing between me and her.”

However, Ji Anning kept staring into his eyes, as if trying to see something deep within him.

“I don’t not believe you about you and her,” she said, “Even though you appear to be helping her.”

Wen Yu was momentarily surprised.

Ji Anning said, “I don’t believe that you’re being kind-hearted.”

Suddenly, the kitchen fell silent, and you could hear a pin drop.

For a while, Wen Yu lowered his body even further, with only Ji Anning visible in his pupils.

Under his pressure, Ji Anning’s lower back pressed against the cabinet, and she had to lean backward.

“I’ve just realized. You…” Wen Yu’s lips slowly curled into a satisfied smile. “How do you understand me so well?”

Ji Anning met his gaze.

Her eyes were cold and serene, a unique expression that ignited something subtle in Wen Yu. It made him feel a hint of heat.

He hadn’t expected Ji Anning to understand him so profoundly.

If Ji Anning saw him as some sort of virtuous hero, it would be quite a headache for him. She truly knew what kind of person he was and didn’t hold any false expectations of him, which made him feel strangely at ease.

With a slightly resentful tone, Ji Anning said, “You were never a good person to begin with.” It was an undeniable truth.

Wen Yu laughed, pecking her soft, pink lips. “Right, I’m a bad guy. A bad guy who preys on good girls like you.”

Ji Anning lowered her gaze for a moment, then raised it to ask him, “Wen Yu, what are your intentions with Sun Yaxian?”

“Well, nothing much,” Wen Yu shrugged. “I just took her to one of my friend’s gatherings.”

Ji Anning asked with some difficulty, “Is your friend just playing around with her?”

Wen Yu smirked at the corner of his mouth. “Who knows?”

His response was careless and irresponsibly vague.

A chill ran down Ji Anning’s spine.

Sansukini: Whatever Sun Yaxian’s outcome is, it wouldn’t be Wen Yu’s fault. He just gave her a little push and she made her actions all by herself.

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