After Rebirth, I was Entangled by a Second Generation Rich Guy Again

Chapter 15

The three of them left the restaurant and walked to the gate of Huada University.

Shu Chen said to the other two, “My car is over there.”

Ji Anning stopped and looked at her, saying, “I’ll see you off.”

Wen Yu glanced at her.

Ji Anning turned to Wen Yu and said, “I’ll see Shu Chen off. You go back first.”


Wen Yu raised an eyebrow. Ji Anning glared at him. He smiled, turned his gaze away, and said to Shu Chen, “Take care.”

As Shu Chen walked away, he watched the two of them exchange glances and felt like he was eating dog food. His heart felt even more stuffy.

Ji Anning accompanied Shu Chen towards the direction of the car. When they walked to a slightly farther place, she said apologetically, “I’m sorry about today. My senior brother is just like that. Otherwise, I’ll treat you to another meal another day. Today doesn’t count.”

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Ji Anning watched Shu Chen drive away and turned back to see Wen Yu still standing at the school gate with his hands in his pockets, smiling at her.


The expression really made her angry.

She walked over and Wen Yu said, “Is he chasing after you?”

Ji Anning gave him a sideways glance, walked past him, and said grumpily, “It’s none of your business.”

Ji Anning was usually cold and expressionless. Her angry glance was full of vitality and instantly made her sparkle, like a gem that had been covered up suddenly emitting brilliance.

Wen Yu felt something scratch his heart. He caught up with her and said with a smile, “It’s okay, we’re friends, right?”

Ji Anning stopped walking.

“Wen Yu,” she said, “I take being ‘friends’ seriously. But if you don’t find it meaningful or interesting, you don’t have to do it.”

Ji Anning’s clear eyes were serious and cold, which made Wen Yu tone down his frivolous smile.

“Do you take it seriously?” He raised his trademark eyebrow.

Ji Anning didn’t repeat herself and just looked at him quietly.

Wen Yu raised his chin, looked up at the sky, and grinned as if he had heard a hilarious joke but was trying hard to suppress his laughter.

Ji Anning turned around and walked away!


But Wen Yu immediately caught her wrist with his hand.

Ji Anning’s wrist was delicate and Wen Yu’s hand was large. He held her tightly and had some strength left after encircling her wrist. He didn’t use as much strength as he did when he shook hands with Shu Chen, but for Ji Anning, it was a complete clamp that she couldn’t break free from.

With Wen Yu standing still, Ji Anning couldn’t walk away.

“Let go,” Ji Anning didn’t have the energy to be angry with this person.

Wen Yu, on the other hand, lifted his chin and sneered, “Ji Anning, get it straight, who the hell wants to be friends with you?”

Ji Anning looked at him and closed her mouth.

“Where’s the friendship between men and women? Any guy who says he wants to be friends with you just can’t get you at the moment and is biding his time. Anyone who opens their mouth and says they want to be friends is a fake gentleman,” Wen Yu disdainfully said.

“As for me, let me make it clear to you. I want to be your boyfriend,” Wen Yu finished speaking, shamelessly adding, “and I just want to do boyfriend and girlfriend things with you.”

Wen Yu had a lot of vulgar talk. In his past life, he was much more explicit. Now, it was just that he hadn’t fully displayed it yet because they hadn’t known each other for very long.

But he said it on purpose. He knew he was this kind of person and had never had the thought of restraining himself for anyone else.

He didn’t consider himself as one of those fake gentlemen. As a straightforward true player, he wasn’t afraid of letting Ji Anning understand him.

Wen Yu deliberately used this kind of talk to provoke Ji Anning, deliberately wanting to see the embarrassed and blushing expression on her usually impassive face. Come to think of it, it was quite interesting.


That’s how hooligans are. The more embarrassed you are, the happier they are.

But Ji Anning’s reaction was unexpected to Wen Yu. She looked a bit dazed, with a hint of nostalgia in her gaze, and a smile that turned into a helpless expression, like a mother looking at a mischievous child.

Wen Yu was puzzled.

But at that moment, the look in Ji Anning’s eyes was the gentlest she had ever been to him since they met.

Wen Yu instinctively tightened his grip on Ji Anning’s wrist, and his thumb rubbed against her delicate and smooth skin.

From kindergarten to university, Wen Yu had touched the wrists of many girls, but no one was as delicate and boneless as Ji Anning, which made him feel pity involuntarily.

But then, he suddenly remembered how she would deliver takeout to the dormitory building, carrying two heavy bags of food and running around the campus. Was she using these delicate and soft wrists to do such rough and menial work and earning just a little bit of money?

Wen Yu suddenly felt uncomfortable in his heart.

Feeling Wen Yu’s thumb rubbing against her wrist, Ji Anning looked at him speechlessly. This scoundrel wouldn’t miss any opportunity to take advantage.

“Let go,” she said.

She wanted to sound firm, but her words came out soft and weak – she couldn’t be tough on him now. Seeing how energetic he was at the moment made her heart soften.

“He had countless faults and flaws, but she had already forgiven him when the bullet pierced her body and hit his heart.


“You let go first,” Ji Anning lowered her eyes, her voice soft and gentle. “Don’t make a scene at the school gate…”

Unconsciously, Wen Yu followed her words and released his grip.

Immediately he regretted it—shouldn’t he be taking advantage of the situation and teasing her a little more? Why did he obediently let go?

Ji Anning’s soft voice was neither a scolding nor a plea, but it was somehow magical, causing him to unconsciously comply.

“So, what about you?” Wen Yu asked aggressively.

Ji Anning fell silent for a moment before raising her head and asking, “I just want to know, what do you like about me?”

This question had puzzled Ji Anning for two lifetimes. Now that she was face-to-face with him, she really wanted to know the answer.

Wen Yu felt that this was an incredibly stupid question.

“Of course, it’s because…” He was unashamed as he answered, even feeling a bit incredulous that Ji Anning would ask such a thing. “I like that you’re beautiful.”

As he spoke, he couldn’t help but raise his index finger and tease Ji Anning’s chin.

Ji Anning held onto the annoying finger and felt incredulous, “That’s it?”

Wen Yu replied, “Yes.”

Ji Anning asked, “Isn’t there any other reason?”

Wen Yu thought for a second and then said, “There is.”

Ji Anning asked, “What is it?”

Wen Yu didn’t answer, but his gaze moved downward.

During the days that Wen Yu had known Ji Anning, he had noticed that she seemed to like wearing these small, tight-fitting short-sleeved T-shirts. The clothes wrapped tightly around her body, outlining her thin shoulders, slender waist, and curves in exquisite detail. Despite being so thin, her collarbones protruded, and all the flesh on her body seemed to have grown to her chest, which was plump.

The stark contrast between her thinness and fullness made Wen Yu struggle to control the flow of blood in his body.

His ink-black eyes glanced at Ji Anning’s hand. Her small, soft, and snow-white hand was holding onto one of his fingers, as if it were a metaphor for something.

The stinky hooligan Wen Yu had already started a crazy erotic performance in his mind just by holding Ji Anning’s soft and delicate hand.

Ji Anning had no idea what kind of vulgar thoughts were running through his head.

When Wen Yu’s gaze moved downward, she lowered her head and saw her own chest. She realized that when he said “there is,” he meant her alluring body in addition to her beautiful face.

“That’s it?” she asked. “Just that?”

Wen Yu licked his lips and forcibly pulled himself out of the yellow, dirty thoughts, saying, “What else could it be?”

He was somewhat amused: “Could it be that I fell in love with your noble soul? Then you have to give me time and opportunity to get to know your soul better. How long have we known each other? Can I see through your soul at a glance? What can I like about you? Of course, it’s your good looks.”

Wei Yu’s words didn’t sound very pleasant, but they were somehow impossible to refute.

“I see,” Ji Anning murmured, “so it’s like that? Just…that simple?”

“And shallow, isn’t it?” Wei Yu sneered, mocking, “Otherwise, what did you think it was?”

Many girls chased after Wei Yu, but what he despised most was the self-righteous face of these girls who thought they had fallen in love with love. Peeling away their layers of pretense, it would be discovered that they loved him for nothing more than his face, body, and money.

Without one of these three, they would never love him like this.

Wei Yu had seen through this a long time ago.

Ji Anning couldn’t explain why she felt disappointed in her heart. But this disappointment quickly dissipated, and she felt relieved, with a sense of relief as if a heavy burden had been lifted.

She released Wei Yu’s fingers and said cheerfully, “That’s great then.”

She relaxed between her eyebrows and eyes, and even shimmered with radiance.

Wei Yu thought it must be the sunlight reflecting at a weird angle, creating an illusion.

Wei Yu didn’t know that Ji Anning really felt at ease.

After her rebirth, she had been hesitant for several days and didn’t dare to take the initiative to see Wei Yu because she felt her shoulders were too heavy. Reborn in this life, she carried the debt of her previous life, which was even heavier than her present life’s meager existence.

In this world, the most difficult debt to repay is love.

Wen Yu had taken revenge and died for her in his previous life, and Ji Anning didn’t know how to repay him for that.

Suddenly learning that he liked her, and that it was completely different from what she had thought, Ji Anning felt as if she was carrying a huge debt with compound interest, and then suddenly found out that the interest was all gone, and all she needed to repay was the principal.

It was really much easier.

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