After Rebirth, I was Entangled by a Second Generation Rich Guy Again

Chapter 16

A smile appeared on Ji Anning’s face.

“Wen Yu, you’re such a rogue!” she said.

Wen Yu was taken aback. Could Ji Anning read minds and know what he had been thinking just now?

He looked at her carefully and noticed her clear and bright eyes, without a trace of ambiguity. It seemed like she was simply making a statement.

He couldn’t help but feel a bit puzzled.


Ji Anning unloaded a heavy burden and felt much better. With a smiling face and radiant expression, she said, “I’ll say it again, I just want to be friends with you. There’s no need to force anything. If you don’t want to, then forget about it.”

Wen Yu clicked his tongue with a “tsk”, and was about to say something, when someone called Ji Anning’s name.

They both turned their heads, and it was their class monitor, Meng Xinyu, who was calling Ji Anning. She and a few other classmates were walking from outside the school towards them.

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The other two girls chattered, saying, “Is that Wen Yu? He’s so handsome!”


“He’s so tall. How tall is he?”

They had heard Sun Yaxian talking about Wen Yu and his reputation, and now, seeing him in person, it was clear that he lived up to his name. Tall and sturdy, exuding a sense of charm. Moreover, he seemed mature, truly different as a senior. Compared to him, the boys in their class seemed much more immature.

Ji Anning said, “I don’t know.”

She thought for a moment and said, “He must be at least 1.8 meters tall, right?”

“Even more,” one girl said, “We’re about the same height, and you’re a bit shorter than him, so he must be taller than 1.8 meters.”

Sun Yaxian asked, “I heard you mentioned before that you know him. How did you meet Wen Yu? I remember you’re not from the capital city, right?”

Ji Anning calmly replied, “We met in the school cafeteria.”

The girls fell silent for a moment, then they became excited.

“Wow, did he approach you?” one girl asked.

“Does he want to pursue you?”

“Oh my goodness, this is exactly the college life I imagined!”

Ji Anning was waiting for that question.


Ji Anning wasn’t naive, nor was she clumsy with words. However, in her previous life, the rumors had already spread, and Wen Yu was relentless in his pursuit. Even if she argued with ten mouths, it would be futile.

Moreover, she was shouldering the burden of a life that required her to support two people. Under the constant hustle and bustle, she didn’t have the energy to deal with the classmates who had already labeled her as a materialistic girl. 1 gold digger After all, they were just classmates for four years. Who would remember each other after graduation?

But she didn’t expect that she wouldn’t have to wait until the day they flew away after graduation. In this life, since she had the opportunity to start over, Ji Anning felt that there were some pitfalls she could avoid.

“He does have that intention,” Ji Anning admitted openly. It wasn’t something to be ashamed of if a guy wanted to pursue her. There was nothing she couldn’t say.

Meng Xinyu and the others became even more excited, bombarding her with questions, “And then? And then?”

Ji Anning smiled and burst their pink bubbles, “We talked and felt that it wasn’t appropriate.”

“Huh?” The girls were confused.

In their eyes, as long as they didn’t dislike each other and the guy was tall and handsome, if he confessed, it would be acceptable. Even if they didn’t feel an instant connection, they could start as ordinary friends and see how it goes.

“Mainly because of the significant economic disparity,” Ji Anning said. “His family is well-off, and their spending is relatively high. As you all know, my situation is not suitable. Besides, I have multiple part-time jobs and don’t have much time for dating. I’ve made it clear to him.”

As she spoke, she turned her head.

The sunlight turned her dark pupils into a light brown color, and her fair skin glowed with a soft radiance.

Meng Xinyu and the others were all stunned, and at that moment, the same thought arose in their minds—Ji Anning… looks really beautiful.


Even though they were peers, having just transitioned from high school to university, Ji Anning seemed several degrees more mature than them. Her serene beauty was not just about her appearance; it was etched between her eyebrows and exuded from her clear, moist eyes.

No wonder a tall and handsome boy like Wen Yu would try to strike up a conversation with her in the cafeteria.

The girls couldn’t help but feel envious.

But Sun Yaxian chuckled and said, “You’re so funny. Do you know how wealthy Wen Yu’s family is? If you were his girlfriend, why would you need to work part-time? The money you earn in a month wouldn’t even cover his fuel expenses.”

Her smile couldn’t conceal the jealousy in her eyes.

In her previous life, Sun Yaxian couldn’t pursue Wen Yu, so this jealousy drove her to spread rumors about Ji Anning, tarnishing her reputation.

Compared with the innocence and naivety of Meng Xinyu and the others, Ji Anning clearly saw the ugliness beneath Sun Yaxian’s beautiful facade.

Her gaze turned slightly cold as she asked, “Are you looking for love, or are you looking to be financially supported?”

Sun Yaxian’s face turned unpleasant. “Why are you bringing me into this? I was talking about your situation.”

Ji Anning smiled faintly. “As for me, I already said it earlier. Wen Yu’s family is too wealthy. I have limited financial capability, and if I were to be in a relationship with him, I probably couldn’t afford the expenses that come with it. So, I’ve already rejected him.”

Sun Yaxian argued, “When boys and girls are in a relationship, it’s not a big deal if the boy has better financial conditions to bear the expenses of the relationship. Or you can let him handle the major expenses while you take care of the smaller ones.”

“That’s possible. Boys bearing the expenses of the relationship is a form I think is acceptable. As long as both parties are willing,” Ji Anning nodded in agreement. Then she changed the topic and said, “But what I mentioned earlier was that I don’t have much time for dating because I have to work part-time. You suggested that if I date this wealthy boy, I wouldn’t need to work hard anymore.”


Ji Anning calmly said, “Please understand, the money I earn from my part-time job is for my grandmother’s living expenses and medical bills. This money is not meant for dating expenses. If you believe that when you’re with someone, you don’t need to earn your own money and expect the boy to support your family, is that not equivalent to being financially dependent? In my opinion, what you desire is akin to selling yourself, which isn’t a good approach, right?”

The shit bucket that Sun Yaxian placed on her head in her previous life, Ji Anning preemptively placed it on Sun Yaxian’s head in this life.

“You…!” Sun Yaxian became furious, her face turning red, but she couldn’t refute Ji Anning’s logic. Her logic was built upon the words she had previously spoken, simply interpreting them differently.

When Sun Yaxian made those remarks, she was indeed insinuating that Wen Yu had money and Ji Anning could rely on him for support. However, Ji Anning had just unveiled a layer of her disguise.

Meng Xinyu and the other two exchanged glances. As the class monitor, Meng Xinyu reached out and held Ji Anning’s arm, saying, “Let’s focus on talking about handsome guys. Why are you two arguing?”

Sun Yaxian immediately seized the opportunity and tried to backpedal, saying, “Yeah, it was just a joke. Why take it so seriously?”

“It was just a joke. We’re all university students who worked hard for years to get into Hua University. It’s not like we’re constantly thinking about finding a wealthy boyfriend to rely on. I know you were joking too,” Ji Anning smiled. “Me too.”

Relying on a sugar daddy and seeking a wealthy man to support her were the terms Sun Yaxian used to describe Ji Anning in the past. Ji Anning had thrown those words back at her today, and she felt a sense of relief as if a burden had been lifted from her chest.

Sun Yaxian’s expression became even more unpleasant. She forced a smile and said, “I’ll go to the convenience store to buy something. You guys go to the classroom first.” Then she hastily left.

“Didn’t expect your sharp tongue to be so formidable,” Meng Xinyu chuckled.

She still had her arm linked with Ji Anning’s. Among girls who mediate conflicts, it was a natural instinct to step in and hold onto one of the disputing parties. But when she reached out, her subconscious choice was Ji Anning.

Indeed, the words Sun Yaxian spoke… Ji Anning had just exposed the underlying meaning.

Although Meng Xinyu couldn’t be considered a poor student, her family faced significant financial pressure, so she understood Ji Anning very well. Sun Yaxian’s strange and sarcastic tone made her uncomfortable too.

Ji Anning’s smiling retorts left Sun Yaxian speechless, and Meng Xinyu felt satisfied as well.

Not only her, but the other two girls also said, “There should be limits to joking. Speaking with such acidity makes people uncomfortable.”

They were referring to Sun Yaxian.

Nobody was a fool. When a beautiful girl admits that she’s being pursued by a handsome wealthy guy, and another person starts making snide remarks, both overtly and covertly belittling her, who wouldn’t sense the sourness in the air?

“Yeah, we thought she was so pretty and confident, quite broad-minded. Didn’t expect this,” the other girl said too.

As freshmen in their first year, they were in the stage of seeking like-minded companions in a new environment.

The camaraderie formed during military training, where they crawled, rolled, and fought together, quickly fostered a sense of connection among them but temporarily overshadowed their individual differences. However, upon returning to school, this period became a time of discovering those differences, with small groups constantly forming, breaking apart, and reorganizing.

Ji Anning didn’t participate in military training, nor did she live in the dormitories, which deprived her of two advantageous conditions for getting close to her classmates.

In her previous life, she gave up defending herself and ceased communicating and interacting with her classmates, leaving herself isolated from the group.

In this life, harboring resentment, she originally had no intention of actively getting close to other classmates. However, after making a comeback against Sun Yaxian, she unexpectedly gained the recognition of Meng Xinyu and the other two.

Fate often takes completely different paths due to insignificant and unintentional influences.

For example, Ji Anning could never have imagined that her impulsive decision to join the fighting sports club would lead her to willingly enter Wen Yu’s territory, walking into a trap.

Sansukini: The difference between the past and the present life, she has friends now

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