After Rebirth, I was Entangled by a Second Generation Rich Guy Again

Chapter 17

Chapter 17

After finishing classes in the afternoon, Ji Anning completed all her deliveries and went to the school’s courier point to check, but her package hadn’t arrived yet, so she decided to run home first.

As usual, her grandmother was nestled on the sofa watching TV. Ji Anning entered the house and went to support her, saying, “Don’t sit here; this spot is sagging. Come, sit over here.”

This sofa was already in the house. It was very old and worn out, with a section sagging under the armrest. Although there was a cushion on top, if someone sat on it, their buttocks would sink right in.

Her grandmother shifted to a different spot and said with a smile, “Ningning, are you hungry? Behave and do your homework first. Grandma will cook for you after finishing this episode.”


Ji Anning genuinely appreciated having a television in the house. Her grandmother spent her days confined to the house, relying on the TV for entertainment.

She brought warm water for her grandmother to drink and nagged about things like “Remember to drink water at home” and “Remember to flush the toilet,” even though she knew her grandmother couldn’t remember. But with only the two of them in the house, if she didn’t talk to her grandmother, who else would?

Today, she didn’t have to work, so she prepared fresh food for her grandmother, set it out, and called her to eat together. After finishing the meal, she quickly washed the dishes, checked the time, dried her hands, and told her grandmother, “There’s a club activity at school. I’ll come back early and bathe you in the evening.”

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Ji Anning replied, “I think it’s here. I’m also looking for the fighting club.”


“Huh?” The boys were surprised. “You… you too…”

Ji Anning had slender arms and legs, and her thin frame evoked a sense of pity. However, she smiled and said, “Yes, I also want to join the fighting club. Is that not allowed?”

“You can, you can, of course!” The two boys blushed. Wow, such a beautiful girl wanting to join the combat club? It was like a blessing.

The three of them pushed the door open and entered the building. Inside was a small entrance hall, and upon pushing open the inner door, they were greeted by a spacious and well-lit interior.

From the outside, the building appeared worn-out, but the inside had an unexpectedly vast space. It was equipped with a complete set of professional equipment and had well-defined training zones. Even outsiders like Ji Anning couldn’t help but feel that it seemed… pretty good.

Several existing club members were already training in groups. Upon seeing them enter, some gestured inside and said, “Go further in.” Afterward, they couldn’t help but stare at Ji Anning.

Ji Anning followed the two boys deeper into the building. Inside, a group of boys had already gathered, standing dumbfounded around the ring.

As Ji Anning was shorter compared to the boys, she couldn’t see clearly due to being blocked by the taller boys in front. She deftly found a gap and squeezed her way to the front.

When she looked up, she saw a man on the ring wearing only shorts, bare-chested, with broad shoulders, a narrow waist, and well-defined muscles. He wore boxing gloves and launched fierce attacks against a fully geared sparring partner.

Although it was warmer inside the building than outside, it wasn’t exactly hot, yet the young man’s back was glistening with sweat.

His punches were as fast as lightning, each strike emitting a bone-chilling thud. His muscles tensed and rippled with every punch, exhibiting a smooth and powerful sense of masculinity.

Not only Ji Anning, but even the boys were also stunned by the beauty of his strength. They stood there dumbfounded, their mouths agape.


Suddenly, the young man on the ring unleashed a kick.

His long leg, with firm muscles, took the shortest path and unleashed astonishing power, directly hitting the sparring partner’s chest guard. The sparring partner was sent flying, crashing into the ropes before bouncing back.

Everyone was shocked.

They… they were just here out of boredom, to check out the school’s interest clubs. But… damn, his skill level was too high!

Ji Anning’s thoughts were similar to those of the first-year male students. She was also astonished.

At that moment, Chen Hao, the vice president who had been recruiting people on the road during lunchtime, clapped his hands twice and shouted towards the ring, “President, most of the people have arrived, let’s start.”

Everyone’s gaze was fixed on the young man referred to as the president on the ring. However, he bent down and helped the sparring partner up, giving him a couple of pats. Upon hearing Chen Hao’s call, he took off his headgear and shook his head.

This building’s interior had certainly been renovated, with professional lighting fixtures on the ceiling. Under the bright lights, everyone saw glistening beads of sweat flying off his forehead.

Instinctively, everyone felt a slight nervousness.

The man tousled his hair and turned around.

Ji Anning was stunned.

Wen Yu walked to the edge of the ropes and looked down, his sharp eyes sweeping through the crowd until he spotted Ji Anning’s slender figure. His eyebrow raised, and his lips curved into a smile.


Seeing that familiar smile, Ji Anning covered her forehead with her hand and felt a headache coming on.

She only knew that Wen Yu was good at fighting, but she didn’t know he was the president of the Huada Fighting Club. Why was he so low-key in her previous life?

Judging by his performance just now, he had a professional skill level. It seemed that he genuinely loved fighting, right?

In her previous life, Ji Anning was too reclusive at school, with limited information. She only knew him for being wealthy and popular among girls. He was so flamboyant in his social life, but his personal interests and hobbies were surprisingly low-key, without any fanfare.

During lunchtime, he was following behind her. It’s hard to believe that he didn’t notice her inquiring at the fighting club booth. Ji Anning couldn’t help but rub her temples vigorously when she realized that she had willingly jumped into Wen Yu’s territory.

“I’m Wen Yu,” he said as he took off his gloves and dropped them on the ground with a clang. “I’m the founder and president of the combat club. I personally funded the establishment of this club, aiming for like-minded people to have fun together. I’ve got all the benefits covered, and the specifics will be explained by Chen Hao later. However, I have one requirement: if you’re going to hang around and use my resources, you have to show me some progress. We have assessment criteria in the club, so if you think you can’t handle it, don’t just rely on benefits without training.”

While other clubs struggle to persuade new members to join, Wen Yu came forward and asserted his dominance. With his tall stature, long legs, and muscular physique, he stood on the high platform, looking down at a group of freshman rookies, exuding an imposing aura.

The freshmen couldn’t help but gulp nervously.

With another clang, Wen Yu threw the other glove to the ground.

The freshmen instinctively shrank their necks and swallowed another gulp.

Chen Hao clapped a few times and loudly said, “Come over here, everyone.”

Everyone quickly turned around and collectively shifted towards Chen Hao, avoiding Wen Yu’s presence.


Ji Anning also turned around in the crowd, facing the platform sideways, pretending not to see Wen Yu.

Wen Yu leaned over, supporting himself on the ropes, and smiled as he looked down.

Compared to the impressive Wen Yu, Chen Hao seemed more like a typical school club president, passionately explaining the club’s benefits with spit flying.

There were two assessments per semester, and those who failed twice would be removed from the club. However, qualified members received a monthly allowance of 200 yuan, and the top five performers received a bonus of 1,000 yuan.

The president periodically distributed items to everyone, such as sports shoes, sportswear, sports bags, protein powder… The contents varied, depending on when he felt like it.

“For example, this.” Chen Hao lifted his foot to show everyone his branded basketball shoes. “At the end of last semester, our president went to watch a basketball game, and in his excitement, he bought a pair for each of us.”

Boys couldn’t help but exclaim with admiration, saying, “Wow!”

As for occasional gatherings and such, they were part of the fighting club’s daily routine. Compared to those poor clubs that constantly required members to dig into their own pockets at every turn, the benefits of the combat club were truly generous.

Ji Anning understood. This combat club was just Wen Yu spending money to have fun, solely for his own enjoyment.

When Chen Hao began to explain the recruitment assessment criteria, and the first item was “100 push-ups,” Ji Anning felt she didn’t need to listen further. She quietly moved her steps backward, trying to slip away unnoticed.

Among the dozens of boys, she was like a delicate flower, and with Wen Yu continuously watching her from a high place, how could she escape?

“Hey, girl,” he casually said from above, “that girl, yes, you. Come over here with me. I just mentioned the assessment criteria for boys. Girls have a separate assessment.”

In a pretentious manner, not even calling Ji Anning by her name, he repeatedly referred to her as “that girl,” as if he didn’t know her.

Some boys at the front had already started taking off their shirts, preparing to do push-ups. With Wen Yu’s shout, dozens of gazes immediately focused on Ji Anning.

The boys in front only just noticed the presence of such a beautiful female classmate behind them. They hurriedly used their clothes to cover their chests, causing laughter to erupt.

Ji Anning looked at Wen Yu’s mischievous smile and knew she couldn’t leave unscathed today. If she were to say she wanted to leave now, with Wen Yu’s shamelessness, he would surely say something that would stir up everyone.

Hearing the low murmurs of the boys around her saying, “Wow, such a beautiful girl is joining the combat club,” she gritted her teeth and faced the gaze of dozens of people as she walked towards Wen Yu.

Wen Yu suppressed his laughter, supported himself on his hands, and gracefully jumped off the platform. With a serious tone, he said, “Follow me.”

Guided by him, Ji Anning walked to a less crowded area. She saw Wen Yu stop and look around at the sparse crowd. Lowering her voice, she said, “Wen Yu, I just came to take a look. This place isn’t suitable for girls, and I’m sure I won’t pass the assessment. I’ve thought about it, I’d better go back.”

Wen Yu turned a deaf ear and casually said, “We’ll talk about that later.”

Afterward, he said, “Sun Kai, hand me that one, the 20-kilogram weight.”

A sturdy guy handed over a 20-kilogram weight plate, which Wen Yu took and evaluated before turning and handing it to Ji Anning, saying, “Hold this.”

Ji Anning: “???” Subconsciously, she reached out and took it.

Wen Yu didn’t immediately let go but reminded her, “Be careful, it’s a bit heavy.”

Ji Anning looked so thin that she would be blown easily by the wind, but in reality, her body was quite sturdy. Wen Yu saw that she was handling the 20-kilogram weight plate with ease and then let go of his hands.

With his arms crossed, he looked at Ji Anning, nodded, and turned to Sun Kai, saying, “Make a note, this girl has passed the assessment.”

Ji Anning: “…”

Excuse me???

What happened to the hundred push-ups?

“That was the assessment criterion for boys,” Wen Yu said without a hint of guilt. “For girls, being able to handle a 20-kilogram weight plate is considered passing.”

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