After Rebirth, I was Entangled by a Second Generation Rich Guy Again

Chapter 14

When Chen Hao turned around, Ji Anning felt that this senior was somewhat familiar, but couldn’t remember who he was for a moment. She asked, “Senior, does the martial arts club recruit female students?”

If Chen Hao had the final say, he would definitely pat his chest and say, “Of course we recruit, even if we didn’t want to recruit anyone else, we would still want to recruit you!”

But the problem was, he was only the vice president, and only the president had the final say in the martial arts club. The president had recruited female students when the club was first founded in their freshman year, but later they all cried and couldn’t bear the intensity of the training, and were kicked out by the president.

After that, the president didn’t allow them to recruit female students anymore.

“Um, our club…” Chen Hao was full of regret, and was about to refuse Ji Anning, but his gaze suddenly caught sight of Wen Yu giving him a gesture not far behind Ji Anning.


Chen Hao changed his words halfway through, “Of course we recruit. Junior sister, do you want to sign up? Come, come, let me record it here.”

Ji Anning asked about the training schedule again.

“It’s open every day, and as a general rule, senior members are required to attend no less than three times a week, and ordinary members are required to attend no less than twice a week. Um…” Chen Hao glanced at Wen Yu and quickly added a special item for Ji Anning, “Trainee members can be flexible.”

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Ji Anning then signed up and left her phone number.


“Will you come tonight?” Chen Hao asked eagerly.

“I can come, but I probably can only participate in training on Mondays. Is that okay?” Ji Anning asked.

“That’s fine, of course it is.” Chen Hao looked at Wen Yu’s signal and said.

Wen Yu gave him a thumbs up.

After Ji Anning left, Chen Hao walked over with a grin and held the registration form to take credit for Wen Yu: “How about it, Brother Wen, do I get a bonus for this?”

Wen Yu is the president of the Huada Fighting Club. Huada didn’t have a fighting club until two years ago when Wen Yu enrolled and founded it. He funded all the equipment himself.

Chen Hao is the vice president, and he often hangs out with Wen Yu at school. Ji Anning has seen him before, but she avoids Wen Yu and doesn’t pay attention to the people around him, so she didn’t recognize Chen Hao at first.

Wen Yu took the registration form and glanced at it, then smiled and said, “Alright, I’ll cover the protein powder for this year.” 1 like whey protein, used for building muscles in people who work-out.

Chen Hao was very happy, but when Wen Yu looked up and saw that Ji Anning didn’t go to the cafeteria and was heading outside the school, he wondered if she was skipping lunch.

Ji Anning was picking up her phone and said, “Yes, at the entrance of our school. Have you arrived? Where are you… Oh, I see you!”

Wen Yu saw Ji Anning put away her phone and wave in a certain direction, and then a handsome young man ran towards her.

“…Here.” Wen Yu handed the registration form back to Chen Hao and followed Ji Anning.


Ji Anning made an appointment to have lunch with Shu Chen.

She works even on weekends, so the only time she can invite Shu Chen for a meal is during her free time on weekdays. Fortunately, the café is close to Huada University, and Shu Chen can drive over in a few minutes.

He parked his car on the roadside outside of Hua University, and called Ji Anning. As soon as he looked up, he saw Ji Anning running towards him.

Ji Anning had just finished delivering meals, and due to the heat, she tied her long-sleeved jacket around her waist, wearing only a tight-fitting short-sleeved shirt. Her fair face and arms shone in the sun, with a smile as bright as flowers.

Shu Chen’s heart, which was that of an otaku, immediately thumped and jumped.

Wen Yu was stunned. He suddenly realized that since the first time he saw Ji Anning until now, Ji Anning had never smiled like this, never!

Wen Yu stopped in his tracks, frowned, and his gaze became cold.

It turned out that she can smile like that.

“Here we have Hunan cuisine, Sichuan cuisine, and Northeastern cuisine.” Ji Anning asked Shu Chen with a smile, “What would you like to eat?”

Today they had agreed that Ji Anning would treat, and Shu Chen thought for a moment, “Northeastern cuisine.” Northeastern cuisine is affordable and comes in large portions.

Although he didn’t understand the specific situation of Ji Anning’s family, seeing her juggling multiple jobs at the same time, Shu Chen knew that she must be very financially strained. Technically, he shouldn’t let Ji Anning treat him, but she had refused every time he tried to treat her. If it weren’t for introducing her to a tutoring job, Ji Anning wouldn’t have had the opportunity to have a meal with him.

Shu Chen didn’t want to give up this opportunity, but just as he was happily settling in, an unwanted guest suddenly arrived.


As soon as Shu Chen and Ji Anning sat down, Wen Yu appeared at their table, hands in his pockets, looking indifferent as he said, “Oh, you’re here too?”

Ji Anning: “…”

Shu Chen: “…”

Before either of them could react, the unwelcome guest had already smirked and said without any courtesy, “Great, let’s eat together. I haven’t eaten yet because I was delayed by telling you about that thing earlier.”

Wen Yu had already pulled out the chair next to Ji Anning and sat down without waiting for a response.

Shu Chen had no choice but to ask, “Anning, who is this…?”

Ji Anning let out a sigh in her heart. How could she forget what kind of person Wen Yu was? He was shameless and had always acted recklessly. If it wasn’t for his complete disregard for other people’s opinions in her past life, doing whatever he wanted, she wouldn’t have been pointed at and labeled as a gold-digger by others.

“This is my senior from school, Wen Yu,” she could only introduce the two to each other, “and this is the manager of the coffee shop I work at, Shu Chen.”

So, he was the boss of the place where she worked. Wen Yu raised an eyebrow.

His raised eyebrow made Ji Anning’s heart skip a beat. Wen Yu was possessive, and after he had publicly declared his sovereignty over her in their past life, anyone who dared to pursue her or behave in a manner that was too intimate with her would be in for some bad luck.

Shu Chen had not been beaten up by him in their past life.

But when Wen Yu went to the coffee shop to pester her, he stumbled upon two despicable men who were up to no good behind her. While those two were being beaten into pig heads, Shu Chen’s shop suffered too. All the delicate decorations and beloved figurines were in a mess.


Of course, Wen Yu paid Shu Chen a sufficient amount of compensation to make up for his economic losses. But since then, Shu Chen had been wary of Wen Yu.

Ji Anning always felt that he had deliberately smashed the shop like that, but she had no way to prove it.

Now, Wen Yu raised his eyebrow, and Ji Anning’s heart skipped a beat. Unconsciously, she explained to him, “Shu Chen helped me find a tutoring job, which was quite troublesome for him, so I wanted to treat him to a meal.”

She didn’t realize that her tone completely put Wen Yu and herself on the same side, and Shu Chen on the other side.

But both Wen Yu and Shu Chen were aware of it.

Wen Yu’s lips curled up as he reached out his hand to Shu Chen and said, “Thank you.” Following Ji Anning’s tone, he thanked her from her perspective.

It was as if he was someone important to Ji Anning.

Even though Shu Chen was an otaku and a little slow, he had a natural sensitivity when it came to girls he liked. Wen Yu appeared with his height of over 1.8 meters, high score in appearance, and a natural aura. And towards Ji Anning, he showed a familiar and dominant attitude.

And Ji Anning silently acquiesced to this attitude.

Shu Chen could only endure the feeling of being left out, reaching out to shake hands with Wen Yu.

After Ji Anning watched Shu Chen shake hands with Wen Yu, her expression suddenly changed, her face turning red, as if there was something hard to express.

Immediately, Ji Anning reached out and grabbed Wen Yu’s arm, pinching him and saying, “Let’s order now.”

Wen Yu smiled and let go of Shu Chen, hypocritically saying, “Let the guest order.”

Shu Chen didn’t want to embarrass himself in front of the girl he liked and endured the pain in his hand, casually saying, “I’m fine with anything, Anning can order.”

As soon as Ji Anning picked up the menu, Wen Yu took it away from her and said, “I’ll do it.”

Even when she ate in the school cafeteria, she ordered cheap vegetarian dishes and drank free porridge. She didn’t want to be troubled by the prices of the dishes.

Wen Yu ordered a few dishes, taking over Ji Anning’s role. Ji Anning could tell just by listening that it was definitely over her budget. But what could she do? Wen Yu was probably her broom star 2bad luck for two lifetimes.

This meal can’t be described as unpleasant, after all, Wen Yu is a person who can dominate the conversation. His knowledge and experience far surpass those of his peers. On the other hand, Shu Chen is more introverted and has narrow interests, always being led by Wen Yu in conversations. After this meal, Wen Yu had already figured out Shu Chen’s personality and deemed him not worthy of concern. He even exchanged phone numbers with Shu Chen.

Of course, it wasn’t pleasant, at least not for Shu Chen. He felt the pressure from Wen Yu throughout the meal. After finishing the meal, Shu Chen gave up pursuing Ji Anning even earlier than in his previous life.

Seeing that everyone had finished eating, Ji Anning called the waiter to pay. She reached into her backpack to take out her plastic wallet but was stopped by Wen Yu’s hand.

Wen Yu had already handed the waiter his card and said, “I’ll pay.”

Ji Anning struggled a bit, but Wen Yu’s hand was like a pair of pliers and she couldn’t move it. It was easy to understand why Shu Chen gritted his teeth and winced in pain during the handshake earlier.

“It’s my treat,” Ji Anning said in a low voice.

“I know,” Wen Yu smiled. “Why are you competing with me? It’s not a good look.”

He said it in a way that made it seem like he and Ji Anning were intimate, which at least gave Shu Chen that wrong impression.

Looking at their expressions, Shu Chen felt dejected and realized that he had been overthinking things. Ji Anning genuinely thanked him for his help and didn’t want to give him a chance. She and Wen Yu had a different level of intimacy compared to others.

Ji Anning knew that Wen Yu was doing this on purpose.

This was the Wen Yu she was familiar with, cunning and shameless, but full of vitality.

Unlike when he was in prison, day by day, silent and slumped in a dark corner, his eyes dull and gloomy, accumulating more and more death as the execution day approached.

Completely lifeless.

In this life, being able to see such a shameless and unscrupulous Wen Yu, Ji Anning suddenly felt her eyes stinging.

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